5G. A lot of people have been waiting a long time for this phone, and so have I, but Ive got my hands on it and I thought Id do an unboxing. The Box itself is really interesting. It showcases the phone seems professional and Im excited to open it. The only thing holding it together is a little plastic top and then cool little magnetic box there with some interesting little features and highlights and designs of the phone opening it completely, and we have the phone itself if I can get it out. Um thatll be good. Here we go First Impressions, its pretty damn thick um its covered in a productive, productive sleeve as youd. Imagine some more graphics on the front and an explanation of how to open it. I didnt read, I probably should have read it. Um wow feels pretty solid, actually still Im, not quite okay. I should I should really read the front. Um Ill put the phone aside. Also in the box. We have Sim removal tool and some documentation. I imagine its about the warranty, although, given the last year of communication or lack of from planet computers, Im not entirely sure thatll be helpful, theres also power, brick, I think yep they didnt have an Australian one. So I got a us one, which will be very useful and um a cable. I think yep a USBC to USB a cable thats. Everything in the Box in the bottom theres just a little holding piece of plastic, so pretty interesting, Im very excited to actually start using this phone um its not going to be my primary phone uh, because I kind of gave up waiting halfway through last year.

But yeah here we are, I actually have it in my hands in Astro, slide 5G got to figure out how to open it so push out display in the direction of the arrows slide. This way and fully for you and tilt okay so out, then wait fully clear. Yeah there we go. Okay got it there. We go only took me a few ghosts. Um. The sliding mechanism seems a little flimsy to be honest, but it works thats almost easier to do this with my thumb and then put it into place, I will be sure to post another video in the future um with some more detailed First Impressions, maybe even a Review at some point just because I havent seen much at all on this phone online. So thanks so much for watching if youre still waiting for yours. Well, uh! Good luck for some of you, its been several years now, not several a few years um and it really does suck, and I hope that planet computers is a little more transparent in future.