Today we got another sci, fi, pc, video and in case you didn’t know your boy switched out the cpu that was in the cyberpower pc that i had. It was a 30 80 and i switched to uh. What am i talking about. It was a ryzen 7 3800x and i switched it to a 5800x. So we need to see how this joint play on there. Yes, uh. We need to see how apex plays on this, so yes, sir let’s get into it. You already know how we rocking man and before we start this video, be sure to leave a like and subscribe, because we dropping bangers gpu temperature, not too crazy, um. All right, let’s get these frames. I honestly think the frame cap at your monitor’s frame on here so yeah yeah. I believe you monitor, i mean, i believe, apex definitely caps at your monitor’s framework, at least for at least for in game, because i couldn’t get past 165 at all right now you see that as high but like, like i said in game, i couldn’t get past Anything and the sentence didn’t really matter settings, didn’t, really matter, uh apex kept its same. You know it’s steady pace. First of all, it looks amazing, but it looked amazing before i think that’s props to the 30 60 in it low key Music, hey what that gpu is hot. That gpu is hot, oh y’all, trying to go over there. This might be a good place to land.

Get ready and they ain’t saying so – you already know what’s going on they ain’t saying nothing so that’s where we going let’s lock in what’s this. What is is this i have to make sure i am indeed still no setting okay let’s get it. Last time i played this, i was in embarrassment, okay, it’s, nothing too crazy, it’s, not that isn’t, first of all, it’s no difference still feels smooth still feels. Amazing apex is just something special bro that’s, the purge, lady it’s, not it’s, not really any different. Yes, sir. You already know how we vomit, i remember back in the early days of apex when the wing man was goated back when you know, when you first got tired of fortnite, you had apex, and i played apex apex was was, was the vibe for a good little Minute, ain’t even gon na hold level two, oh yeah. I need that john. I could use that boom. Get that out of there. Um i mean i don’t really need those bro hey. We got ourselves a new kill. We do whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. What are we doing? What we doing, what we doing they want to engage bro like? Is that really it do they want to engage, because you already know how we bum it. If you want to engage bro somebody sent something i hear it. I think edgy, seven uh Music Applause, Music. I don’t think my gpu gets any hotter than when um i’m playing warzone.

I mean somebody was on apex, you would think wasn’t, but no it’s, apex facts. Facts: look at the gpu utilization yeah it’s, using up most of the gpu. You saw my warzone what’s on what’s, going to use up more of your cpu, so yeah it makes sense. It actually makes sense. Oh off from playing this game bro, i didn’t definitely fell off you making a lot of noise bro too much. If you ask me he is down because of me and i apologize contact. Bro i’m gon na die, i might be goated, i might be goated jesus christ. The whole squad – hey hey, i might be goated i’m back and i’m in charge and i’m living large. I don’t know what that was about bro. That was a fire. I just went crazy. I just went crazy in that game. I just went crazy in the game. Make me want to play more. Oh my god make me want to play more and more. Oh, my god. I just went crazy in that game. Bro and i’m. Overly hyped you got three kills go. Look at my last video when i play this game. Go look at my last video when i play this game. You’Ll see why i’m so excited let’s go! Oh my god bro that just hyped me up bro. I might just keep keep playing this y’all might see. Hey y’all might see a few more videos of this on the channel ain’t, even gon na hold you but it’s, been your boy.

Matt game63, be sure to like comment and subscribe. You see the performance it wasn’t too crazy. I i did feel a bit more smoothness, but at the same time it wasn’t too big a difference and it’s, probably because this one is more c uh gpu heavy.