Im, poddamy temu twierdzeniu testowi, porównując oba w grach w 4K, 1440p i 1080p, jak również obciążenia twórców treści, aby zobaczyć, jakie są różnice. Zacznijmy od różnic w specyfikacji, the 3070 ma więcej rdzeni CUDA wyższe podstawy i zwiększyć prędkość zegara, ale 3 gigabajty mniej pamięci. So it will be interesting to see if that affects games at 4K.. The 3070 costs significantly less than the 2080 Ti half as much. If we go by Nvidias 1000 USD MSRP and even more, if we work with the 1200 or so that it was actually available for., Jest to system, który im używać do testowania obu kart graficznych. Its got an overclocked i9 10900K at 5.2GHz, z 32 gb pamięci DDR4 3200 Pamięć CL14 w dwukanałowej. Ive dostał listę wszystkich składników i zaktualizowane ceny połączone w opisie.. Dobrze, najpierw zagłębić się w wyniki gier, następnie sprawdź koszt pochyłej liczby klatek energii i obciążeń twórców treści, afterwards., Starting out with Microsoft, Symulator lotu. The 2080 Ti was ahead of the 3070 at all resolutions, though its not by much just 3 4 frames on average.. This equates to the 2080 Ti being about 8 szybszy przy 1440p. The second biggest change at this resolution out of the 11 przetestowane tytuły, but realistically its not a huge change at just 4 FPS difference. Odkupienie Czerwonych Umarłych 2 was tested using the games benchmark tool.. Tym razem 3070 was ahead with a 4 lead at 1080p and 1440p, Następnie 6 higher at 4K, again not big differences.

But that said this was the game that performed the best on the 3070 out of the ones Ive tested, tutaj. Pole bitwy 5 został przetestowany w trybie kampanii, przechodząc przez tę samą misję na obu kartach graficznych.. The 2080 Ti was back in front here but like before. Not by a huge margin, regardless winnings winning and the 3070 był 6 wolniej w 4K. Shadow of the Tomb Raider został przetestowany z grami zbudowanymi w benchmarku.. Both graphics cards were able to surpass 60 FPS z najwyższym ustawieniem, which is a nice result, ale 2080 Ti był 6 szybciej niż 3070 at 1440p and 8, szybciej przy 4K. For Control, Ill start with RTX off results. Tam. Zasadzie, no difference between the two at 4K margin of error stuff. Naprawdę. The differences were a little larger at the lower resolutions, ale, like most other games, not really the sort of stuff youre going to notice a whole lot, while actually playing. With RTX on and DLSS, enabled the frame rates at 4K and 1440p increase a little with both Cards and both GPUs also get closer together now, with close to no difference regardless of resolution. The 2080 Ti was just one to two frames ahead for the averages. Testowany Ive, Metro Exodus with the game’s benchmark tool, and the differences here were above average when compared to the other games tested. But yet again, the gap between the two doesnt appear that large the 3070 był 8 slower at 4K and 7 slower at 1440p.

. Things are even closer together in death stranding, especially at the higher resolutions where the 3070 był just 4 slower than the 2080 Ti.. Wiedźmin 3 had the biggest difference out of all 11 przetestowane tytuły, ale nawet tak, it doesnt actually look that much with it. Layed out here on the graph the 3070 doesnt appear far behind and was 10 slower at 1440p or 12 wolniej w 4K. Assassins, Creed Odyssey został przetestowany z wbudowanym wzorcem. The average frame rates are very close together, Tutaj., Ciekawe, the 1 niski od 3070 is higher than the 2080 Ti.. This was also the case in The Witcher 3, though the difference was much less pronounced than it was here. Obowiązek wzywa. Modern Warfare zostało przetestowane w trybie kampanii.. There were above average differences here with the 3070 Wokół 6 slower at 1440p and 4K. Rainbow Six Siege został przetestowany przy użyciu narzędzia do testowania gier z Vulkan.. This was another game where there were basically no differences of significance between them.. W 1080p, on average over all games tested, the 3070 był 3 slower than the 2080 Ti średnio. Fps. Most games covered were a little ahead on the 2080 TI, chociaż, in a lot of cases, the difference was small. Zwiększenie do 1440p i 2080 TI. Now has a slightly larger lead, with only Red Dead Redemption 2 doing better on the 3070. Jeszcze raz, chociaż, w przeważającej części, the differences werent too large.

Przy 4K, the 2080 Ti is a little further ahead. Now I wouldnt be surprised if its extra VRAM was helping out in some cases here, even if it is slower than the 3070s memory, its still got more capacity, which should have an advantage at higher resolutions with higher settings. But of course this is game dependent.. I guess to be fair to Nvidia. I am using an Aorus 2080 TI, so it is clocked higher than stock. Tymczasem, Im using a founders edition 3070 as thats, just what Ive got available. A 3070 from a board partner like ASUS or MSI, or whoever is probably going to have a slight overclock. So the differences between the two might be a bit closer together. Dzięki 3070. Slightly overclocked, I could see the difference being much closer.. It doesnt matter much though, as the price difference is so large.. The 2080 Ti had an MSRP of 1000 USD but was generally only available for 1200. Ive decided to add both price points into the cost per frame graph for arguments sake, though theres not too much point as the 3070 is demolishing the 2080 Ti in terms of Value., This makes perfect sense, jak widzieliśmy. The 3070 was only a little slower on average, but its less than half the price. So quite simply the value is just far better.. You could of course, look at buying a 2nd hand. 2080 Ti Ive seen them going for as low as 500.

Usd personally Id probably be more inclined to get the 3070 assuming its available. As you get the nice extras like warranty and knowing it hasnt been used in a mining farm or something., The only exception would be if I really needed the extra VRAM the 2080 Ti offers.. The 2080 Ti is less efficient too drawing around 16 more power in Control at 4K when compared to the 3070 and the frame rates were within 1 FPS of each other at this resolution, tak, basically no performance difference either.. This is further illustrated by comparing performance per watt. The 3070 is just able to get more done with the same amount of power which you would expect with the new and improved architecture., Its not all. Just about gaming, though Ive also compared both in content, creator and compute focussed workloads., Testowany davinci resolve z benchmarkiem Puget Systems i 3070 strzelał gole 10 wyższe niż 2080 TI. So a much bigger difference when compared to the games covered previously., The performance gap is even larger between them in V Ray the 3070 was scoring more than 30 wyższe niż 2080 Ti w tym jednym, co ma sens, as these sorts of tests can better leverage. The compute power available compared to the games., The improvements keep on coming, Blender was tested with the Open Data benchmark and the Classroom test was completing 60 szybciej na RTX 3070, though the shorter BMW test was 21 Szybciej, less of a difference, but still quite significant.

. Więc w zasadzie, the 3070 is the clear winner: it uses less power and is more efficient, its cheaper than the 2080 Ti and the gaming performance isnt that far behind its quite similar and as noted, if you do get a 3070 from a board partner, thats overclocked out Of the box, the performance gap might be much closer. Razem. Id only really suggest the 2080 TI. If you can get an excellent price, probably second hand if youre willing and really only if you need the extra VRAM, perhaps for 4K gaming.. W przeciwnym razie, in most cases the 3070 makes more sense.. So if the 3070 is the winner here, then the question really becomes. Is it worth paying 200 more to go up from the 3070 to get the 3080 Ive compared the 3070 i 3080 over in this video, tak źle? See you over in that one.