X360. 14T. Two in one now. What makes this brand new addition to the spectre family unique is its display three by two aspect: stosunek: thirteen and a half inches three thousand by two thousand resolution. Najważniejsze, it is an amoled. This is the only three by two aspect: ratio amoled on the market. As far as i know, tak, if this is what you’re after this may be exactly the perfect machine for you, so let’s start off with that display, brightness is cranked. All the way up, audio by the way is as well, and what you’ve already noticed is that it doesn’t go full screen and that’s, because this is 4k video and again we have a 3000 przez 2000 3×2 Proporcji, not a 16 przez 9. So we do have letter boxing occurring at the top and bottom, but in my opinion the display is stunning Music. It is literally one of a kind right now on the market and audio, also very good uh, considering the form factor of this ultra portable uh machine i’m, astonished that hp, who, Niestety, is known, przynajmniej z mojego doświadczenia, for having subpar audio quality on their ultrabooks. This one hits it out of the park. You can also see. We’Ve got pen of course, input their new tilt 2.0 Stylus, which is an improvement i’m not going to dive too deep into that today, easily charged with a usb type c cable right there, and essentially this whole ring just lights up.

I’Ll show you right now. It is fully charged, or at least it should be, so if i go ahead and plug that in that will let you know whether or not you have a full charge or not. This is brand new. I think they needed this redesign. It also has new drivers, but again not getting into pen performance today, but already from what i can see, it is a clear improvement and you have to love the capability of being able to dock this on the side of the machine. Now a lot of you have asked me: can you dock that on the side of the machine in general, on the other spectre models that are tiger lake refresh and unfortunately you cannot i’ve seen a lot of people say? tak, Można, but i have the 13t as well as the 15t here and i can’t make this happen. So if you know something i don’t, please feel free to drop a line in the comments. But overall the display is gorgeous. So let’s talk about what else we need to know so. The intel 11th gen processor, the 1165 g7, is a marked improvement from ice lake tiger lake offers a lot in terms of cpu performance overall we’re, Ogólnie rzecz ujmując, about a 30 aż do 30 percent possible game. Jeszcze raz, excuse me over ice lake, but then also the integrated graphics. The iris, xe graphics, on board essentially lets you game where you traditionally wouldn’t be able to now i’ve spoken about this on other tiger lake machines, the lenovo 9i 14 cal, which is also a gorgeous machine, and arguably these are my two favorites right now, not that I’Ve forgotten about the 13t.

It still has a special place in my heart because of its form factor. But if three by two aspect ratio is what you’re after you again are not going to find anything that competes with this in terms of overall performance. With this display quality, which is essentially as color accurate as you’re going to get, and then pricing i mean this will come in lower. The configuration i have here has 16 koncerty barana. I’Ll include a link in the description as well as a one terabyte nvme, ssd drive and wi fi 6 performance is fantastic. I would actually say this machine, even though it has the same wi fi, 6 Chipset, oddly enough i’ve seen better performance out of it. So i’m not sure if that’s, just better optimization but it’s, just very impressive. Overall battery life appears to be somewhere between seven and uh nine hours, so that’s very good now granted if you’re willing to take brightness all the way down uh as well as battery management. All the way down to a battery saver, then i think i haven’t done this yet i haven’t done a full cycle in the lowest power modes, but i think you can get over 10 hours out of this thing, that’s what it appears, i’ve been keeping it around. 50 Jasność, so you need to keep that in mind, Oczywiście, for this video i’m keeping it at 100.. Now other things you should know, uh thunderbolt 4 is on board.

We have two thunderbolt 4 porty. Teraz, w teorii, bandwidth is not greater than thunderbolt 3. So don’t be wowed by the new thunderbolt 4 Spec, but still better to have it than not. We have a new and improved trackpad, i shouldn’t really say new and improved, because the reality is is that this is a brand new offering. Więc, while the keyboard emulates uh, the 13t uh, i won’t say the 15t, it is its own device. Mam na myśli, because the power button is actually on the keyboard deck where traditionally, it would be right here. Również, the fingerprint scanner is also on the keyboard deck, something that, or rather on the deck where the keyboard is located rather than on the palm rest, which is traditionally where it is on these machines. And that is again a change up from what we’ve come to expect in the spectre lineup now the speaker, grill right here does resemble uh the same, offering you’re, probably accustomed to with the 15t lineup, both before and after the refresh. This is something that didn’t change. Teraz, Jestem, not a huge fan of the way it looks, ale, as i’ve mentioned, when it comes to performance, it’s been fantastic and the fact that you can game. You can see some of the games that i have installed call of duty world war ii as well as rust. I have 3d mark on there for a little benchmarking that i’ve run it through. ja, the fact of the matter is, is that hd gaming is a possibility with this machine, which is insane when you think about its weight class, form factor and again price point, because you’re looking at for this, build depending on whether you go with the four it’s.

