MSIs, Bravo 15 is one of the few all AMD gaming laptops available with both 6 core Ryzen processor and Radeon RX 5500M graphics. But there are some important issues you need to know about before. Considering it. Its got a black brushed metallic finish both on the lid and interior., Its a little cheap feeling, but no sharp corners or edges and its solid enough. MSI lists the weight as 1.96kg, though mine was under this at around 4.2lb, Następnie, with the 180w power. Brick and cables were looking at under 2.7kg or 5.9lb total.. The size is decent for a 15 gaming laptop its a bit thinner than the lower specced Nitro 5. Niedawno testowałem. Jego dostał 15.6 1080p 120Hz display with a 48Hz to 120Hz FreeSync range, ale to jest. The only good news for the screen. – I measured the screens average grey to grey response time at 22.3ms, not great when a 120Hz panel needs an 8.33ms response time for all transitions to occur within the refresh window., Its one of the slower results when we compare it Against other laptops, ale podobne do wielu innych, more budget friendly gaming laptops, Ive testował ekran z Spyder 5 i dostał 61 z sRGB 43 z NTSC 45 adobergb i 45 z DCI P3. So not great for content creation.. My panel was 300 nits at 100 Jasność, which is reasonable, and the contrast ratio was over 10001, which is good.. Krwawienie z podświetlenia nie było tak złe.

In my unit I didnt notice the small imperfections down the bottom when viewing darker content, ale będzie się to różnić w zależności od paneli. Msi. Also offers the Bravo 15, with a 144Hz panel, so expect different results with that. Tam, a 720p camera above the display no Windows, cześć, Wsparcie.. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the MSI. Bravo 15.. This is what it sounds like to type on the keyboard, i tak to brzmi, jeśli ustawimy wentylator na pełną prędkość. Więc nadal możesz mnie usłyszeć. Ok nad hałasem wentylatora., The keyboard has a single zone of red backlighting, który oświetla wszystkie klawisze i funkcje kluczy pomocniczych.. Tam są 3 levels of key brightness or you can turn it off with the function and page up and down keys.. I didnt personally like typing on it, but that will probably be subjective.. It just felt like there was no key travel and the key presses dont push down far heres how it sounds to give you an idea of what to expect.. The power button is at least separate from the keyboard to avoid accidental mispresses.. The precision touchpad has a smooth plastic finish and clicks down anywhere, but the front has a sort of wobble to it and can be pushed down a bit prior to actually triggering a click which was annoying at times.. Fingerprints and dirt show up extremely easily on the shiny black finish, ale jako gładka powierzchnia, its easy enough to clean with a microfiber cloth.

. The weight distribution felt good, allowing for one finger opening and the screen goes a fair bit. Wstecz. Theres a fair bit of keyboard flex when pushing down hard, but it felt fine during normal use and there was less lid flex than say. The Omen 15 or Legion 5. Po lewej stronie. Weve got an air exhaust vent, the power input and HDMI 2.0 output.. The right has the rest of the IO, including 3.5mm, gniazdo combo audio, dwa USB 3.2 Typ Gen1, Porty, dwa USB 3.2 Gen1 Type C ports, Gigabit, ethernet and kensington, Blokady, so a fair bit to get in the way of your mouse. If youre right, Przekazywany., The Type C ports cannot be used to charge the machine and they dont provide DisplayPort out, but the HDMI port connects directly to the 5500M graphics.. Tył ma otwory wentylacyjne powietrza w kierunku narożników. While the front is just some black grooved plastic.. Underneath has air ventilation holes above the M.2 slots and in the center towards the back, but there arent any intakes directly above the fans. Nadal, chociaż, more intakes compared to the ASUS TUF A15., Getting inside involves removing 12 Śruby wierzchołka krzyżak, Następnie, once inside weve got the battery down the front along with two M.2 storage slots and one for the WiFi 6 Karty.. There are two memory slots, but mine, only shipped with single channel, which is unfortunate as it leaves performance on the table.. I did all my testing with dual channel for best results and I definitely suggest upgrading.

