So in today’s, video i’m gon na be playing three more highly requested rhythm games. For me to try out – and if you didn’t already know, if you haven’t already seen it, i did a video in the past, where i played the most highly requested rhythm games. All the rhythm games that were most commonly asked for me to try out for a video from people on my stream and in the comments of videos, and that video, of course, has a ton of comments recommending more rhythm games. For me to try out. And i think it’s been long enough. There’S some games that i’m down to try from your guys’s recommendations and the three games that we’re gon na be playing today are friday, night funkin, which is the newest addition, of course, to the group of recommended rhythm games. Spin rhythm and – and i know it’s – not a rhythm game – geometry dash. Yes, i am playing geometry dash. I know that geometry. Dash is not thought of as a rhythm game, but it is so commonly requested for me to play, and so many of the comments in that previous video say play geometry dash next or where’s geometry dash. So i figure, if there’s any video for me to include it in this – is the one it is a. It is a music game, so that’s what we’ll be doing today, i’m very interested to try all these out. I have not played any of these technically i’ve played geometry dash, a very small bit, but basically i’ve got like zero experience with any of these games, which makes it perfect, because all of you guys who do know about these games and who have recommended them to Me are going to get to watch me struggle, so let’s get into it subscribe if you’re not subscribed – and i think the game that i’m going to start out with definitely i’m not going to start out with geometry dash.

I think i’ll save that for last let’s start with friday, night funkin, funkin windows, 64 bit i’m, just downloading the base friday night funkin man new grounds takes me back. I hope that i like this. This is kind of a jam also by the way plants. Give me the good luck plant. Please bless me with your energy press enter to begin. Okay. Are there supposed to be bars on the left and right of the screen alt enter? I just played the tutorial that’s fine yo. I got it in full screen, though wait. What are the keybinds, because i should rebind, probably left, left right: okay, i’m gon na be i’m using wasd Music. Okay, i got ta say i can like instantly see why this game became popular it’s, the the art style, the aesthetic it’s. Very much like i don’t know how to describe it. Has that element to it that’s like very appealing, Music, okay, maybe i’m, not that bad at mania rhythm games. Look at that tutorial! Gaming! Okay! I know i’m using wasd. I really got ta. Oh i’ll just stick with wasd, then honestly, i’ll just i’m, just gon na stick with the base game week, six tutorial, oh there’s, a normal and easy and a hard. This is kind of cool. I, like this let’s, give it a go i’m excited to try out friday, night funkin Music, so i’m gon na spend like 30 minutes which, with all these games, i know that’s not that much time.

That gives me like an hour and a half to play. All three of these games otherwise i’m gon na play with this for, like an hour, it’s kind of fun, i mean it’s, really simple, Music it’s kind of weird, though it sounds like a baby, making weird noises who’s that girl jamming in the back. Oh, oh! Oh no Music, okay, i’m, feeling it Music, some of the inputs feel so weird, maybe i think i’m, just bad okay, i’m, dude, i’m doing i know i’m, just playing with wasd and again i’m sure i’m gon na get flamed for playing all three of these games Wrong wait: what is going on i’m gon na lose yeah, dude i’m, so bad, then again, i’m, crushing him if you’re basing it off like the health bar. This is kind of a cute little game. I like this, so wait. What are the enemies called daddy? Daddy, daddy, dearest, that’s, okay, and what is this one’s spooky month, spooky month, i’m ready? Oh, i even i have my halloween coffee mug that i drank out of oh i’m, feeling funky on a friday night. These songs are so weird like this is it’s so weird to listen to what is this? I, like the character designs like the whole art style, is really really good. I like it a lot. Okay, we’re doing fine. I’M. I’M honestly missing, like over half the notes, but we’re doing fine. First time playing friday night funkin terrible at mania style.

Scrolling rhythm games have zero experience, it’s all right, okay, Music, so wait i’m still confused, though like i’m sure i could look up all the friday night, funk and lore, but who’s that girl, who are these people that i’m? That like? What is the story here? Why is it friday night? Oh my god, i’m losing okay, wait focus. I actually have to focus Music. Did i do it? This is i’m cutting it way. Too close. I mean, i guess, it’s fine. I don’t need to like beat the game because again limited time. This i’m playing on normal, i can’t dude. I would be so bad at hard. Why is it a gun? Oh, this is kind of a jam. I like this one. I don’t mind this game, it’s, really fun. I mean it’s a free little game too it’s kind of cool to see how much this game is blown up. You really don’t see that too often with rhythm games. Now, every time i bring up this game on my stream, everyone tells me download witty mod. I don’t know what that means, but i guess i’ll do that before i’m done so we’ll see we’ll check out witty mod. This is way easier than the previous one, though pico kind of sucks. Oh, the bass was this all made by like one person, that’s kind of cool. If it was the comments of this video, you guys got to educate me. So wait what happens if i go to free play tutorial, dad battle, spookies south pie, milf? What is winter horror land? Oh my god, i’ve seen that dude’s face and thumbnails in my recommended.

