Here are the timestamps. I bought that punta care, hair kit, um range. The whole kit consists of four products so for your convenience, i have tried to um judge the products upon four parameters. The first is going to be: what does the brand say about the product? What does they claim that it is going to give you? The second is going to be uh. What was my personal experience? How did i feel about the products? The third is going to be that um. What is the price point? How much value of money are you getting out of these products and the fourth is going to be that am i going to repurchase them once i’m done with the products that i have, so we will begin the review part with the step, one which is applying Hair oil now um their hair oil claims that um, it is an authentic ayurvedic formulation. This oil contains neem kapoor, kachori, goodall and bulchard revitalizes. Your scalp helps in strengthening of hair roots. Oh really. Now this is what i what they claim about the product and, in my personal experience, Um, the hair oil is decent. It does nourishes your hair, but with respect to my hair fall, i didn’t seem to have any experience that it it reduced. My hair fall or even uh with respect to blackening of hair. I don’t think so. It has um helped in that either um. The price point is around 499 again around 500, which i think is a tad bit expensive, with respect to a better alternative which is available right at home, which you can easily do and which gives you 100 Wyniki.

I am sure that if you’re going to try the oil recipe, which i’m going to share with you it’s going to give you results, no matter how extreme your hair loss is. It will definitely work for you all right, so the next product that we are supposed to be using is that kunkel care, hair mold now hair malt is like a jam it’s, like a supplement that you take natural supplement to help you with your hair loss and Every other process, i’m gon na read what does the brand claim about this product all right, so they say that it is an authentic ayurvedic formulation and this mold contains bring raj sariva, jata, mansi, dhatri, low and changi basma, and it is a natural therapy for preventing Hair loss now um. The second thing that we are going to discuss is what was my experience with this product now for any of you who is concerned about how does it taste oh i’m, not going to have it and all of that it tastes pretty good. Um, it doesn’t taste bad. It has that irony taste, Tak myślę, from dhadri low but um. If i’m not wrong, it has something with respect to um rose yeah. It has gulkand as well because which it tastes like bulkan and that tastes really nice. If you’re not too picky about your taste um, so yeah um, the product is overall nice, but something which i realized was that this little product cost about 4.

29 uh and you get 200 grams of product right and they recommend on their website that you are supposed To have this um at least one or two tablespoons, either with warm water or milk twice a day all right, and when i started consuming um that much amount of this. I almost finished it in a week. No god, Prosimy o! Nie! Nie! I have very little of it left and i stopped having it. Byłem jak – O, my god, i’m gon na finish it so soon so yeah, so it gets over pretty soon and if i really want to have this and see any visible difference after taking this, i would at least have to take four to five bottles of It which would around cost me um, Wiesz 2 000 lub więcej, which i think i’m not ready to pay uh for this product. Yet so yeah i’m sure this is a great product and it must have worked for a lot of people. But for me uh, the price point was a little off for this all right, so the next product is, Oczywiście, the hair, shampoo and i’m going to read what does the brand claim about their shampoo all right, so they say that this shampoo contains rita shikakai Amla bhringraj and grid kumari and it’s a daily scalp cleanser that nourishes the scalp and hair all right. Teraz, this product is really nice. Teraz, in my experience, i really felt a difference.

It is so mild that it doesn’t lather so much and we are used to you, know getting uh huge amounts of leather, so um, probably the first two times that you use. You may use it a little extra because you’re like oh i’m, not sure if it’s getting cleaned or not, but it does clean your scalp pretty well, it takes away all the oil that you have um put in your hair and um. It doesn’t dry out your hair uh, like other shampoos and yeah. Ogólny. I really really like this product like this is a great one and i think i’m going to repurchase it for sure, and even the price point is really nice, because this bottle costs around. Wiesz 500 rupees, which i think is decent for the kind of amount and the kind of quality that you get for this product, um it’s a nice product, because you need a lot less of this to really clear clean. Your hair Applause. Now i’m gon na read what is the brand claim about this particular product, all right so uh? They say that this hair spa contains triflam raj eucalyptus, Oleju, bulchard and kapoor kachori. This product is genuinely really really nice um. I did see a difference in my hair. Teraz, uh to explain you guys, i will tell you that. Do you remember those times when you were in school and your hair was genuinely having the best time and they always looked really really nice and you had that shine.

But then you grew up your lifestyle changed your diet changed. Probably you went to college, probably you colored your hair and suddenly your hair quality really really deteriorated and you stopped having that natural nourishing shine in your hair. So after i started using this product, my hair started getting back that shine, that natural shine without adding any serum or without adding anything to your hair. I just use this product after my um hair shampoo, and then i rinse it with plain water and that’s about it. My hair feels really really nice and nourished, so a visible difference that i saw after i started using this hairspray was that um. If i have a lot of gray hair, if you can see, but now since i started using this product, the gray hair doesn’t seem to be that prominent, the gray hair. The white hair is still white in color, but they have dulled down a little. Więc to jest, probably because of the mendy or some other things that it has it doesn’t color your hair, but it does make your white hair a little dull in their color, so that they’re not very prominent and picky out there. Więc tak, i think uh. I really like the hair, shampoo and the hairs, but both of these products are really really nice. I am definitely going to purchase them according to me, Uh. The price point is right for the kind of product quality and the quantity that you’re getting, because a little goes a long way with these products so yeah.

I hope that this helped you. If you have any more questions, please leave it in the comment section uh below. I would be more than happy to help you guys and please please don’t, forget to follow me on instagram. I post uh regularly these days and i’m trying to generally push out uh content, which is helpful um, which will help you in some way um things that i have learned on the way things that i personally use and everything so yeah. I also chat a lot there, so please come join the community. I would be more than happy to have you there until next time.