. The two speakers are on the left and right sides towards the front. They didnt sound as bad compared to other budget friendly MSI laptops, Ive tested in the past Id say theyre above average, with a little bass and the latencymon results were looking decent.. Brawo 15 jest zasilany przez 3 bateria 51Wh. Ive przetestował go z klawiatury oświetlenie off aplikacji tle, wyłączone i ekran na 50 Jasność.. Ciekawe, the battery life was actually more than half an hour longer than the Legion 5. With larger battery in the YouTube playback test., The game was only able to run at 24 FPS on battery and it dipped to unusable levels with 9 charge left.. You can also set the charge threshold in software. Pozwala sprawdzić termika dalej. The MSI Dragon Center software lets you pick between three performance modes, co, od najniższego do najwyższego, milczą, balanced and extreme. Wydajność. Youve got to select user mode. If you want to enable cooler boost to max out the fan speed, otherwise you can also pick advanced and get some customization.. The idle temperatures were good with a 21 stopień Celsjusza, room stress tests were done with the Aida64 CPU stress test, with stress, CPU only checked and the Heaven GPU benchmark run. Jednocześnie, while gaming was tested playing, Watch Dogs, 2. Temperatures were on the hotter side, with the stress test going thermal throttling in balanced and extreme modes at around 94 stopni, Celsjusza.

Maxing, the fan out with cooler boost lowered the gaming temps a bit but Made no difference to the CPU in the stress test, then using a cooling pad helped a bit more.. Są to prędkości zegara dla tych samych testów. The GPU speeds in silent mode were super low, and this made playing games unusable, so I dont suggest using it. If you need to use the 5500M graphics., The speeds were otherwise not too different. In balanced and extreme modes, the CPU performance rose a bit as cooling improved as thermals were the limit in balanced mode.. Despite the throttling, chociaż, were not too far behind the 4.0GHz boost clock of the 4600H., The power level from the 5500M in green seemed to vary. Ciekawe, it was lower when actually running the game and it seemed to drop with the stress tests running as the processor power increased. Heres. How CPU only performance looks in Cinebench with the GPU now idle, so not really a noteworthy difference to single core performance, but multicore performance was affected and Ryzen controller only gave less than a 1 Zwiększyć. It’s not doing great when compared to other 4600H laptops the single Core result is about the same, but the multicore score is below the other options, but hey. It is still beating more expensive Intel laptops. When idling the keyboard was around the low 30 degree Celsius point which is pretty normal. With the stress tests running in the lowest silent mode, its only a little warmer.

Ale jeśli pamiętasz, GPU performance is very low.: Balanced mode gets to the mid 40s in the center. It was warm, but not hot.. Extreme mode was similar. The left side feels hotter than the right as the left has the side. Air exhaust. Coolerboost lowered the temps. A little the hottest point is up the back, but you dont need to touch there.. Pozwala słuchać hałasu wentylatora.. I wasnt able to hear the fans when idling in silent mode and its still quiet in silent mode with the stress tests running but again, not usable in GPU. Heavy tasks due to power, limits., Balanced and extreme modes were about the same and similar to many other gaming laptops. Then you might want some headphones for coolerboost. Now lets check out how well the Bravo 15 performs in games and see how it compares with other laptops. Testowany Ive, Pole bitwy 5 w trybie kampanii przy ustawieniach ultra, i Bravo 15 jest podświetlony na czerwono.. Jest to tylko drugi laptop 5500M Ive kiedykolwiek testowane i pomimo raportowania GPU jako działa na niższym limicie mocy w porównaniu do MSIs Alpha 15. Bravo jest sporo przed Alpha, prawdopodobnie ze względu na różnicę procesora. Jak wiemy,, nowsze opcje Zen2 zacierają starsze 3750H., Tak czy inaczej 5500M nadal wydaje się siedzieć między 1650 i 1660 Opcje Ti po stronie Nvidii.. Oto wyniki far cry 5 z ustawieniami ultra w wbudowanym benchmarku.

