We just unlocked the prior dungeon, the peak of windergner and i’m, just about to get in and try it for the first time check out the rewards check out how it goes. So here we go. We’Re gon na go together as i’ve just completed the whole crazy, ass long quest to um reach. This area, który był, i have to admit, was really a lot of fun. So much puzzles to remove this uh ice ball out of the snow peak and all these things it was uh really interesting, and now that i’ve unlocked this as we can see even inside the dungeon, the uh, the sub zero meter was still counting. So alright let’s see what this brings: Muzyka – Muzyka, oh Muzyka, hmm, hmm, Um, all right so that we’ve seen what the dungeon looks like um we’ve seen the drops that you can get from it. Let’S talk here now. So what we get right now is 80 attack. Bonus and 35 normal attack damage for claymore that’s great. Teraz. What do we get in the cryosat 15 cryo damage? One is perfect. All he does is cry damage for one hundred percent and crit trend, tak 20 percent click rate. Two opponents affected by cryo, which means every opponent, drawing units and 20 extra for frozen means. You need a hydro character with you, which means shatter come now. That brings. I don’t know shingri mauna barbara, regardless what do you want to run with it? Let’S forget about the frozen for now.

Let’S just talk about this twenty percent and this fifty percent right now jungkook does quite damage all the time. I have second constellation now. So my trunkyon um has his e, basically up all the time, well kind of, but regardless um, Okk. So if we took a look at elemental, resonance body, setup and let’s go into elemental resonance, double crochet increases critters against opponents that are frozen or affected by fire. 15, so usually i am running diona and now i have this 15 now coming down here and if i’m gon na run this i’m gon na get an extra 20. Tak, że jest 35 coming from those two plus the five percent that you got as a base on every character, that is already 40 percent crit rate it’s just already too much now, we can forget about the photos for now now on my current set i’m, not Running crit at all at all i’m, just didn’t infiltrate at all and i almost have 16, so i basically have 50 quid rate without even trying now we know the soft cap is 80. So if you just aim for a little bit of crit focus on your artifact, you can easily get sixty percent without having to um without having a crit rate weapon like surf and spine or something now we know most people are free to play and are running Like prototype, aminos or double attack, but we know um come over here your weapons.

We can see their weapons like serpent’s plan. You get quick rate. That’S great you don’t even need to get grit rate on your artifact. You just focus on crit damage. Now the thing is at the moment getting eighty three point: four percent quick damage without even trying i don’t have any crit damage. Artifacts i’m, just focusing on attack on this um current build now. Eighty three point: four percent extra damage on every crit. What you’re gon na be putting easily with um this set, and just a little bit of focus on put rate on your subset artifact? Teraz, if you’re going to have enough crit rate, then what you want to run over here is not an attack, but rather a crit damage. So if you run crit damage over here, you can have enough crit damage to almost be something around this or maybe even more easily. So that’s gon na increase champion’s overall damage by huge insane amount of numbers. So what i will do for you guys, but it’s gon na take a little bit of time. I’M gon na collect the the whole set of this with good stats, um yeah, those are not so good. It does quite right there, but still has two bad stats. I want at least three good stats now i’m going to go full focus on crit rate as substance on the um when they quiet after that i’m gon na i’m gon na use um.

What was it not this one yeah? I have this that i can use or this no not this one. I need something that has grit rate all right: we’re gon na look for a helm over here that has print damage and crit rate as substance and then i’m going to compare to get damage comparison with the current set of the gladiator and then i’m gon na Switch to the full cryo set and i’m gon na test out the damage for you guys and i’m gon na showcase it in a separate video once i have that done so, jak widać teraz, Jestem, not even level 90. I haven’t even done my ascension yet which i will do later on today, but without this um i’m gon na get the full dryer set on trunk unit and i’m gon na max it out and i’m going to compare the damage with the barrier in a video. Coming up later other than that, what did we get as well? We got some pieces from the hydro hydro damage bonus plus 15. After using elemental skill. This is normally charged attack damage by 30. Um, Nieźle, Nie wiem. Would you use it on a mona or something? Osobiście, i wouldn’t go for this. One i’d go with hydro damage, bonus plus 15 and that keep two pieces of uh douglas oblige for the elemental birth, because most of her damage comes from q. Some other heroes like shinguiprobably this would be really good for shinkri um.

I don’t know about child. You still probably want the elemental burst. Twenty percent of child, as well as his ultimate does a lot of damage too, not so impressive. The crime instead, absolutely impressive. So yeah um i’m gon na do as i project as i will i’m going to get the full cryo set. You know fully level it and i’m going to do damage comparison between the prior set and the um full gladiator set with the same weapon. jednak, um the there’s a new sword, and i mean claymore that might be very relevant and very nice to try in the future. So when i get my hands on it, i will also give that um claymore a try, but for now that’s all i wanted to share with you guys. I wanted to show you the new dungeon over here and um yeah. I just wanted to show you guys. The dungeon show the new artifacts and talk about the artifacts, and what could you do with them on a cheongyun or on something similar and that’s it? I hope you guys enjoyed the content and it’s just an introduction for something that i’ll be doing later on um. Most of the content will be coming later. Once i get all the preparations ready, uh until then, i’ll keep you guys, updated and thanks for watching it’s.