MSI Optix MAG27CQ Gaming Monitor Recenzja

1440P 144 hertz curved gaming, monitor from msi, so let's check it out and see if it's something you should consider as mentioned. To jest 27 calowy monitor z 16 przez 9 aspect ratio and runs at the 1440p resolution. Więc 2560 przez 1440 it's got adaptive. Synchronizacji, so you'll need an AMD […]

Acer KG251QF Gaming monitor Recenzja

The monitor has a twenty four point: five inch screen with a 16 przez 9 aspect ratio and runs with a 1080p resolution so 1920 przez 1080. Nothing special about that here's where it gets interesting. The panel runs with a 144 Częstotliwość odświeżania Hertza, ma 1 millisecond greater gray response time and features […]

Alienware AW2518HF 240Hz Gaming Monitor Review

The TN panel runs with the 240 hertz częstotliwość odświeżania, has a one millisecond greater gra response time and features AMD's free sync, making it perfect for gaming as it's got free. Sync you'll need an AMD graphics card to take advantage of this. Niestety, I've only got Nvidia card CS, so I wasn't able […]

Czy G-Sync w laptopie warto?

The refresh rate of the display with the graphics card without this the graphics card, will provide a variable framerate that will change. While the display maintains a constant refresh rate. This can result in screen tearing, whereby you'll view a partially updated image. G sync removes screen tearing resulting in a much smoother experience. […]