. This is a pen display or graphics tablet, with a really good ips display built in this was very kindly sent in free of charge by the manufacturer. They haven’t asked me to say anything in particular nor to pre approve this video just for me to share with you my opinion and experience using this product. So this is what you get inside the box. You obviously get the uh veek tablet itself. You get two little bags really generous amount of pen tips here, so you get a little bag with some extra pen tips in and then you get another bag with absolutely loads of pen tips in, and this also contains a little tool to help you with replacing The pen tips or nibs, then you get the pen itself. This is really nice very, very comfortable to hold nicely tapered at the top. It’S got like a rubberized finish, but like quite satin as well, very satisfying to hold very comfortable. You also get a pen stand, and this also opens up and you can store your extra pen tips or nibs inside now. I was surprised in addition to that. You get a little felt case for the pen, but you also get a second pen. In a second case, so you get a spare one as well, Bardzo, very cool. W rzeczy samej, then we get a little polishing cloth that we can keep this looking nice and then we also get a little glove to glide across the surface nicely and then a couple of cables.

You get this hdmi cable and then you also get a power cable, which is also got usb c as well. So two usbs one to connect your computer one for extra power and then also usb c on this end, to go into the tablet itself. Więc, to give you a quick guide around the vk 1200 on the base, we’ve got this plastic backing and some rubberized feet to keep it nice and firmly on the desk. And if we take a look around on this side here, we have got the ports for the usbc and also the hdmi cable, some extra controls here as well, including the power button and then on the actual front of the tablet. We’Ve, Oczywiście, got the drawing surface quite a nice border somewhere to rest your hand and then also some express keys down this side as well. So we’ve now got this set up and running it’s connected via the usb cable to my mac pro and also the uh hdmi cable was going to the mac pro as well. So this is now acting as like a secondary display. Now i’ve note there’s no stand so i’ve had to just prop this up, just to get rid of some reflections for the video, but normally i’d have this lane flat on the desk. Now the vk 1200 measures 318 przez 289 by just 12 milimetry grubości, więc jest, a nice compact display it’s 11.6 inches and the resolution is 1920×1080 and this is actually an ips display as well that’s equivalent of 5080 lines per inch.

The pen is battery free, that’s worth noting, so you don’t have to charge this. The pressure sensitivity is 8192 poziomy, and it has to be roughly about 10 millimeters from the surface for it to register the icon and allow you to control or register the pointer and allow you to control the computer worth noting. Also we’ve got six express keys on the side here and through the driver you can actually assign these to open apps to do various things within the application you’re using so very user friendly and really nice. That we’ve got six express keys in total now mention. This is pressure sensitive. So when you are drawing on your image, you can get very thin lines. The jitter on this is very, very minimal as well allows you to get nice smooth lines and then, Oczywiście, because of the pressure sensitivity. If i start very lightly and then push harder, then of course, as long as you’ve got this enabled within your application, you can of course draw very thin lines and then go up to thicker lines as well, and you can adjust the source start point and end Point of the pressure, sensitivity and thickness and flow of the brush that you’re, Za pomocą, of course within the application, also worth noting a lot of people talk about this when you’re, looking at graphic uh displays for uh drawing is the parallax, and there is some parallax here. Very very minimal, though you can calibrate, Oczywiście, which minimizes this, but you do see very slight amount of parallax, but hardly anything there, it’s really very, Bardzo dobrze.

W rzeczy samej, they’ve done a great job on how this pen interacts with the vk 1200 Wyświetlacz. Now why would you want a graphics tablet or a display like this? Dobrze, Można, Oczywiście, get graphics tablets that allow you to do drawing uh. That is not uh on a display just uh just to interact with your computer display. You get some disconnection there being able to draw directly onto the image. Let me just change colors here. Just so you can see a bit clearer. Being able to draw directly onto the image, gives you just so much more control. It feels so much more natural. Bardzo, very good for both design for marking things up for masking, itp, jego, just a fantastic experience being able to draw direct onto the display it’s much much more natural. The ips display on here as well is very high quality, really good viewing angles on this good quality of display with good color saturation. It looks absolutely fantastic and what i’ve really been impressed with is the price point on the vk 1200 you’re getting so much value for money. I can certainly highly recommend it of note. There is some sort of fiddling when you have to set this up, so you install the drive. You have to give various permissions as long as you follow the guide that’s on the pdf manual available on their website. Just follow that very carefully and you won’t have any problem at all installing this so that’s it for my video.

Thank you very much for watching. I really do appreciate it if you want to pick up a vk 1200 for yourself. There are links down in the video description, nie ma, also a link down there to the veek website.