Not 4k, ale 3000 przez 2000 amoled or a full hd ips panel that’s, going to be your real variation in price processor, of course as well. You don’t have to go with the 1165 g7, but i consider this a value. I mean the model sold at best buy, Tak myślę, jest 16.99 that’s less than my 13t ice lake 4k amoled model was priced at last year, and this has of course, better specifications better overall performance, better battery life and again, if you care about the trackpad, if You care about the three by two aspect: ratio you’ve hit it out of the park and it’s the only model right now, as i’ve mentioned, that has a place to put the pen now, Oczywiście, all of the spectres come with the sleeve. The pen can be slotted into that, but i’ve always wanted the ability to have the pen onboard. I have to say the magnetic connection here is fantastic, so great keyboard, great track pad i’ve been really impressed. You know i essentially think they’ve stepped up their game to be on the same point with lenovo. This is approximately the same size you get with lenovo, although lenovo’s taking a step back with their new trackpad that’s, something i’ll say for a comparison, but overall really pleased with everything on this machine. Pory, i have no complaints. Teraz. I personally prefer a 16×9 Aspekt. Stosunek, some of you may go whoa what the what the hell it’s just for me.

You know proofing content i’d rather have native format, but with that kept in mind, i could still see very practical uses to the extra real estate that we’re getting out of the 3×2 Proporcji. The taller display is a blessing for people that need it, and i can find certainly very practical applications for it as well. In terms of other things, you need to know, webcam performance seems about the same. So while i wish i you know, we would have gotten a higher end webcam than what is built into the previous generation of 13t and 15t. It looks to be approximately the same uh facial recognition a little bit faster, but i’m, not sure they revised anything there. Więc, overall again, this is only my first update, but the keyboard, as i expected, jest wielki. The larger trackpad is a welcomed edition, but most importantly that three by two three thousand by two thousand resolution, uh thirteen and a half inch amoledis gorgeous uh. It really is fantastic, Oczywiście, you’ve got color profiles with this uh charging time on this also is not bad you’re, looking at a little over an hour for a full charge which, depending on your usage, may get you through an entire day. If you’re glued to this thing, as i’ve mentioned i’m, getting somewhere between seven and nine hours, but i’ll have a more refined number on my next update. Ogólny, i o is great love that we still have, Oczywiście, a uh micro sd card slot, jak również, jak już wspomniałem, two thunderbolt 4 porty.

We also have, Oczywiście, a headphone uh jack right there and then a type, a usb port. On the other side of the body, and when it comes to using this as a two in one i mean incredibly flexible, as you would imagine, ma to. As i showed in the unboxing some nubs here, some little uh, you know protruding feet so that when you put this down, you do not have to worry about scratching the keyboard, be mindful of your pen, chociaż, that is one thing that could pop off in the Process really good hinge. Here i will say there is a distinct fan noise on this, build that you do not have with the 15 or 13t. Another thing that i’ll, probably if able to demonstrate, show you when i do a side by side comparison, but i have noticed for whatever they did differently in terms of internal engineering. The fans do sound, interestingly different than what you have come to already experience and expect from the spectre lineup. But the good news here is hp has made a winner and usually on gen 1 of a brand new offering that’s crap shoot and i have to say i wasn’t necessarily drawn to the 3×2 Proporcji. But it is growing on me and that’s why? I can tell you even in this update this machine is an easy one to recommend again light gaming. This is not a gaming laptop it’s, an ultrabook pen input seems to be improved and the fact that you can edit video in 4k you’ll have no problem.

Running adobe you’ll have no problem running most cad based software. This is a do it all now, jego, not a desktop replacement. Of course i mean look at the size of it. To give you perspective, i will just bring over quickly the 15t brethren and the 15t much larger machine, clearly aimed at being a desktop replacement, even though again it’s in ultrabook, Oczywiście, is just so much larger. Even though they’ve hp has shrunk. This down, i mean it’s in a 14 inch chassis that you’re getting a 15 and a half inch display, but just keep that in mind and in weight. You know here we’re sitting at a little under three pounds, roughly three and here we’re at almost four and a half so there’s a really big difference, even though you might not think so and when it comes to pricing they’re very similar. So i think clearly this should appeal to those of you that are interested by the way the color is poseidon blue for those of you that are wondering. I didn’t mention that at the top that’s a 10 additional configuration cost, but well worth it. If you care about having a customized color like this silver, is free and then the black color here, which is really more of a rose, gold brownish, is also 10 additional configuration when building your system. Należy o tym pamiętać, but again uh really enjoying using this brand new 14t and kudos to hp for actually making a fantastic addition to the lineup.

This is only my first update. More will come, but so far uh everything about tiger lake seems to come to life. In this do i wish they would have stuck um the top of the tiger lake food chain into this yeah, but i can say the same about the larger 15 inch uh. The 1185, as opposed to 1165, would have been nice to see in here, but if that’s it’s only short coming so far, this machine is a gem and i’m not trying to be cute any questions or comments.