Never before have we seen anything quite like this. They lit. Let me get rid of myself: no shot. That’S rick, hey rick, getting copped immediately don’t get over whoa season; seven invasion turn up man, you already know the vibes. Yes, yeah: these are seven battle. Pass, come on bro all right, listen up! We don’t have much rick that’s rick. We now stand at the brink of war with an enemy we do not understand. We face impossible odds and invaders within our ranks. Hey. What are we doing here? Superman this island is ours, bro only fortnite could get marvel and dc we’ll give it to us. We will wasn’t about rick, please don’t be in the battle pass. Please don’t be in the battle pass rick. I got it coming soon superman. What hold on rick, please be an item. Shop rick, please be an idol shop. Rick is not in the item. Stop bro he’s in a battle pass hold on let’s, see what’s the rewards i know shot. I got ta play the game to get rick. Oh, my god, i got ta play the game. To get rick requires battle, pass yeah, hey! We gon na be playing some fortnite on the channel bro. I need rick, big rick and morty fan right here. Boom. Okay, so let’s go unlock a game play out. Matt games in the building what’s going on youtube. Today we got another fortnite video new season, seven battle pass gift and disabled disrespectful let’s hop into this new map and see what’s to it.

Hey Music pta what’s this here i just wan na know you mean get it. Yes, sir, got the tank on today. You know a little buggy right now, a little buggy little buggy get it together. I don’t know, then: hey hey, wait, whoa copyright! Well, i got ta change, something got ta change, something messing up a little bit my graphic right here, yeah skip it just be like that all right, let’s get it. I don’t really know what the map was like beforehand. Honestly, you know we got kobe, though that’s a given. You know we got the kobe jersey on. Oh, it is basically this right here, whoa also with everybody going. I think everybody see that they got ta unlock this point i’m, not gon na make it i’m not gon na make it this ain’t wise it’s like wise, not wise, didn’t, make it probably gon na die, whoa. Okay, oh no, i’m dead, i’m gon na die there. We go you just got. Ta know how to get out of that jam. Bro i’m gon na one more shot. I’M dead, no shot i’m still alive right now. What are the odds of that? What are the odds of that? They still got the animals and stuff in here, though uh. Oh, no, the wrong kind of thing to be hunting me: jesus christ, just ruined Music that’s, one video, oh my god, i died way too quick. Well, this is a quick video, probably just she’s.