Zacznijmy od różnic w specyfikacji.. The 3080 has double the CUDA core count kind of, but not really its an architecture, change which wont offer big gains for gaming.. The 2080 Ti has an extra gig of VRAM, but the 3080s newer, GDDR6X memory is faster and its base and boost clock speeds are faster too, though it does also use more power. In terms of price difference. You can pick up a 2nd hand. 2080 Ti for similar money to the 3080 on Ebay.. This is the system that Ive tested, both Nvidias RTX 3080 Founders Edition and my Aorus 2080 Ti in. Both were tested with the same Windows and Nvidia updates, więc pozwala dostać się do wyników. Starting out with Microsoft. Flight Simulator Ive got the newer 3080 shown by the purple bars and the older 2080 Ti below shown by the red bars.. The three resolutions tested are on the left, starting from 1080p down the bottom 1440p in the middle and 4K towards the top.. W tym teście. There was only a minor difference at 1080p, then the margin grows as we step up to higher resolutions. W 1440p. The 3080 był 16 szybciej niż 2080 TI, though this was a below average result out of all 11 games tested at this resolution, Następnie, at 4K the 3080 osiągał 21 higher average frame. Stawki. Odkupienie Czerwonych Umarłych 2 został przetestowany przy użyciu gier, benchmark tool. Again theres less of a difference at 1080p, as these higher end GPUs are better utilized at higher resolutions.

W 1080p, the 3080 był 14 Szybciej, ale wtedy przy 4K 3080 had a bigger 31 Prowadzić. The second biggest improvement seen out of all games, Testowane. Pole bitwy 5, was tested in campaign mode by running through the same mission on both graphics, Karty.. Ciekawe, the 2080 Ti actually had better 1 low results at 1080p, but this was the only time this happened.. This game has a 200 FPS frame cap by default, które 3080 was hitting. So I suspect this may be why its 1 low was behind. Biorąc pod uwagę 1 niski na 3080 was higher than the 2080 Tis average FPS at 1440p. Przy 4K. The 3080 is reaching a 25 higher average frame. Stawki. Shadow of the Tomb Raider został przetestowany z grami zbudowanymi w benchmarku.. The 2080 Ti was still delivering above 60 FPS w tym teście, with the highest setting preset at 4K, ale 3080 has a nice 26 Prowadzić.. The difference is, Oczywiście, lower at lower resolutions. The 3080 still has a decent 22 higher average frame rate at 1440p, but then its just 10 ahead at 1080p. For Control Ill start with RTX off results. W 1080p. The 3080 był tylko 6 szybciej niż 2080 Ti in average FPS. jednak, theres a larger 15 boost seen to the 1 Niskie., The 3080 is doing much better at 1440p. Z ysce 22 Prowadzić, then at 4K this increases to 30. Nawet 1 niski od 3080 is higher than the average from the 2080 Ti tutaj.

With RTX. On and DLSS enabled, the 3080 jest teraz 26 szybciej niż 2080 Ti w 1080p, w porównaniu z 6 z wyłączonym RTX.. The differences are nowhere near as big at 1440p and 4K, chociaż, for instance at 4K. W tym teście, the 3080 jest 35 przed 2080 TI, but then in the RTX off results shown earlier, the 3080 był 30 Przodu.. Zasadzie, RTX and DLSS in this game are running better on the 3080 than the 2080 TI, but the differences are smaller at higher resolutions. Testowane Metro Exodus z narzędziem porównawczym gry, and this test saw some of the smallest differences out of the 11 titles tested.. At 4K the 3080 był 15 Szybciej, and this was the lowest result at that resolution. Then at 1080p the 3080 był 11 Przodu. In Death Stranding. The 3080 was giving me 1 lows that were ahead of the average frame rate of the 2080 Ti at 4K and 1440p resolutions, then a little behind at 1080p.. W 1080p, the 3080 był 14 szybciej niż 2080 Ti in average FPS 22, szybciej przy 1440p i 26 higher at 4K.. Wiedźmin 3 saw above average improvements with the 3080 w 1080p, but then below average at the higher resolutions.. Realistycznie, the 2080 Ti at 4K. Ultra settings is still above 100 FPS and running it without any problems. I cant really say I noticed the difference anyway, but hey I dont have a 4K high refresh rate monitor.

