But i had my windows laptop right here. My razer laptop and one of the best features i like about the mac, is the ability to connect the mac to your ipad pro and use your ipad pro as a second screen. But i didn’t know that you can connect your ipad pro to a windows machine. I mean that’s just crazy. These two things come from completely different worlds, but i found a way to connect your ipad pro or your ipad to your windows, machine i’m, going to talk about how it works. Why you should be having this? If you have an ipad, a definite thing that you should have a must have, if you have an ipad and a windows machine and by the way you can use duet display for your older macs. So anything that is before 2016 is not going to work with sidecar sidecar. If you haven’t watched my previous video go ahead and watch my previous video, i talked about sidecar, which is the ultimate productivity tool for macs, where you can connect your ipad or your ipad. Pro to your mac, so if you’ve got an older mac or an older ipad, you can still use this third party app called duet display in this video i’m going to be showing you how to connect the ipad pro or even a normal ipad to a windows. Laptop that’s right, a windows laptop. Can you believe this i mean i couldn’t believe the fact that you can connect an ipad or an ipad pro to an to a windows laptop or you can even connect this pre 2016 ipad to your macbook pro as well.

So in this video i’m going to show you how to use this third party app called duet display, why it’s amazing, and how you can take advantage of your ipad or ipad pro and connect it to your windows. Laptop let’s get started all right guys. So this is where the magic happens. This is an ipad pro. This is a windows, machine and we’re going to use this as a second display just like in sidecar, but the first thing we’re going to do is go on duet displays website, so that you understand what this app is. All about. They’Ve got the windows version and the mac os version as well, so duet claims to be fast and it claims to be built by x, apple engineers and it delivers a retina display at 60 klatek na sekundę, with zero lag i’m going to come back to this Later, this is a claim that duet makes but i’m going to come back to this later productive. Więc, Oczywiście, when you use a second display that can double your productivity, it reduces time to switch between uh windows or context, which is true. The next feature is touch os, so you can use your desktop like never before by using your your ipad pro’s touch screen and if you look at some of the features here, W porządku, so first of all, it works with any other platform. It doesn’t it’s cross platform, so all the major platforms work with this it’s secure so duet says that it uses a 256 bit encryption and works entirely locally.

Keeping your display data safe, however i’m, going to be talking about the different subscription uh versions of this app. My recommendation is to use the basic version, which is not the wi fi version. You notice here i’m using a wire to connect. It that’s the only drawback it’s using a wire i’m going to come back to this later it’s efficient, so it uses the least cpu and least battery constantly improving. That means it gets updates. I wreszcie, you got support alright, so that is duet’s website. You can go to www.duetdisplay.com i’ve left a link in the description below. So the first thing you got to do is download the app next let’s launch duet. So if i’m going to launch duet first of all i’m going to launch it on the desktop and then i’m going to launch it on the ipad, so i’ve got the app downloaded here and ready it’s called duet, that’s launching duet. Let me launch duet over here. So duet can be seen over here. Now there you go it’s connected all. What you got to do is connect your ipad or your ipad pro with a usbc cable to your windows, laptop and voila. You just got another screen right here now. This is supposed to be 60fps. jednak, there is some lag you’re going to experience. Some lag it’s, not exactly as smooth as side, car i’d say it’s about 80 do 90 Procent, smooth or as smooth as sidecar apple’s built in feature.

It says here: 60 fps, but i’d, give it about 50 Maksymalna 55 fps, which is not bad. So there are some features here for the settings that you can choose from. You can make it 30. You can make it 60.. Why would you want to make it 30. just keep it at 60. performance means higher power mode will result, result in crisper images, but will use more system resources and will consume more energy, so you can use either the energy efficiency mode or you can use the Pixel, perfect mode or finally there’s the high power mode let’s just keep it at energy efficient resolution. You can increase the resolution or decrease it. If you want to let’s increase the resolution, Jak widać, it’s adjusting the resolution right now on the ipad. There you go so the resolution’s increased. This actually doesn’t look bad, and this is the best part you can use the ipad’s touchscreen and all of these things here are functional. You can touch anything so the ipad becomes fully operational it’s, just like having a surface machine. A microsoft surface, let me increase the pixel perfect, so i’ve got to make it sharper and you know what let me increase the resolution a bit. So if i increase the resolution it’s going to become a little bit smaller there you go so everything is operational. You can see that here, let’s launch an app, na przykład, let’s launch this and let me launch something else here, so let’s say i’m working on so i can drag.

