. This is an amd ryzen 4500u powered laptop, eight gigs of ram and a quarter terabyte ssd it’s, not a two in one, like other lenovo laptops like the yoga series, which is really consumer oriented. This is business. Oriented so it’s a pretty traditional two in one, although it does rotate all the way back the monitor does. This is a little hard for me to evaluate right now, but i’m, Oczywiście, going to get my best effort. Just keep in mind that i spent the last month or so diving into the apple ecosystem for the very first time and i’ve had a macbook air and macbook pro and i’m really diving into that. Więc, even though this is nowhere near the price of even a macbook air and it does perform, i think exceptionally well considering the price which is about 750 Bucks, us it’s still hard for me to say. Dobrze, Wiesz: where does this fit into my life? So another disclaimer i need to call out, in addition to the apple current apple bias, is that this is really targeted at con, not consumers but business people. So if you own a small business, maybe you’re an entrepreneur, a single business owner, a single employee, business owner type thing, then this is really the type of machine that lenovo wants you to consider it’s it’s, similar to a thinkpad, which is of course used widely. The enterprise business space, but it doesn’t have quite the fit and finish or the security or the military specifications from a physical durability standpoint as those machines.

So if you take a thinkpad and you strip away those things, you’re left with a think book. Więc, naprawdę, na koniec dnia, it’s a laptop but it’s a laptop that has considerations for the business world. Na przykład, it does have hdmi out you’re not going to see that on a macbook or other thin and light business laptops or thin and light consumer laptops. I should say it also has room for a full size, ethernet port. So another thing that you might expect in more of the business environment, although that is becoming less and less the case, particularly if you’re, a single member llc or you just run your own business. Maybe you have one or two employees: jesteś, probably not going to need ethernet just because of the size of your business. But if you have a 50 employee company and maybe you’re trying to outfit everyone in the organization, with the same exact, laptop or at least the same class of laptop or the same brand, then you may want to just get. Wiesz: you’re going to um what’s. The frame what’s the phrase regress to the mean so you’re going to have if i t, needs ethernet access, you want to buy the same machine for everybody everyone’s, getting a a laptop with ethernet port in it. Zresztą, a few things to call out. You know the number one thing for me is always performance it’s not about from a business standpoint, it’s not about how well to play diablo or call of duty or something it’s really about what’s.

It like to use the office suite because that’s what most people are using, even at super large organizations like nike they’re still using excel so in terms of how that goes on this machine. You’Re expecting about three to three and a half seconds in my testing to open word for the very first time or excel for the very first time. So if you have, if you boot up the machine cold in the morning, like literally booted, up from nothing not from from sleep mode and then you open words, can take you under four seconds to open it up. Czyli, not lightning fast. But this is a laptop and i think in that case it’s pretty good. It does not have any type of instant on or instant wake technology like you’ll find in the 11th gen intel processors, even the mobile ones, or that you would find in the new apple m1 silicone socks. Those of course have instant on this does not, but you know you can change your settings and sacrifice some battery life to make it work. Speaking of battery life, i ran my video test on this with the speakers on about 25 Procent, the brightness at half and the only thing running being youtube in a loop and it’s a great way to get views on my videos, i’m just kidding. I got a view: Okk, but anyway, nine hours, 18 minutes before the battle battery completely died. So this is the top of the thinkbook laptop, so the you’ll open the display from here.

The hinge is on this side. You get the thinkbook logo, two toned design and then the lenovo logo slash badge. I love this look, i think it’s very classy, now you’re getting a think book, or rather a think pad, but with fewer features and one of the first features you’re going to notice. That is different. It doesn’t have that scratch resistant matte coating on the top that’s black on the think, pads that’s it’s a shame, but if you want to think pad, you can get one right. This is a less expensive laptop coming in at around 700 bucks in terms of input, Wyjście, kensington, kensington, lock a full size, ethernet port. You just pull this down. You can plug your ethernet in usb type, a and a full sized memory card slot for sd cards. On the back no ports, but you can see the intake here and on the other side, two usbc non thunderbolt hdmi full size out usb a and headphone jack. Now there’s, two indicators here, um this one is for power and actually, instead of an indicator. I do believe this is a reset button that it’s a unique to the lenovo laptops, that’s lenovo laptops. If you’re part of my speech there, you can put a little needle in there and then it will reset the laptop it’s been on lenovo’s for a long time. But not every lenovo laptop has it and if you’re curious what the bottom looks like yeah here, you go nothing too exciting down there, but easily opened with a screwdriver.