Assassins Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark.. The 3080 was above 60 FPS. Nawet w 4K, with the highest setting preset in useand this was despite a below average 22 wyższa średnia liczba klatek na sekundę – choć jego 1 Niskie, was still above the average from the 2080 TI. Obowiązek wzywa. Modern Warfare został przetestowany w trybie kampanii. The differences dont. Look that large at 1080p and 1440p were close to the 11 games average, z 3080 being 13 szybszy przy 1080p 18 szybszy przy 1440p, then a below average 4K result 19 wyższe niż 2080 TI. Rainbow. Six Siege was tested using the games benchmark tool with Vulkan.. The 2080 Ti was right on 144 FPS w 4K, so its probably still going to be pretty decent, even if you actually have a high refresh 4K monitor, ale 3080 was reaching a 26 wyższa średnia liczba klatek na sekundę. At 1080p on average over all 11 games tested The 3080 był prawie 13 szybciej niż 2080 TI. In some titles like flight simulator down, the bottom were seeing a negligible difference, while others such as Control at the top still had nice gains. W 1440p. The 3080 był teraz 20 szybciej niż 2080 Ti średnio., As higher resolutions can typically make better use of the GPU were starting to see what the 3080 can do. Control with RTX enabled was again the biggest difference out of the titles tested. Przy 4K.

The 3080 is now more than 24 szybciej niż 2080 Ti średnio.. Jeszcze raz, the Control result with RTX and DLSS enabled was the largest difference, with almost a 35 higher average frame rate on the newer 3080, while the worst result, Metro Exodus had a 15 Zwiększyć. So if youre targeting 4K, the 3080 certainly offers a fair improvement.. Kiedy patrzymy na całkowite pociągnie mocy systemu ze ściany, the PC with the 3080 Zainstalowana, używał około 9 większa moc, and this was while offering a 30 higher average frame rate in Control. Przy 4K, with RTX disabled, which sounds pretty reasonable to me, but keep in mind at 1080p Control was only 6 szybciej na 3080. Lets check out value in gaming in terms of dollar per frame.. If we consider that the 3080 jest 700 USD at launch and the 2080 Ti was meant to be 1000, then thats 43 więcej pieniędzy na 3080, ale 2080 Ti wasnt really available at that price. So if we instead go with 1200, which is closer to what it was actually available for then the 2080 Ti jest 71, więcej pieniędzy.. Tę, Oczywiście, doesnt factor in that people have been fire selling their 2080 Tis in the lead up to the 3000 series release at the moment, its easy to score one for under 700. Z drugiej strony, market, so Ive listed that too., Regardless of what dollar amount we set for the 2080 TI.

The 3080 is winning from a cost per frame perspective. The MSRP is just below the 2080 Ti and as weve seen at higher resolutions, it can perform a fair amount better though this of course assumes you can find a 3080 to purchase at 700. It could be a while for stock to replenish. If youre buying. Today then, the 3080 is the clear choice. Unless you really want that extra 1 gig of VRAM or somethingand if you already have a 2080 Ti well, it still should be doing just fine today and it should hold up for a while. Ale w tym samym czasie, if you can sell it for 700 and pick up the 3080 instead as weve seen, it will do much better in games. Ive also tested both in content. Creator workloads its not just all about gaming, Testowany Ive, DaVinci Resolve z benchmarkiem Puget Systems i 3080 was scoring 20 wyższe niż 2080 Ti so similar to many of the games. Resolve is able to better utilize the GPU when compared to alternatives like Adobe Premiereand this is a decent increase. – Ive tested the V Ray benchmark and saw big gains from the 3080, which was scoring 79 wyższe niż 2080 Ti.. This is testing compute power and, jeśli pamiętasz, the 3080 has double the CUDA core count, kind of so bigger gains in a test like this are expected. Blender został przetestowany w open data benchmarku z testami BMW i Classroom.

. This is also relying more on compute power. I selected the CUDA option when running the test and the 3080 was completing these tasks 89 szybciej niż 2080 Ti another big win. In Compute heavy workloads. The 3080 is able to offer significant gains, so it really depends on what you plan on using these for, as well as your budget., As we saw the differences dont fully translate into gaming performance, chociaż 3080 was still a nice step up over the 2080 TI. There mainly at higher resolutions. The 3080, is a nice option for the money compared to what was available last generation, assuming you can actually get your hands on one as stock is still limited.. Let me know in the comments, if you plan on getting a 3080 and what you plan on using it for and if youre new to the channel, then get subscribed for future comparisons like this one. There will definitely be more on the way once AMDs, Rdna, 2 and the rest of Nvidias Ampere lineup is released. Poważnie.