. Ten test zależy w większym mierze od procesora, co prawdopodobnie wyjaśnia, dlaczego Alpha 15, z tą samą grafiką 5500M, jest dalej poniżej.. Ciekawe, 5600M w Dell G5 SE był tuż nad nim z tym samym procesorem. Przypuszczam, ze względu na gpu znaczenie nieco mniej w tym teście. Jeszcze raz, chociaż, Bravo 15s 5500M znajduje się pomiędzy Nvidią, 1650 i 1660 Opcje Ti. Shadow of the Tomb Raider został również przetestowany za pomocą narzędzia do testowania gier z najwyższym ustawieniem. 5600M. W G5 jest teraz 27 przed 5500M, ponieważ jest to cięższy test GPU. Daj mi znać, jeśli youd być zainteresowany filmem porównującym te dwie opcje graficzne.. Bravo był zaledwie trzy klatki przed Alpha z tym samym GPU, tak, że różnica cpu ma tu nieco mniejsze znaczenie w porównaniu do Far Cry 5, at least at these higher setting, poziomy. Ive also tested the Bravo 15 w 20 gry w ogóle. Setting levels check the card in the top right or link in the description. If you want more benchmarks. Teraz dla narzędzi porównawczych, Testowany Ive, Heaven Valley i Superposition z Unigine, jak również Firestrike i Timespy z 3DMark tylko pauza. Film, jeśli chcesz uzyskać szczegółowe spojrzenie na te wyniki. Ive, used Adobe Premiere to export one of my laptop review videos at 4K.. This is one of the slowest results out of all laptops tested, only a little faster than MSIs alpha 15, with the same 5500M GPU, but weaker processor.

, Based on the 5600M in the G5 being the next in line. It seems that Premiere, isnt well optimized for Radeon graphics., Ive również testowane Premiere, ale z benchmarkiem systemów Puget. In these tests, a higher score is better and again. The Bravo is on the lower side, though it was interesting that its ahead of the G5 SE with the same CPU but higher GPU., The results were similar in Adobe Photoshop. This tends to be more of a CPU focussed test, chociaż, compared to many Nvidia options. With the same 4600H, the Bravo 15 is still on. The lower side. DaVinci Resolve is more GPU heavy and was again on the lower side and below the Nvidia GTX 1650 Opcje, despite the 5500M doing better in gaming, so yeah for content, creator workloads, the Radeon graphics dont appear to do as well at the moment. Ive. Also tested SPECviewperf, który testuje różne profesjonalne obciążenia 3D. Ive used Crystal disk mark to test the 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD and the speeds were fair but not amazing. W przypadku zaktualizowanych cen sprawdź linki w opisie, ponieważ ceny będą się zmieniać w czasie. At the time of Recording in the US its available for around 950 USD lets summarise the good and the bad parts of the Bravo 15 to help you decide if this is worth it.. The 5500M in the Bravo performs in between Nvidia GTX, 1650 i 1660 Ti graphics in games. So medium to high settings in AAA games is needed for 60 FPS at 1080p.

. The 5500M wasnt great outside of gaming in content. Obciążenia twórców, chociaż, and the screen was also subpar in that regard with low colour, Gama. Screen response time was also low, which results in some ghosting, though brightness was average. Contrast was good and it does have FreeSync to remove tearing between 48Hz and 120Hz.. Cpu. Only performance was also a little weaker compared to other 4600H laptops out there, and this was all while running on the hotter side, with some thermal throttling under worst case stress test. But at least the clock speeds being reached were still decent. Więc, w moim przypadku, the workloads tested werent throttling lots.. The touchpad has the issue noted with the clicks. The keyboard didnt have enough travel for me, but wasnt that bad and the battery life was quite good, considering the size of the battery.. Szczerze mówiąc, if it was my money, Id save up an extra 50 and get the Lenovo Legion 5 with 4800H and 1660 TI, it blows the Bravo 15 away in pretty much every regard, except for battery life for just 5 more money. But let me know what models you want to see me. Compare the Bravo with in future. Now for more information on our sponsor Squarespace. By now I’m sure. You all know that Squarespace is a powerful online platform for creating websites, but did you know you can also purchase domains with free WHOIS privacy and a beautiful parking page too? Squarespace also gives you easy to use analytics to see where visitors are coming from what devices they’re browsing with and more useful pageview trends.

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