Now go ahead and open it up. Give you a tour of the inside. Dobrze, not the inside! Inside but you know what i mean so now you get a regular size keyboard. No thumb number pad. There are some function. Keys built into this answer. Call hang up phone call calculator button, which makes a ton of sense for business users quickly mute your microphone and audio controls, fingerprint scanner for biometric login on the power button. There is a you can see. The hinge here is pretty comprehensive, whereas the latest lenovo laptops have been going with the an old school hinge design where there’s a two point: uh hinge connection and that’s been this led to some wobble and challenges with the computers. Waking up i’ve noted that in my previous videos about the legion laptops, a rather small track pad will have to fire this thing up to see how it feels and of course you have your lenovo badging and your amd ryzen badging, the 4500u, so that’s exciting amd Radiant, grafiki, but again not going to be doing this it’s a video game laptop review. There is a backlit display which you can tell from this icon function. Spacebar will adjust the lighting, probably three stages. Now the hinge is, i mentioned comprehensive. You know in terms of visual as well as function, so you can lay this thing flat as you can see, and there is a think shutter up here to lock the to block rather the cameraand you have some rather thin bezels heredefinitely thinner than we’d.

Find on a macbook, but we are not talking about a 16 przez 10 Wyświetlacz, so you still have a bit of a chin and a bit of a forehead. So one of the first things i like to do is go to the old geeks worldwide gwww.com. My my former team over here at gw and look at that you can join the newsletter. That is awesome and oh nice little move there. I like that good job, casey and team. Więc, Jak widać, you know browsing the web once you change that screen resolution to 100 Procent. You can see a lot more of what’s. Going on we’ve got some news from gw, Wiesz. Zasadzie, the reason i went here of all websites is that i know this website so well from all the years of working on it, and i would say that things are running pretty smoothly, which is awesome now. The next thing i want to test is just overall video consumption. This is not a battery test, it’s just going to be an audio test, so make sure this is full 1080p. It sure is and we’ll go ahead and hit play, get the speakers going all right here. We go tech adventure, not geeks. Na całym świecie. Geeks worldwide is a company that i started in 2010. I decided to leave a few months ago and it doesn’t get very loud. The transition so that’s yeah, so it doesn’t get super loud uh and it looks okay.

This is it max brightness unplugged i’m, going to plug it in see. If that changes things a bit no difference. W porządku, so we’re we’re at peak brightness here so it’s, not a very bright display, does seem somewhat dim to me. Let’S go ahead and get the camera started so used to doing the finder. Now all right so camera let’s see. How are we looking yeah go ahead? There we are hello me. One thing i will show you is that what the active think shutter thing does boom now you can’t see me, but you can still hear me and back. It worked all right so now that we have some things plugged in let’s go ahead and test the typing experience. Fire up word open a new document: Okk, Okk, just one typo there ah corrected myself. Okay keyboard feels pretty good it’s, not difficult to type on. Jest podświetlany, let’s see what we got here on or off nope two stage there we go. It is backlit which of course, is great in the dark. The speakers are a little uh weak. I don’t know a better way to put it. They are bottom firing. Więc to jest, reflecting off this wood surface that’s something to keep in mind so i’ll continue to test it and get to get back to you here in a few minutes with some more thoughts. So the question that i need to answer before i can wrap this up is: who is this thing for and that’s actually a hard question to answer you see, even though this is aimed at business professionals it’s aimed at the lighter market right, so small business owners? I think lenovo uses small business in their marketing collateral right.

So looking at it from that lens, Wiesz: hey it’s, nie jest to, not ugly, ale to jest. Not sexy right, jego, not thin, ale to jest, not thick it’s, not super light, but it’s not too heavy to carry around like so it kind of it kind of skirts all the traditional thin and light norms, while also providing a lot of what business professionals need. Like the hdmi out the sd card readerand you know plenty of iljust put it that way, including that ethernet port, but it lacks in other ways like it isn’t this thin and light, and it doesn’t have a very good track pad. This trackpad is it’s not fun to use. I definitely recommend a mouse if you’re going to buy this laptop, but on the other hand, it’s priced pretty well so this this model here, the 4500u 8 koncerty barana 256. To jest 950 msrp, but lenovo always has sales, and if you buy this direct from lenovo today april, 2nd it’s only 650 dollars so at 650. This is a completely different conversation like. Where are you going to find a machine? You know this well built with such reliable manufacturer with such good components like a 4500. U and it’s, only gon na be 650 Bucks, that’s really hard to find. Z drugiej strony, if you’re looking at the price at this particular moment, it’s eight hundred dollars, yeah well there’s a lot of competition at 800 space like the msi laptops so or a last gen machine.

If you want to go back like a surface laptop, even a three right, it may not perform as well as this, but at least it has like the microsoft brand, a better keyboard, better trackpad, better display 16 przez 10 ratio right, which is fantastic for business professionals. I mean imagine those spreadsheets in 16 przez 10 przez 16 by nine. I know it’s hard to imagine it’s just better believe me, so it’s kind of a coin toss at the moment, but i do like it right. I do like it, so i guess one last thing i should mention one last thing: the hinge on this bad boy i’ve been trying to work it since i shot the overhead video and i i can’t quite get it to chill out so yeah. You are not going to one hand open this thing, that’s the other thing right like if you’re one of those people who wants just like the supreme build and super high quality that’s, not what this is for right, Uh, but hey it’s, pretty sturdy, how it just Sort of sits there right, anyhow, Okk, i hope you found this helpful. I i’ve got more videos coming soon and i’ll be sending this one right back to lenovo.