I feel like this is gon na be hard Music wait. How am i missing those i’m letting go of the whole notes too early? This is fun. I can definitely see why this game, like i said earlier, but even more with, like the all the different characters and stuff like i can understand. The like fan – fare fandom. I guess that’s formed around this, especially with like community made levels and mods and skins and characters. I want to play this game more, but i’m just going to skip to the final week for now for the sake of time and then try out whatever witty mod is maybe a different level and then move on to spin rhythm. Give it a go. Oh, this guy is handsome. This is a cool little game. I feel i’m so late to the party. I know, but i like this – i like this a lot a serenade between gentlemen shall decide where her beautiful heart shall reside. Oh that’s, that girl beat bob fair, fair play: Music, nice. Okay, i like how the other guy is just fcng and i’m missing, like half the notes when i’m winning very accessible. Thank you friday, night pumpkin. How did i win what the hell Music? Oh, i keep getting mixed up between green and blue and there’s a lot of both of them. The game is forgiving enough for it to be okay, that was fun. That was really enjoyable. I wonder if stuff changes when you play on hard mode, so i see the scroll speed has like increased a little bit: okay, okay, i’m.

Getting wrecked, though, this game somehow manages to seem like a kids game and also like really adult at the same time like between the horror thing and the the milf man. I like this a lot. I want to spend more time with this, but i also want to make sure i give some time to spin rhythm and geometry dash. So for now i guess i’m going to try witty mod so wait. Is it just a battle versus witty full week? What is this download speed? Oh my god, i’m gon na, be here forever all right. Well, while we wait for versus witty to download, i will make use of my time and play spin rhythm, our second of our three games. Oh this game. This is kind of a vibe. Okay, arcade wait, camellia music, wait what what songs are in spin rhythm it’s like a lot of monster cat type, music, there’s, some camellia in here? Oh, i got ta be careful because copyright, i wonder how many there actually are, though, am i just looking at new tracks here. Let’S play this camellia song on easy. I don’t know if there’s a tutorial so i’m just gon na play easy. So you spin this with your mouse and then you tap so i tap red on red and blue on blue and i spin spin blue. Oh, i don’t have to tap them, wait. What does clicking do then? If i don’t have to tap them.

This looks so cool wait. It seems really easy, though. What is this? What am i supposed to be what the wait? Why am i missing after the spins like? How am i missing that blue? Oh, i have to click. Oh i see so. I click on those like wide notes. I see this feels so satisfying to play. Dude, wait, it’s, really it’s kind of weird it’s like a rhythm game, Music yo. This is really satisfying spin click boom. Now that i understand it, i see why that’s an easy level. I got a d rank. Okay, let me set a timer. I got ta make sure i don’t spend too long in this game. Oh it gives you a preview of the difficulty. Oh and there’s, like slider tracks, to follow this difficulty, introduces challenging game mechanics that are explained in a hard tutorial. It is highly recommended by the tutorials completed before continuing okay, oh hold, b button: oh there’s, a tutorial level right here: okay, i’m wondering! Can you enable like hit, sounds let’s, see input play sound effect for notes, yeah all right, arcade hard difficulty even hard is too hard for me. No no dude! I can’t do it. I don’t have enough experience. I don’t have enough experience i’m, so new to the game. Heart is hard. Let’S go spin that Music! No! I died right at the end. This is really hard. This would be so fun to get good at.

I got ta see some like good gameplay of this what’s cool about this, and what was cool about playing like adofi was that it was like it introduced some new stuff – and this is like that. So this is really really cool. Applause there’s, not like a ton of tracks. I wonder if it’s like a seasonal thing, because yeah 40 41 maps isn’t too much so let’s, see if there’s custom levels for this. I should see. Okay, i got it. This is gon na, be so easy Music. Oh, my goodness, okay i’m, not good at spin rhythm. Why is the scroll speed so slow? Okay, yep? I, like spin rhythm it’s, a pretty cool little rhythm game honestly for for 20, though it’s like i can understand it, but given the price of some of the other rhythm games, spin rhythms price does seem a little bit higher, but i guess it’s justified. If people really like it and it seems to have a pretty solid community around it – overwhelmingly positive reviews – i’m a fan so before we move in to the final rhythm game or music game we’re gon na check out the versus witty mod, i feel like i need To check out what this is so brief intermission, so i guess is this: just this is just me: fighting witty and that’s witty wait, there’s options now, oh that’s, why everyone says to download witty mod for my first friday night funkin experience it’s because that’s how you Can change your keybinds dfjk? Oh yeah, yeah that’s a little bit better i’m, also getting 120 fps.

