Today we got some more warzone gameplay on the assignment pound piece e, yes, sir, we played was on for a bit. I grabbed some gameplays. You know what im saying i was going crazy goated in this thing. Baby number one troll bro dont, be in my comment: somebody dont trash, but anybody trying to heal that i play the game for fun. Get your over competitive, ass on, but be sure to like comment and subscribe for more bangers. Man lets get it dont want to do some. Some solo, duos yeah thats, how you get better thats, how you get better ill. Tell you about me, oh brother, this guy stinks bro. Did i really go in the door? I went in the duos first game, Music, with the solo duos first game on. I am wild right now. I am wilding right now, whats that i think i heard somebody nope. I hurt myself hurt myself here here: a beard thats copyright, music turn it off. We dont like those well, we dont like copyright music bro. Well, we dont do that. We do not do that here. Yes, sir, yes, sir, was that money im that blind come on. We almost got loaded. Yes, sir! Well, do we go fire? Ops right now skip loading lets find some ops. I need recon on my position. Uav entering the ao hey down there relocating ill, take the stick so rtb for resupply Applause losing ground Applause right there, Applause ill fire where the hell is he shooting bro, im, gucci, Music, so boy that was hey everything i just did was so uncalled for.

Theyre. Trying to figure out how theyre going to play this come get the smoke. Yep enemy, uav overhead, stop playing me! Bro! Stop me! Your man showed itself something. I know the man got murked bro! I need enough bread for herself dont bust. The windows, pointless Music im. Just having to open right now get to cover somewhere all right, both angles right there. Anybody there coming! No you before is that a person yep. Why is he moving like that, though? What the hell is he how, in the hell did i not see the dude to the left? If i killed him first, i would have easily got his partner to the right. Then im gon na try to act brand new, as if i aint no or look at this dude, no, no, no! No! No im trying to get it cracking bro whats up! I might need to play something. Solos eliminate all targets in the aoe Applause bounty target has been marked killer. This is going crazy, damn m16 bro, i mean i know foreign Applause theres, somebody pretty sure. Above me, he had a partner enemy uav over here. Oh not good, thats him. Oh hell, im dead, i cant believe we made it back at it. I think he would still be there but hey you never know, folks. This is crazy enemy, uav, overhead enemy, uav overhand. I had to make sure i had two different kinds: get that push going.

Bro now that i think about it, i probably should have hid behind the counter and not stood in front of the door as i did this Applause. What am i that was over there? Applause look at this dude breesh this, but push it just went crazy. I think im gon na rock with it im gon na, say no shot. Bro probably should get in better positioning, but we trying to catch our oppo hit on with that jabba Music. Well done, Applause, dont murder me! I was wild to take that how how man, cheating bro no im lucky, i didnt just get demolated what the look at my lady im, mad, hey, well, im lucky, i didnt just get demolished enemy, uav overhead, amazing ball, back enemy, dropping into the ao same guy. Same guy i mean somebody brought him back. His homie brought him back hes only inside the building i dont, like um. I got ta go through all this new area. Bro get smoked, baby get smoked, baby, yes, um its a person there almost guaranteed um. That could be a good spot, but it also could be people here, thats the guy right there whoa, and you got that dude that just got shot. I got the wheel. This guys gon na get blown up too bruh. These are great builders to have right. Now.