But before we start like subscribeand let us know in the comments that you are subscribed and now enjoy the video Music, Muzyka, Muzyka, pies, Muzyka, Muzyka, więc Muzyka. So this is the new macbook air 2020, with the m1 chip. Jak widać, it makes the macbook air a really fast and powerful computer too. The appearance has not changed. It still has the 720 mp facetime camera an aux input for headphones or other audio devices, and it still has the two thunderbolt usbc ports to get more accessibility with this computer. We recommend buying an extra with this extra. You have access to a usbc, a thunderbolt usbc two slots for an sd card, Muzyka, two usba and an hdmi connection. Then our final verdict, of course we recommend it because of its m1 processor. This makes it super fast. It is also very compact and with its 2.8 funtów lub 1.29 Kilogramów, it also weighs very little. He has been on it for a while now, but the touch id is also a must. He has also lost his fan, so he achieves fewer peak points, but it is quiet and more people will prefer the second one. What we find less about this macbook air is that the camera is still a 720 Megapixel, and that is a bit low for this price and that’s. It thanks for watching.