So this information really applies to every type of electronic key machine out there, although i’ll be focusing on the futura. So let me go ahead. We’Ll zoom! In the camera and let’s get to work now, for this example, we’re going to pretend that we’re going to be making keys or originating a key for a 2018 subaru forester. Now the principles are going to apply the same here right so, whether or not that you have the key code or you’ve decoded it, and you have all of the cuts or some of the cuts. The most important bit of information is making sure you have the right key code series all right. So as we work through this i’ll kind of stop and point out a few things just to make sure that you understand so to find that information there’s a couple free resources that you can download in the links below and that’s going to be, the ilco and The jma keyblank reference guides now they’re going to show you what the key code is for the vehicle all right. Więc, anytime, you get ready to start decoding a lock or you get a key code or, Jednak, you’re doing that you’re going to want to make sure you figure out what that key code is because without knowing that information, you can get yourself on all sorts of Problems and misinformation and so that’s what you’re going to want to start with. Więc, as you can see here in the illco keyblank reference for the 2018 forester there’s, two options: there’s a prox option and there’s a regular ignition option.

So you’re going to want to know that information as well for this example, this is going to be a regular ignition, so you can see the code series for the 2018 is that 32 000 up to the ‘ 999? W porządku, so is what you’re going to want to do is go to your software that you’re using to cut the key in this case it’s the futura auto, but they all work fairly, similar and you’re, going to want to go to the search button and go To select vehicles and at this point we’re gon na just put in a code number all right, so even if you’re just decoding this or if you actually have a key code once you know what that code series is, you can put anything in so we’re gon Na hit the little code button here and we’re going to put in 32 100 okay now, whether or not that’s the real key code, doesn’t matter because we’ll hit search and all we need to do is find that series. At that point you can put the bidding in. You can put the code in as long as you have that right series, so it’s what i’m really trying to say. Is it doesn’t matter if you get on the right vehicle per se, so this is a forester and if we were to find you know outback or whatever, but it has that same code series. That is what is important.

So what we’ll do here is we’ll kind of go through and you can see the results here: jesteśmy, not seeing anything good let’s go to the next page and let’s see we’re not not really seeing anything good there either let’s go back here. Let’S! Zobacz, jak! So um, so what i’m doing is i’m? Looking for that 32 in the series i’m, looking for the 32 000 to the ‘999 and as i’m talking here i’m seeing this bottom one right here, so um we’ll see that we’ll see. That is this actual a subaru um, it does say smart key on there. It also lists an x 217, which is actually a toyota key um tr um uh tr47, but anyway, so let’s click on it and let’s. Take a look here. So we’re gon na go and we’ll click on um this card information and it’s telling us that that code is not actually found all right. So that’s, probably the reason for this series um see how it only goes to 9’ 867 and not ‘999, well that’s, because it looks like that this code series is actually incomplete, w porządku, so this is the type of stuff you’re you’re going to run into so hopefully You’Ve decoded the key in this situation or you’re going to have to go to a secondary program, maybe like the g code online, and you have to pull up that bidding and put it in here now. I want to make a point that i’m, not picking on silica or elko at all.

This is something that happens on all the different types of machines out there, but it is a reality that i want to prepare you for so let’s go ahead and get out of here for a second and let some select a different um code, all right so Let’S, go back to the beginning here and let’s go to vehicle keys and let’s type in 32, 000. W porządku, just three: two: Zero, Zero, Zero! W porządku, we’ll hit search there and then we’ll go ahead and look for that again. It looks like it might be. On the second page there and there we are okay, so we find it there find it there let’s go ahead and click on the card all right, so this one actually has the key the actually the bidding pulled up at this point. If this was the actual code, you could hit cut and you’re well on your way, Jednak, um at this point, if you didn’t, if you actually just decoded the key, then you’re going to want to put the bidding in or you know, look and see, what’s kind Of going on, you can go to this screen and then you can go ahead and put in hit cuts here and you can type in all the cuts. As you can see all right, so um you can do that as well. The most important part here is that you’re getting to the right code series all right and the best way to do that is to cross check your information using the ilco keyblank reference guide, the jma keyblank reference guide, or one of my favorites, which is a paid Version is the g code online.

Więc, Jak widać, this is what it looks like, and this is how you pull that information up and that way, if you have some extra, you know questions you can get in and you can look at what the actual measurements and you can compare the Spacing and depth information and make sure you’re on the right series. Now you can use any code program um, like i said generic code’s one that i like just pull up on my phone really quick help me get the job done so with a quick recap. Once you either have a key code or you have decoded the key and you have the bidding at that point. You need to find that code series in the program that you’re working on once you find that it doesn’t matter what the make model year is. At that point, W porządku, you just want to make sure you find the right code series once you have that you can cross check it with any information that you need and you can go ahead and cut the key. I sure hope that you found that information useful it’s so important to make sure you figure out what the code series is and then find something on the existing program on your machine that fits in that code. Series that you can use, please let me know any questions you have below. Thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time, Muzyka, since you just watched this video i’m guessing that you work with locks and keys and to us at clk supplies.

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