Today we got another cyberpower pc video, but in case you guys don’t know if not check the latest video. I should have uploaded that one before this one anyway, but whatever i upgraded my cpu inside of my cyber power pc, yes it’s possible, you can upgrade a pre built pc. I don’t know if anybody told you otherwise but yeah, upgrade it from a 3800x to a 5800x just for a bit a bit more performance. You know what i’m saying and what i’ll tell you right now. Warzone is a game that i really saw. The most performance upgrade and boost – i was getting about 140 to 160 frames consistently and beforehand. It was about 110 to 120.. I mean well i’d say like 120 to about 130. yeah. I ain’t gon na ain’t gon na cap it or nothing, but this is just a quick gameplay. I was trying to change a setting and like obs, crashed mid recording, but i really wanted you guys to see my very first game play on on the new cpu. So be sure to enjoy it i’m gon na throw some music on in the background cause yeah my sound cues weren’t as high as they would be, but yeah. If you like, the video, be sure to like comment and subscribe. We out just turn it on through warzone Music. Oh um, you thirsty back up there’s a bucket. I see me, though, whatever whatever i digress, i digress.

I don’t care, i don’t care all right uh. What all do we want to see? I guess packet loss, latency! No, i love it. Probably top top left is let’s, get it. Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s kind of loud louder than my mic. Probably we’ll see bro. Hopefully i don’t regret this. I have to do a voiceover let’s go. You already know the vibes baby let’s get it got ta royale like a mug let’s, get it geez, bro Music i’m. Just trying to get these get these fps’s up. I got a 50 millisecond latency though that’s that’s love, that’s um. We could swing this way. I guess that’s why i usually land anyway. I don’t know why i didn’t go help rip kind of screw myself yeah cause somebody got the roof. I screwed myself definitely kind of screwed myself already one more time, Music, every time, it’s new. Every time the ground will change that those guns literally get a buff it’s crazy supply run bro come on Music. This is recording. Also so i mean you got ta take into account. 20 frames, like i said: Music, definitely worth the upgrade Music mg, not trash. No, i don’t know what they told me. Mg got a little screw, but you know what i’m saying: oh my recordings aren’t out decent. They got the mp5 on the ground, though Music we looking for, i could put on my welcome name hold on. We could put back on that film whatever.

Where is it Music? Once i get my 1080p monitor, we live it. Bro we live it but hold on. Where is it get smoke? Get smoke don’t come into my building while i’m trying to fix my settings Music. It definitely might be his loadout Music, not in this loadout no shot. He only had 30 bullets in that club. He killed him coming in this joint making too much noise bro. You know i got to be making all that noise hold on milano fireball.