. This is connected to the Razer Blade Stealth over Thunderbolt., As the Blade Stealth is just a small 13 laptop do gier. The specs are on the lower side and in general, you need to run AAA titles at 720p for decent frame rate, but this setup should take us to the next level.. Although an eGPU setup is more niche compared to either buying a gaming laptop or gaming PC, the idea people have is that if they buy a laptop with Thunderbolt, they can upgrade GPU performance in future with a setup like this. Illinois, be comparing the 3090 against a 2080 TI, so we can see if the GPU difference gives us much of a performance boost, as we are definitely expecting. The laptops, weaker processor and Thunderbolt to act as bottlenecks compared to running the 3090 in a desktop PC. Ive tested with an external monitor, connected directly to the graphics card as performance would be worse. Using the laptops, ekran. Pole bitwy 5 was tested running through the same mission. In campaign mode on both graphics, cards. Ive dostał 3090 shown by the purple bars and the 2080 Ti shown by the red bars and the three resolutions tested are listed on the left with 1080p at the bottom 1440p in the middle and 4K up top., The 3090 was further ahead. The higher the resolution, which is typically expected as the GPU, can better stretch its legs. Przy 4K, the 3090 był 24 szybsza średnia liczba klatek na sekundę.

A little below average. Odkupienie Czerwonych Umarłych 2 został przetestowany za pomocą narzędzia do testowania gier. This time at 4K there was a much bigger difference with the 3090 teraz 38 przed 2080 Ti in average frame rate., The 3090 was still able to sit around 60 FPS, Podczas gdy 2080 Ti was a fair bit lower, comparatively impressive stuff, biorąc pod uwagę 13 laptopa. For Control well start with RTX off results., The differences to average frame rate were quite small at 1080p and 1440p resolutions, chociaż 3090 was seeing a much larger 19 impuls do 1 Niskie. Przy maksymalnych ustawieniach, chociaż 3090 było wokół 38 szybciej niż 2080 TI, which definitely had more noticeable stuttering.. These are the results, but with RTX and DLSS, now enabled. At 4K theres, now an 18 wyższa średnia liczba klatek na sekundę z 3090, and while this sounds nice, its actually the smallest difference out of all 10 Gry, Testowane. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested using the Games built in benchmark., This was the only game that saw no difference between the two GPUs at 1080p.. W 1440p. There was just a couple of frames difference then, at 4K the 3090 był 22 szybciej niż 2080 TI, though this result was still below average. Śmierci. Stranding was tested running through the same section of the game, with both graphics cards.. Again there was a small difference at 1080p in average FPS, then a much larger 29 zwiększyć dzięki 3090 w 4K.

. Ciekawe, the 1 lows were actually lower on the 3090 at 1080p and 1440p, though Im not exactly sure why.. This was the only game tested where this behaviour was seen. Assassins. Creed Odyssey was tested using the games benchmark tool.. This game saw one of the smallest differences out of all titles tested with a 21 higher average frame rate at 4K and just 13 w 1080p.. Obowiązek wzywa, Nowoczesna wojna, was slightly ahead of the 10 game average, z 3090 wychodzi 30 szybciej niż 2080 Ti at 4K, 17 at 1440p and 10 w 1080p.. Its also worth noting that at 4K, nawet 1 low with the 3090, was ahead of the average from the 2080 TI. Metro Exodus was tested with the built in benchmark.. This seems to be one of the more GPU heavy games, as even the high setting preset was showing some of the biggest differences with the 3090.. The 3090 był 19 szybszy przy 1080p 26, szybciej przy 1440p i 34 szybciej w 4K.. Wiedźmin 3 was tested with the same test pass on each GPU.. The 2080 TI was still playable at 4K with ultra settings, ale 3090 was able to give us a 24 wzrost wydajności. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the games benchmark tool using Vulkan.. The 1 lows in this test are down because the first 5 do 10 seconds was chugging hard on either graphics card. That doesnt normally happen, so might be some other eGPU specific issue either way it was much smoother after the initial hiccups.

. This game saw the biggest improvement at 4K out of all 10 games tested where the 3090 był ' faster in average frame rate over the 2080 TI. On average over all 10 gry testowane z rozdzielczością 1080p, RTX 3090 was coming out just under 10. Ahead of the RTX 2080 Ti średnio, FPS, though this could vary anywhere between 0 do 20, depending on the specific game.. Kiedy krok do 1440p, the 3090s lead increases to 15 over the 2080 TI, so better results. Teraz, as higher resolutions tend to be more GPU heavy., Następnie, Wreszcie, with 4K in use theres a bigger 29 poprawy z 3090, so quite a decent result. Many AAA games, even with the higher settings Ive tested, were definitely playable at 4K, which I think is quite impressive when you consider Im just using a Razer Blade Stealth with lower powered quad core CPU.. Let me know if youd be interested in seeing a video where I compare these results, but with a better laptop CPU like a 6 core i7 10750H, to see how much that matters. Outside of gaming Ive also tested DaVinci Resolve with the Puget Systems benchmark, which is Generally considered to be more GPU heavy than alternatives like Adobe Premiere.. W tym teście, the 3090 was scoring 16 wyższe niż 2080 TI. Ive also used the V Ray benchmark and the 3090 was producing a massive 112 higher score in this test.. Więc tak, depending on the workload and how GPU bound you are, the 3090 can make a big difference and if youre doing other things like modelling with large projects and can actually take advantage of the 24 gig of VRAM, następnie 3090 might do even better.

. The improvement in the games wasnt super crazy, ale zły test. The 3090 in a desktop PC, soon to compare the results and get an idea of how much performance is being left on the table so make sure youre subscribed for that one.. W każdym przypadku, if youre willing to pay a premium which lets face it, if youre planning an eGPU setup, youve likely accepted, it is possible to get some decent gains in gaming and other tasks over what was available. Ostatnia generacja, despite clear CPU and Thunderbolt bottlenecks present in my setup.. Let me know if youre running an eGPU setup down in the comments and what else you want to see me test in future.