Today we got a fortnight video with the king let’s see if we get some dubs bruh bruh anyway, be sure to like comment and subscribe from the drums. Thank us. We got more heat on the way it’s. My yeah yes, sir bro brian, oh no what’s up brian we’re gon na get him a back cause. He beat the warriors when he came back from 3 1 hold on um. What a crown there for like king james, that’s, cobra, that’s, kobe bro. We we’re not gon na do that here. Those are also snakes, that’s, kobe bro. We we not gon na do that. He just gon na keep what he got there let’s get it hold on solo whoa, they got, they got solid gold. What is what is this stuff, but when i say i don’t know what half this stuff is, i still ain’t get rick and morty, but it’s all good let’s get it. Yes, sir Music yay let’s get it that’s the og music bro. If you don’t know about the og music, then what we doing here, what are we doing? We got lebron and he’ll put a dunk on folks relax. Yes, sir lebron james escape room john hold on bro. We got brian bronson to go crazy. Bro, like you already know, the vibes you already know, what’s going on bro smoke season smoke season, wow, whoa, bruh, bruh, big dubs. As you can see, you can see the frames up there by the arm about a map joint.

I guess yeah yeah i’m tweaking out right now, relax in the comments section, though kobe my favorite player of all time just relax. I don’t need nobody trying to leave earth on me in the comment section and with that being said, yes, kobe’s my favorite player of all time and yes, the lakers are my favorite team of all time. Lebron just happened to be in the right place at the right time: you’re here, yes, sir bro, i don’t play it like this bro i’m sitting here getting confused. Oh, i almost died like that. Yes, sir, like that sheesh we almost died. How did i almost sell that i don’t know how i almost sold that wow need more wood, what oh break it down uh? Who, in here Music regular one at that look? I did all that just to put it in order bro, i definitely wasn’t necessary at all, but you know what i’m saying you know wow give me some of them chicken legs, oh snap, oh no! I eat those. I get health yeah. I was sitting here trolling, but yeah. He goes for help. I think i saw folks over here, though there’s somebody over there. I don’t know whatever. What is this hold on is this? Is this something i need to be going in Music i’m confused? He sold. He sold the bag, he sold the bag. I was confused as to what was going on and he still died.

He sold the bag. Yes, sir pac time who we smoke, you let’s go. He definitely sold the bag boom boom. Ain’T, nobody been here. Yes, sir boxes baby. What is that? What is this? I hate that uh at the bottom. Okay, remember: i’m, going crazy, yeah, he winning championships and fortnight games. What we doing! What are we doing here? What are we doing here? Music, geez, baby gg? What the hell hey that chicken need to relax bruh but get a deep fried come on making all that annoying chicken scare me supposed to be getting deep, fried okay game, four alien artifacts like yeah, i missed too many shots. Loki whoa hold on i’m on no parts of that buddy in this ufo. Doing too much here come this fool. He crazy wait hold on what is going on right now. I ain’t got bullets to be doing all that. If buddy i help, though yes, sir. Yes, sir, what are we doing here? What we doing here come on brian, come on brian, come on brian ryan. Don’T need help. You know what i’m saying i’m somebody to help brian ain’t never had help you vid. Let me chill out gon na get some people i’m gon na get some people triggered boy. What is dude that was over here? Oh my god! No! Oh! No! Oh! No! Oh! No! No! Shy! Bro! What is this pulse right? Gee? I didn’t even see him ron. What are we doing? Lebron lebron died to lebron ain’t that some ish but be sure to like comment and subscribe.

Yes, yeah.