If today i wanted to talk about the differences between the tablets and the twin ones and which device you should consider for your next purchase, but before we get started, please do subscribe using this right bottom corner icon that i have here. If you click on it, then you can subscribe. That will also help me you to continue these videos and also motivate me so let’s get it started. We have some different devices here, like a clamshell laptop here, the microsoft surface, pro device here or the chromebook duet from lenovo and the ipad alternation. Pierwszy, i wanted to talk about why what’s the differences between these tablets and between ones and the main point that differentiates these are the screen size. The companies don’t usually talk about this, but the screen size plays an important role and what you have to decide. Tak właściwie, tak, if you go now to the apple’s website or the samsung website, you can buy ipad pro in 11, cal i 12.9 inch and also the samsung galaxy tab, s7 and 11 i 12.4 cal. You can see that both of these companies offer different screen sizes, but they categorize them as one device, but they have completely different purposes. Czemu? I say that if you want a good tablet experience if your main consideration is to use it for reading some books and watching some stuff playing some games, that means that you have to hold this device for a long period and when you’re, trying talking about this Holding for long period, then the screen size and the weight factor comes into the picture.

So when you have the smaller screen, you can have hold it for a long period, and this will give you much better experience in a tablet form if you have a treatment like this microsoft surface pro here. If you hold this for long triggered not long even for five minutes, you will get tired your hand will get tired, so you will not get a good experience with it. It’S the same for the larger screen with ipad pro like 12.9 cal, it has still the weight. So if you hold it for a long time, you will feel like uh, tired, so it’s the same for the galaxy tab s7. But this larger screen the companies know that it has also advantage you can get more work done in it. So the larger screen you have you have, you can do more work. You can do better, multitasking and that’s why they offer these two sizes, but they have different purposes. The smaller screen is for tablet. Larger screen is for the working purpose, so you can use these twin ones or the ipad pro more for the working than using it. As a tablet and entertainment and media consumption that’s also similar for this there for this chromebook duet that i have here, jego 10.1 inch screen that’s, really good screen, but it’s a small for using it for daily for doing it work kind of so i would consider This type of devices as a tablet, rather than being between one three in one, comes that you do the work, but you also get a some tablet experience, but they have a compromise.

So when you get a twin one, you don’t get the same experience as a laptop, because the keyboard is smaller. You cannot put it in your lap and work it’s, clumsy and also the form factor is less productive compared to the laptop. But this is in the same way you don’t also get the same experience as a tablet, because it’s big and heavy, so you cannot hold it for a long time. So you make a computer lines by buying between ones like this microsoft, surface ipad, zawodowiec 12.9 edge or this galaxy tab. S7 12.4 cal, the larger screens. Now that i talked about the screen sizes, you can go back to the which device you should consider. So if you’re a power user, you should consider buying a desktop and additional to desktop that you need a gpu power, cpu power to do games or your programming. You also may might need a laptop or a clamshell laptop, the traditional ones having a touchscreen and the laptop is for my usage is useless that’s. Why also apple tin, now didn’t implement it because they realized. Również. I think that there is a really special group that you take advantage of this screen like touch screens on the laptops. Dla mnie, it doesn’t i don’t, need it. I need for my work, i need mouse. I need keyboard that’s. All an average user should consider buying a laptop, they don’t need a desktop and they just connect it to a monitor at home or work, and they can enjoy the larger screen.

If you have a user like me, you need a laptop and you need a tablet here. That would be enough. You don’t need three ones anymore, twin ones. These are for the people that wants both of these in one device, but they’re in budget, so they cannot kind of afford and do 12 of them separately. So i will call this two in ones as a more budget category, because you don’t get a full experience at the top that you don’t get the full experience that works. You compromise and you get this device to do both of them and for sure you pay. Also less money, if you combine these two as a like a whole package kind of so i’m, not going to talk today about what, if you buy ipad or android tablet, jego, not the purpose of this video, the purpose of this video to say: Okk, what is The difference between tablet and twin one, what is this screen size which screen size differentiates them in which screen size? You have better tablet experience and which is your experience that you have better twin one experience. I hope i made myself clear about this point.