The sound quality is great. I can hear everything clearly and i can even hear footsteps in games. The mic is just amazing. My friends can hear me clearly without any delay or static. This is by far one of the best gaming headsets on the market. This headset makes you feel, like you are in the game, with the quality of sound you get from these headphones. These headphones can pick up every little sound in the game, so you can hear the enemy around you. The mic is very crisp and clear. Dźwięk. The headset can light up when you play on pc. You can adjust the sound higher or lower. Depending on how loud you want it, i would recommend this headset for any gamer that wants to feel part of the game for the price. I noticed they do a really good job. They are compatible with computers, tabletki, smartphones, music players, itp. The adapter is necessary to split the audio signal when you are using a pc with two separate channels for microphone and headset. But luckily the main end has four prongs left here: prawo: ucho, microphone and gnd, so it can be. That includes single channel pcs, smartphones and tablets. The audio quality is decent and i really love the tightness of the headband. It really keeps mufflers attached to my head. I noticed they are quite good for music playing, although i wouldn’t advise to use them. If you need to have any sort of environmental awareness, the ear covers muffle any so use them only for gaming at home.

Teraz, if you will excuse me, i’ll go kick someone s on pubg mobile with these it’s perfect for gaming, considering the price plug in the usb connector and you’ll have a cool, green, led light? Superb sound quality. Don’T worry about discomfort, because the earcups and headband have super soft pads, so comfortable, leaving warm long hours. Mic quality is okay. My co players can hear me vividly and noise cancellation is perfect. Ogólny, it is a great buy and you won’t regret it. I like the gaming headphones and i am not a fan of headphones, they are nicely cushioned ears and on top of the head, fit snug and comfy didn’t hear any outside noise and the sound quality was good if you plug the usb in it lights up. Również, the grandkids love it. The microphone works well and they can bought this. For my nine year, old nephew who’s been wanting a headset for gaming and watching his youtube videos on the laptop. He loves the lime, green color, comfort of the headset and the fact that it has a mute button serves its purpose. Works great feels sturdy. I recommend it Music. I have to honestly say there is nothing i do not like. These have great sound quality on both the speakers and microphone. It really makes whatever you’re using them for a much more immersive experience likes awesome. Sound with great bass. Microphone is crystal clear, very comfortable Music. The price is great for such a quality headset.

It is a better build quality than ones that cost twice as much or more dislikes, not a single one. This gaming headset has very good ergonomic engineering. The plastic covered headband is reinforced by steel, giving it impressive flexibility and sturdiness. It makes me feel comfortable and enables me to focus on the game. Również, the audio quality is excellent. The surround sound effect is powerful and exciting ideal for game lovers.