Now i really should have done the witty mod. Is that witty he’s going to get wrecked Music? I mean oh okay, i’m still doing: okay, Music, nice! The question is well: actually he looks pretty angry i’m, guessing that this is gon na be difficult, can’t be too hard. Okay, this might be it for me, oh i’m, not good i’m, not good. I can’t! Do it. Luckily, the hp look. I have 49 percent accuracy. Oh, my god, i’m just spamming the keys it’s. No. I have no idea how i survived that point well, a little intermission to return to friday night funkin again. It is now time for the non rhythm game, but still music game. That is very highly requested of me to play geometry dash. I have some minimal experience with geometry dash, but the really only time that i played this was many many many many years ago when it was just a mobile, app copy of the impossible game. Obviously, now geometry dash is much different than just a copy of the impossible game. You guys watching this probably already know enough about geometry dash. I just have my minimal knowledge, but i just just gon na let you know i have a feeling this isn’t gon na go very well, so you can see that i already tested out some of these just to see, but i don’t even remember i’m gon na Play the first level, how do i wait? How should i jump up i’m playing geometry dash, guys, Music yeah? I don’t know what i expected, including this in this video i’ll play a bit of the base game and i’ll check out some custom levels.

I wonder what the creator of the impossible game thinks about this: the base levels i mean there’s, this new flying mechanic, but otherwise the base level really just is like the impossible game, but yeah it was really. It was just seen as a copy of it. So now i wonder what the creator of the impossible game thinks about geometry: dash’s success, hexagon forge let’s! Give this a go! Oh sh there’s! Other mechanics, though i don’t know what i’m looking at okay wait. I can’t just hop into the that’s the thing geometry dash. I feel like isn’t the type of game that i can just hop right into let’s. Try jumper. Can i play jumper like the thing about geometry. Dash is i’m not gon na be able to play any of the hard levels like any of the custom levels. I mean or any of the hard levels i don’t have the geometry dash experience. This reminds me of playing row beats at the end of the other. This reminds me playing robie to the end of the other i’m gon na stop talking here. Let’S. Do this the shopkeeper, what the hell can’t let go here! Let’S do can’t! Let go! Let me go for all my geometry dash up from my geometry dash gamers out there. Everyone who’s ever left a comment on one of my videos asking me to play geometry dash. I did it probably not for that long, but i did it.

I did the thing this is hard. My hands are sweating. I’M, not i’m, not too big into geometry. Dash guys. I don’t know what to say: let’s see how hard this is. Yep yeah, i just i don’t – i don’t – know what’s happening. I refuse to quit, though, until i beat one level Music all right hold. On i’m i’m, i am making an executive decision to quit out of geometry dash don’t tell anyone, but i’m i’m opening up friday night funkin friday night funkin has just taken over this video. Let this video go down in all my videos, as the video that was taken over by friday night funkin, not what i planned claps for friday night funkin, guys alright! Well, not how i expected this recording session to go, but hey here we are out of the three highly requested rhythm, slash music games that i played for today’s video from your guys’s comments on the previous highly requested video and just in general, to my surprise. Friday night funkin was my most fun and i would love to come back to it and play it again, but i have been recording for long enough, so i think i’m gon na call it there. Let me know in the comments: what of these three music slash rhythm games. Do you play, but as much as this video was just friday night funky, i had a pretty good time. Spin rhythm is really cool. I apologize to my geometry dash lovers for me.

Not spending too much time with that game, but i tried i really tried, so i think that’s everything. But before i close out the video fully, i want to say that it’s been a little bit longer. If you didn’t notice between this video and my previous one and the main reason for that is because i did a huge 30 hour long, massive stream on my twitch and i got get a little bit burnt out after that, i don’t know what i expected. It was such a fun time, though, but i’ve just recently resumed streaming and recording this video and i’ll upload this soon, but wanted to give a little update for that, and also to say that in april now that is the month. If you’re watching this in april i’m gon na, try it to really boost up the amount of content this month, i’m gon na challenge myself to have this month be the month that i upload the most so yeah little channel update at the end of the video. But thank you guys so much for watching hope you enjoyed subscribe.