Let me set up the camera on the tripod. This is actually a review about ima student.com. You have just read the thumbnail and that’s why you are here right and so today, i’ll share my experience and i will tell you whether i am a student.com is reliable or is it a scam? tak, i am not giving this to you just by reading any article i have bought something in person from student.com and let’s get to the details. Music first things. Pierwszy, this is not a channel where i give review of any website all right. This channel is specifically built for stock photography where i click photos i’m, a doctor, but i’m a stock photographer, but i click photos and i upload them to various stock websites to earn money. So naturally, my interest is buying either medical products or photographic, equipments, right and definitely ima. Student.Com gave me a deal of this photographic equipment all right. So this is the package that came from ima student.com and i will unbox it first and then i will tell you what’s the real deal about imstudent.com right, so just bear with me: can you see it? tak, it’s a lens it’s, tamron, 28 do 200 F. 2.8. Aby 5.6 for sony full frame, mirrorless cameraand it says it has got 4 years warranty all right, so i will just rip the warranty paper and first i need to verify whether the stuff is legit or not, Ponieważ, based on this, i have not pre planned.

This video so based on my experience right here, my review can change dynamically. So here is the warranty card. W porządku, Nic, specialand here is some paperworkokay standard stuff, so just let me drop it, and in here is the lens. W porządku, the packaging seems pretty good. So one thing is for sure that the packaging of imstudent.com is good right, so this is the flower shaped lens hood that comes with this lens all right, so this i bought from my incoming stock photography right now, a very vital thing. I will Music compare the size of this lens compared to my current setup that i am filming this video on right. So this is my current setup it’s, a canon m50 with the 22 mm f2 lens. W porządku – and this is the screen flipped out and as you can see, this lens alone is much bigger than the whole camera right. Antero posteriorly, as well as from the side it’s huge, no wonder, it’s a full frame lens right, but that’s not about the video right. The video is about the performance of imo student.com for that specifically, for that, i need to open my screen recording software, and i need to show you one very important thing, so please hang on so my screen recording has started and right away. We can uh see uh. This is the delivery message, Uh, that is by ship rocket: Okk, ima, student.com ships via ship racket; Okk, so there it goes.

You can see today is 15th of january 2021 and it has been already delivered, it’s showing out for delivery, but in reality it has been delivered. If i refresh this page i’m sure it will show delivered, you can see and uh. Let me tell you, i ordered this lens on 12th of january right and not only that, i let me go into i’m a student right now i am into my. I am a student account and you can see this order. The total cost was triple five: Zero. Five: Pięć: Pięć, five zero, so number oneit was ordered on 12th and it has been delivered on 15th from hyderabad to kishangan. Kishan gang is not a metro city, jego, a remote location right. So five stars for the shipping and regarding the price deal now let’s see now let’s check the value of this lens on other e commerce website. W porządku, Amazon, the same lens is costing you 63. 990. Believe me, i was in absolute need of this lens and i actually ordered it also for the 64 000 rupee, but then i cancelled it. I ordered it much earlier. Następnie. I found this deal on imstudent.com. I was very very, very apprehensive because i have never heard of it before i saw the reviews, but you know, reviews can be scam and the deal was such unbelievable that it appeared too good to be true. And if there was two person discount, if you pay via any ft or imps, that is via bank transfer, i opted for that.

I had a chat with their facebook executive facebook website their live chat. They are very friendly. They assured me that i can trust them right, but their what honestly didn’t mean anything. I so literally gambled on my 55 000 hard earned money. I ordered them. I transferred the money to their bank account and immediately. I started getting updates regarding shipping packaging shipping processing. Everything very timely update, and so i had to cancel this because this amazon product is not returnable all right, there’s replacement, but i cannot return it. jednak, this imstudent.com order every order has got seven days return policy. If i not wrong, Tak myślę 10 dni, physical returnable policy see this video is not a sponsored video. This is my honest opinion. I may be off the track i’m saying everything together, because i have not written it. I have not scripted, it is my honest opinion. So i can tell you i can guarantee you this lens first of all, is not available in stock anywhere because it is selling like a hot cake for sony full frame, mirrorless camera right for a seven three, seven r387 for any aps c: Aparat 6500. Anything s7. S2, anything you want this lens will give you an awesome reach. There will be a separate review for this lens, but today we are talking about imstudent.com, so number one things are in stock. That was a big plus point number two price. It was an unbelievable deal comparable to other website number three, the shipping absolutely lightning fast.

It was delivered within three days, which is unbelievable. Even amazon doesn’t deliver that fast over here and number four, the return policy, which is very good so all in all, i can assure you being a photographer. The photography equipment that comes out of ima student.com is absolutely reliable, based on my review till now till delivery. Definitely i will test out this lens in the real world and i will see the performance whether there’s an optical flow or not, but i think that is also not on the dealer right. It is on the manufacturer, so i will give full 5 stars to amazon.com. I will also link this review on the personal review website. W porządku, anyhow, if you are seeing this thing, i can absolutely recommend imstudent.com to anybody who wants to buy photographic equipment, so there it goes.