The x98 air 3 g, c8 j7 model there's a bit of a mouthful to say, and what we need to do here is move over these files. Here onto the internal sd card of the tablet, because we need to install this so once they moved over, we can proceed to uninstall the existing Play Store application. So to do that, we need to go into the settings and find the applications. So here we have Play, Store and install that go back into the file manager and we need to install Google Play services. Sorry, the system is in Spanish, it's, pretty straightforward in all languages: the menu lights, the same so it's still playing store again. Oops don't want to open it and finally install link2sd, so back in the harbor launcher, find, whereas it's, link2sd and search for Google Play Store. Here we go and you want to convert that to a system app I'm still coming up with the old Chinese Super User program there, so that's complete and once you reboot the whole system and log back into play, still put in your credentials. It will work now without crashing, so that is the fix thanks for watching this video and please subscribe to my channel check out our website for more information on the x98 Air, 3G and various other Chinese tablets.