We have like over 150 000 widoki. You have questions. I’Ve got answers, here’s faq on remarkable, hey everybody, greg winter egg. Tutaj, ceo matterhorn business development, welcome back to the channel, be sure to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell, so you don’t miss any of the content that we’re pumping out every week so remarkable. I started with remarkable. O, my goodness, i don’t know year and a half maybe two ago now i now have my remarkable two. You should watch the unboxing it’s a lot of fun and i have to tell you i love this i’m, not gon na get into a lot of details in this video about why i love this so much, but i am gon na follow up now on remarkable Two i’ve been using it now for about three or four weeks, and the first thing i want to say is remarkable too compared to remarkable one is it’s much thinner, it’s uh definitely lighter, and you know one thing i did find out uh in the last video. The unboxing video it looked like the screen was wider, są one, actually the same size. It was a bit of an optical illusion because the white plastic binder binding around the outside is missing, but that being said, i really really like this thing. Uh here is my biggest complaint, my biggest complaint. This is really sexy and sassy. You know you can kind of play with it and it’s.

You know magnetized and it just jumps right up there, and this is cool because you know this is magnetized the case, but here’s a problem when you close this the pen is exposed. The first time i dropped this on the seat of my car. The pen came off now. This is this is one of the questions that you have is how do you get the pen with the eraser so right now, they’re cranking out the units you have a pen when you go to order it, you can buy the pen without the eraser. I think that’s fifty dollars the pen with the eraser is a hundred dollars. I really wanted the one with the eraser. I evidently made a mistake when i ordered it and i cannot buy just a pen. They are right now are not selling the pens without the unit, all right so i’m sure they’re going to have a few upset customers, Ponieważ, if you’re walking aroundand this is not in a bagand somebody brushes up against youthis is gone. That renders this not functional. Now you can purchase the remarkable one stylus and it works on remarkable two, but that is my biggest complaint about. This is first of all, this isn’t really secure with regards to the pen. Po drugie, i can’t even buy a pen for remarkable two right now that is magnetized so um. So how do you get a pen with an eraser on it? Dobrze, you must order it when you order your remarkable two that’s.

The only way right now to get a pen with the eraser and that’s really my only complaint about this. Now there is another issue that does not bother me, but this remarkable too has another issue that would definitely bother an artist if you’re going to use this. For sketching and at certain times you get a jagged line and i haven’t really been able to figure out exactly what turns on that jagged line other than if i’m and i’m not going to tryand you know, do a demo of this. If i’m making a line across the bottom, it definitely has this jaggedness to it. The first time it happened. I’M, like whoa dude, did i really you know jiggle my hand like that? The answer is no. It happens at other points in the screen. I use different markers, you know the the pencil, the ballpoint etc, and i can’t really find a pattern, but then i don’t care, because all i use mine for is note taking now. If that bothers you, there is a fellow on youtube that is completely into this. Just you know his unboxing took an hour. God bless him. He is really really the detailed technician. So if you want to handle the jagged line issue, that is a programming issue and you go to uh youtube and search my deep guide and he’s a really awesome. Guy he’s the technician he will tell you how to get into the inner workings.

Now he gives you many warnings. Do not do this unless you know what you’re doing, because you can ruin your unit. So for me, i don’t care if the jagged line is a big thing. If you’re an artist designerand you don’t like that you’re trying to do something precise that you can you know, email to somebody or print then it’s a big deal, then i would go to my deep guide. There may be other places, Czyli, one that i found all right so that handles. Can you uh get get a pen with the eraser? What about the jagged lines? Uh? How is the security? Can you lock the device or certain documents? You absolutely can lock this device. Just like you can your cell phone or your ipad is just a code that you put in. Why not just use an ipad that’s, a really good question, and the only answer i can say is: i hate writing on glass. It was too slick and it just didn’t feel natural. I almost felt like i was using muscles to move the pen and then counter muscles to not move the pen too quickly, because we learned how to write with friction with a pencil or a pen on paper. This duplicates replicates that friction and that’s. Why i like itand i the the remarkable onewas very good in that arena. Tę, Wierzę, że, is better. This feels more like pen or pencil on paper all right.

