This is my first time playing like this because im a tablet player and i know how it works if its your first time playing with talent. You probably take a lot of time and trying to be good at that. So this is different. This time is so different, actually because youre gon na play with a huge monitor, which is the 11.9 inches, and this time is the uju 1200. Also, this video is sponsored by fuji because they send me this tablet. So thank you so much for you. I really appreciate it so now lets go with the unboxing okay. The first thing you find in the box its that tablet. Obviously, the first thing as always, and the next of the tower you can find one box and some cables the cables are for connecting the tablet to your pc, because this outlet is for hdmi and one usb. Okay, if you dont know how this works like me, because i had this took me a lot of time to understand how to connect a tablet with a pc. Okay, i think this is gon na. Take me a lot of time. Okay, so im gon na explain in paint okay, so you have a one pc, okay, and you have that tablet here, and this tablet have a one wheel, cable, because its a weird cable. Actually so this cable have one cable for connecting its like a usb for connecting to that tablet. Okay, this is the first step, the first one here you connect this one.

So now you have another three cables connected to this: one: okay, which is one hdmi another usb another usb the hdmi one youre gon na connect it to your graphic card or your pc typical or your chat or your laptop or something hdmi. You connect it and youre gon na have another monitor, which is this one again. So another important thing ski will have one red usb and another black usb okay, your pc are gon na have two or three whatever i really dont know usb imports. I already dont know so now you want to connect that black one to the usb, because if you connect these two okay uh, this is the second one second step, and this is the two step. Okay, the tablet are gon na works, so well so its okay youre gon na, have it already, but you have another usb, which is that red one, the red one is for sharing the tablet, because the tablet have battery okay. Now in the box, you can find the pen which is a barrier free, so that is really cool and what globe and a rack for cleaning the tablet and some pins with a remover? Obviously so lets go with the test: okay, Applause, Music. Oh my god! This is so hard. I think i can me nah. Oh okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, hes, not that bad okay, its, not that bad, okay, its one, a okay, again, thats, thats improvement.

Oh my god! I cannot see this now. You have one speed painting. In the background, which is the full moon night background, so please dont tell me nothing wrong. I im not an artist or something. In conclusion, i want to say this tablet for playing also its really cool its refined, its literally an a different way to play osu its really totally different, its not like playing with your own tablet and for painting. I really think its really cool im, not a pro artist or something i think other person can say another thing. So if you are an artist, you have the link in description. You can see the the features so nothing. This video, obviously is sponsored by yogi. You have the link in description. I want this code, which is the one you can see in the screen. Is my really my real name? Sorry, i dont know why would you put my real name in one code but its okay, but nothing guys? Thank you. So much for watching and thank you for sponsoring this tablet.