This is the beauty of it. I can drag anything here and take it to the other side. If i want to drag this screen and take it here, just like in sidecar, this is the magic maximize that and there you go. You got a screen here now. This is um a lower resolution. Let me increase the resolution for that. Let me make it think it was good, the first time yeah, so there you go and check this out. This is amazing. All of this is functional, so this becomes a touch screen. Actually the start button here, let’s launch, Niech, say chrome, na przykład, you launch chrome. So if i want to read something on the ipad, i can just pick it up and start reading and that’s just amazing. Teraz, if i want to open and by the way you can minimize the app so this is the duet app, you can see that on the ipad, i can minimize it all right, Niech. Po pierwsze, turn it off okay, Jestem, going to disconnect. If you look at the duet app here, there’s a sign up or a sign in feature that’s. If you have more advanced features, actually you’ve got the duet, duet, air and duet pro duet, the features of duet. It says that it has zero lag mac and pc support touch bar ipad keyboard support, Och tak, you can also use your ipad keyboard and that works with this or touch and touch and gesture control for duet air.

I don’t recommend this for two reasons: number one it’s a subscription based so that you got to pay for this every year and number two you got to sign in now, even though duet claims to be completely secure 256 bit encryption, i still prefer to keep my Privacy, 100, and that will happen only if you use the the uh, the basic version with the cable. So with that you get and actually i think, that’s going to be faster it’s. I mean there’s already a little bit of lag. That zero lag claim is not entirely true. There is a little bit of lag i’d say about. Maybe the fps is about 55 lub 50.. This is amazing. Jestem, using sidecar every day on this beast right here so i’m, connecting my ipad pro to my macbook pro and using my ipad pro as a second screen that comes as a built in feature for macs. But with this beauty you can connect your ipad pro to your windows, machine and that’s, just amazing. This is photoshop. If i want to take it there, można zobaczyć. I can drag everything right here. The switching or the desktop switching feature on windows is still half baked it’s, not as good as the desktop switching feature on the mac it’s, not exactly like the mac. I mean you cannot reorganize the desktops like the mac, but you can create more desktops. jednak, coming from mac, it kind of drove me crazy here i got to be honest, Czyli, a drawback if you’re coming from mac and you’re expecting windows to behave like mac when it comes to switching desktops don’t get your hopes up, it’s still half baked, i can’t Rearrange it drives me crazy, Czasami, jak wiesz, when you switch on the mac when you want to do this kind of gesture.

If i, if i do this, it switches from one from one desktop to another, and i can easily rearrange the desktops like this, but for windows, and when i connect the mac to the to the ipad, if i switch the mac screen does not switch as well. So it’s consistent with windowsif i do this that kind of like drives you crazy, so you’ve got you’re going to have to get used to that. If you want to use the switching desktop feature on windows and you’re coming for mac, don’t get your hopes up, but you’re going to get used to it. It’S still very, bardzo przydatne. I love this feature working with two screens like this, with a windows laptop there’s, an added bonus with duet display, because with duet display, it goes one step further, jego, actually better than a side car, because you can use the screen as if it’s a touch screen. Teraz, with sidecar, you do have touch screen capability, but it’s much more limited, and i just created something here: that’s my first photoshop layer. All right look at that. I can use my fingers on the screen now keep in mind. This is a disadvantage or a drawback duet did this on purpose so that you go for the higher uh package or the better subscription. You cannot use the apple pencil on duet display to draw you need to get the the more premium package that’s the pro package, but if you’re not going to be using it for that for drawing, i think that’s going to be fine.

I just love using this. For research for productivity overall having two screens is amazing and that’s about it guys. Thank you very much for watching.