So how long does the battery last uh? It was promoted that this battery would last two weeks now with my remarkable one. Sometimes i had to recharge during the day. I could usually make it to the end of the day. If i wasn’t using it much, i could maybe get two days out of it. So that’s how much i use my remarkable uh, the battery on remarkable one was about a day every now and then i’d have to recharge midday. Więc, dla mnie, the very first week it lasted a week, so i got one week: they’re promoting two, maybe i’m, using more than than their test showed, but i can get a week out of my battery uh. How long does the tip last? Let me talk about the tip. These are black tips uh for the remarkable two, the other tips for remarkable one were white. The black tips are much better and i haven’t taken it out. You know under a magnifying glass and looked, but the white tip to me had a hard coating on the outside and once and it worked really well once you got through that hard coating it’s almost like the inner core was softer at least that’s that’s. What it seemed like to me and then it wore down more quickly and it kind of got flattened out and it did change the feel a bit but it’s it didn’t change the effectiveness for what i need that much and i could get about three weeks out Of that tipand this tip now, i believe to meit seems more like it’s, Stałe, all the way through the core it’s, definitely more durable um.

I think i got a month out of the first tip and, like i say i use mine a lot so for me, the black tips are definitely more durable and better and the performance doesn’t wane, like the white tips. W porządku, does it have a sleep mode? tak, all you do, is you push the power button here and it goes into sleep and then to turn it back on. You just hit the button kind of like your computer. It goes into sleep mode. You just hit the space bar. It turns on immediately that’s how this works. Więc, tak, it does have a sleep mode to save the battery. Również, if you don’t use it for a period of time and there might be a setting in therei haven’t even checked it out, but if you don’t use it for a period of time, it goes into sleep mode on its own. Uh. Next question is: how long does it take to boot up? This is like lightning compared remarkable. Two is like lightning compared to remarkable one remarkable one would have to sit there and kind of think about it and it’s sort of like i’m. Definitely a pc kind of a guy, but abby is a mac person and mac. You hit the button and it turns on my pc. You got to sit there and wait for it to boot up so it’s kind of like this is like the mac you. This takes no time at all to boot.

Up if you shut it down, and then you hit the start button, it comes on pretty rapidly literally within just a matter of seconds, the sleep mode it instantly disappears, and it instantly comes back so it’s super fast. All right next question: how durable i think it’s super durable. I have dropped mine. I had a case for my remarkable one. I have this case for the remarkable two uh i i have never dropped it. Więc to jest, like a direct hit it’s, always been kind of a glancing blow on the corner. It has not affected the performance at all. I maybe i’ve dropped it twice: jego, not a regular occurrence, but for me i think it’s pretty durable. All right next question: can you search handwritten notes? Nie, what you can do and i’m not sure. If you’re aware you can take your handwritten notes and if your handwriting isn’t isn’t too poor, then which mine is terrible, i don’t even try and do this. You can be connected to the internet and you just hit the text button and it will convert your handwritten notes into text now. What you cannot do is then search the text looking for words in the body of that note, you can do a search and it’ll search the title of a folder or the title of a notebook in here, but it will not search the body of the note That you wrote, i know that there are some devices out there that do that.

That is not a feature here. All right now. The final most important question we’ve gotten this three times over. My shoulder. People are saying where the hell is tasmania, i mean it’s not up there and tasmania is supposed to be like somewhere over here, and i want to give everybody who asked that question. A gold star, your geography, teacher, your world history teacher, will love that question. Um tasmania just isn’t big enough for the people who designed this, i guess to be concerned. I had nothing to do with it. Don’T hate on me for that. So anyhow, those are the faqs that we’ve gotten here in the last few weeks. I love this thing. I do have some problems uh. The main problem i have is just this magnet and losing the pen and not being able to get a replacement, so i always have attention on that. This is how i carry it when it’s not in my portfolio bag, my leather bag. So that being said, i hope this has been helpful. Don’T forget to hit the subscribe button, hit the notification bell and keep coming back.