Pozwala? Start with the spec differences, as you can probably guess, based purely on the names, the 3080 is better for the most part.. The 3080 has more and faster memory. More CUDA cores uses more power and costs 200 jeszcze, so lets find out if its worth it.. Jest to system, który im używać do testowania obu kart graficznych, więc podkręcony i9 10900K przy 5.2GHz, z 32 gb pamięci DDR4 3200 Pamięć CL14 w dwukanałowej. Ive dostał listę wszystkich składników i zaktualizowane ceny połączone w opisie.. Dobrze, najpierw zagłębić się w wyniki gier, następnie sprawdź koszt pochyłej liczby klatek energii i obciążeń twórców treści, Potem. Microsoft, Flight Simulator został przetestowany w sydney wyzwanie lądowania.. The difference at 1080p was the smallest out of all 11 tytuły testowane z 3080 po prostu 5. Ahead of the 3070, but at 1440p the 3080 był 26 szybsza średnia liczba klatek na sekundę, Następnie 34 szybciej przy 4K. So the difference expands as we increase the resolution and become more GPU. Bound. Odkupienie Czerwonych Umarłych 2 został przetestowany przy użyciu narzędzia do testowania gier. Again there wasnt that big of a difference at 1080p, the 3080 był just 10 szybsza średnia liczba klatek na sekundę, but at 1440p this increases to a 20 Prowadzić, Następnie 23 w 4K, which just for reference Is below average out of the titles tested. Pole bitwy 5 został przetestowany w trybie kampanii, przechodząc przez tę samą misję na obu kartach graficznych.. W 1080p, the 3080 was able to hit the 200 FPS frame cap, and I think the cap is why its 1 low shows as being worse off than the 3070.

. This wasnt the case at the higher resolutions, chociaż, and at 1440p the 3080 osiągał 29 higher average FPS and 33 higher at 4K. Shadow of the Tomb Raider został przetestowany z grami zbudowanymi w benchmarku., The 3070 was still able to pass 60 FPS with the Highest setting preset at 4K, Jednak, the 3080 was doing 36 better here. The second best result at 4K out of all 11 przetestowane tytuły. For Control Ill start with RTX off results. Ive found this game to be quite heavy on the GPU, even at 1080p, which is why the 3080 był 30 szybszy przy 1080p. The biggest difference at this resolution out of the games covered. At 1440p and 4K, nawet 1 upadki z poziomu 3080, were ahead of the average from the 3070, putting the 3080 aż do 33, szybsza średnia liczba klatek na sekundę. With RTX on and DLSS enabled the frame Rates increase on both a little at 1440p and 4K, but decrease slightly at 1080p.. W każdym przypadku, the margins dont change too much with ray tracing, enabled so lets move. On., Ive tested Metro Exodus with the game’s benchmark tool and the 1 low differences were fairly minor. When compared to most other games covered, though the difference to averages was bigger, z 3080 Wykonywania 26 higher at 4K or 22 more at 1440p., The results in death stranding were very close to the 11 game average at all 3 uchwały. So I suppose, just looking at this graph for the most part gives you a rough idea of the actual differences between the 3070 i 3080.

W 1080p. The 3080 był 19 szybciej niż 3070 25 szybciej przy 1440p i 31 szybciej w 4K.. Wiedźmin 3 was consistently the third best performing game out of the 11 Ive tested here at all three resolutions, so above average results for the 3080 in this one, który był 36 szybciej niż 3070 at the highest 4K resolution., Nawet 1 niski od 3080 was above the average from the 3070. Assassins Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark and was on the other side of the spectrum. At both 1440p and 4K. The difference between the 3070 i 3080 was the smallest out of all 11 games tested with the 3080 po prostu 22 i 12 Przodu. Respectively. Obowiązek wzywa, Modern Warfare zostało przetestowane w trybie kampanii.. The 3070 was still offering above 60 FPS w 4K. In this one, chociaż, the 3080 was delivering 26 wyższa średnia FPS, both at 4K and 1440p.. The difference was lower. W 1080p, z 3080 21 Szybciej. Rainbow, Six Siege was tested using the games benchmark tool with Vulkan.. Biorąc pod uwagę 3070 is well above 100 FPS at 4K with max settings, you could probably debate how useful the 3080 would be, but nevertheless it was able to offer 30 higher frame rates at this resolution. W 1080p. Średnio, nad wszystkimi 11 testowane gry, the 3080 był 18 szybciej niż 3070 pod względem średniej FPS.. The biggest difference was seen in control, which is quite GPU heavy.

Even at this resolution, chociaż, the difference with RTX off was larger than with it enabled.. Zwiększenie do 1440p i 3080 był teraz 26 przed 3070 and control with RTX enabled was now the best result.. This trend is expected as we move up to higher resolutions as the GPU can get to work and system performance limitations depend less on the other components.. Wreszcie, w 4K, the 3080 jest teraz 31 średnio szybciej niż 3070 in the 11 gry testowane tutaj. Jeszcze raz, Control with RTX enabled saw the largest difference between the two. So it seems that the better hardware for ray tracing with the 3080 is helping it out. Granted there are many other non ray traced games that saw similar performance differences.. The 3070 is the winner in terms of value. Kiedy patrzymy na koszt za klatkę., The performance on offer is still quite good compared to the 3080, but its also 200. Cheaper too. 500 is already a fair amount of money to spend on a GPU, and I think most people will be satisfied with the levels of performance on offer from the 3070.. Kiedy patrzymy na całkowite pociągnie mocy systemu ze ściany, systemu z 3080 installed was using around 27 more power which isnt too bad given in this same game. The 3080 was also offering 33 higher average frame rate.. This results in fairly similar performance per watt.. The 3070 has a slight edge at 1080p, then at higher resolutions, where the performance difference increases more.

The 3080 is slightly better at 4K, but its really quite negligible. Its not all. Just about gaming, chociaż, lets check out some compute and content creator. Obciążeń. Ive tested DaVinci Resolve with the Puget Systems benchmark and the RTX 3080 strzelał gole 10 wyższe niż 3070. So a much smaller difference when compared to the games.. To była inna historia w benchmarku V Ray, chociaż 3080 was scoring 38 wyższe niż 3070. Ive pokazano w innych filmach, że Ampere GPU oferują ogromne zyski w turingu oparte opcje z ostatniej generacji. W tym teście, the 3000 seria naprawdę wydaje się świecić w obliczeniach, duże obciążenia pracą. Blender został przetestowany w open data benchmarku z testami BMW i Classroom. I znowu, nastąpiła miła poprawa 3080 here too, który był 25 faster in the classroom test and 30 faster in the BMW test.. The extra memory from the 3080 could be especially useful in these types of workloads, especially if say you have a 3D rendering project that just needs more memory capacity granted an extra 2gb of VRAM isnt that much, but it is faster too. Given Nvidias next higher VRAM Option is the 3090 with 24gb at 1500 USD. It could be worth waiting for Radeons 6000 series.. Those have 16gb of VRAM, which just might make more sense than this. Illinois, be comparing those very soon so make sure youre subscribed for future comparison. Videos like this one.