, But at the same time there are some really cool VR games that are not designed to run natively on the Quest 2., Which Brings me to another really cool feature of the Quest 2 and the reason youre watching this video.. Even though the Quest 2 is designed to be a stand alone, VR device, it also has the ability to be paired with a gaming PC and play PC VR games.. The first way to do this were going to take a look at is through what is called Oculus Link.. This requires the use of a high speed, USB 3 cable.. The USB port on the Quest 2 is a type C port, so your cable must have a type C connection on at least one end.. Oculus sells their Link Cable for 80 US dollars and its 5 meters long and has USB type C connections on both ends.. The thing I like about their link cable is the 90 degree end that plugs into the Quest 2, which allows you to easily route the cable back over your shoulder.. This cable is really expensive, though, and from what Ive seen online, you can get much less expensive cables on Amazon and other online retailers that work just as well and have a type A connector on the opposite end, which all computers should have. Unlike the type C port., Once you have your USB cable, you plug one end into your Quest 2 and the other end into one of your PCs, USB 3 ports.

. You can now power on your Quest 2 and, as you put the headset on, you should see a notification asking if you want to allow your computer to access data on the Quest 2. Click on Allow and then youll be prompted to create your Guardian Boundary and It will then boot into the Quest 2 menu.. You then need to go to your computer and download and install the Oculus App. Ive linked the download page in the video description to make it easy for you to find and install it.. Once youve got the Oculus app installed to your PC, you need to open the app and pair your Quest to with it. Its been awhile since Ive done this. So I dont remember if it will automatically prompt you to do this. This or not, but youll, need to Add your Headset, and you just follow the on screen. Instructions to get your headset set up. Once its all set up. All you need to do now is put your headset back on and it may pop up automatically asking if you want to enable Oculus Link to which you would simply click on Enable, but if it doesnt then youll click on the time here in the Quest 2 Navigation bar – and you should see this option here that says Oculus Link. Click on it and youll then be dropped into the Oculus PC interface, where you can browse the Oculus PC, store, see games in your Library and even interact with your PCs, desktop.

So yah. If you have some VR games, you purchased on Steam, you can launch Steam VR from here and then run any of your Steam VR games. All from the comfort of your Quest, 2 headset., While using Oculus Link, is really cool. The main thing that sets the Quest 2 apart from most other VR headsets on the market right now, is the fact that its wireless and you dont have to have a cable dragging around behind you to potentially trip on or get tangled up in. Well, that is Where Oculus Air Link comes in., Air Link allows you to ditch the Link Cable and instead stream, your PC VR games to your Quest 2, using your home networks, 5GHz wifi, To use Air Link. The first thing you need to do is connect your gaming PC to your router with an Ethernet Cable.. You then want to connect your Quest 2 to your homes, 5GHz, wifi network., Just like with the Link Cable. We need to have the Oculus application installed on our PC and it needs to be open and running.. As of the making of this, video Air Link is still a Beta feature on the Quest 2 so to enable it youll need to go to the settings in the Oculus app on your PC and go to the Beta tab and then toggle Air Link on.. You now need to put your Quest 2 on and in the navigation bar. You want to click on Quick Settings, which is where it displays the time here.

At this menu. You want to click on settings here in the upper right which will bring up the settings. Menu. On the left here we need to scroll down to Experimental Features … as you scroll through the Experimental Features. You should see a toggle for Air Link., Switch that on and youll get this notification going over the requirements for Air Link to work. Properly. Click on Continue and now you should see this. Oculus Air Link, not connected. Click on Oculus Air Link, and you should then see a Window similar to this listing your PC as an available computer. Click on your computers. Name then, click on Pair, and you should see a notification saying. Your Quest. 2 is now connected to your computer, which will then give us this option to finally Launch Air. Link. Click on Launch and youll then be dropped into the Oculus PC interface just like when we were using the Link Cable.. All the same functionality exists here using Air Link only now youre running completely wireless. And just FYI for the best connection it is recommended. You set up your play area as close to your router, as you possibly can.. In my opinion, using Air Link to play PC VR games on the Quest 2 is definitely the way to go. For games where youre sitting down like in a flight simulator or something … having a cable connecting you to your PC is just fine., But when youre Playing something where youre on your feet and looking all around you .

.., nothing can quite compare to being completely wireless.. This is exactly what I think everyone has been wanting for: PC VR since headsets, like the Rift and the Vive first launched in 2016.. If youve reached this point in the video and do not already own a Quest 2 …, what …, what are you doing? Expand the video description? Click on my Amazon store link and get yourself one. Now, If you found this video helpful, I think you know what to do. And if youre interested in checking out some of my other Quest 2 videos, those are on screen, now.