Pierwszy, you need one of these elsewise you’re, really not gon na get into this Music. Here is a brand new lenovo smart tab. M8. This sucker was on sale, 59 and uh. Mom’S tablet was dying, so she bought a new one. Then she then that tablet couldn’t hold a charge. This is our next adventure in mom being able to read comfortably without having to sit next to a wall outlet. While her tablet dies, let’s unbox it shall we let’s unbox it first tool. Pierwszy, you need one of these, otherwise you’re, really not gon na get into this lenovo smart tab m8. Z tyłu. It gives you a few specs built in wi fi 2g, with an additional 32 gigs and a bunch of other cool things, including android 9, and a huge battery at 50, 100 milliamps that’s, Nieźle, actually it’s much much more power than i thought it was gon Na oh that’s, ładne, that is really pretty there’s. Your tablet, the hardware’s there has a nice clean metal back camera kind of pops out a little bit, but i think that’ll that’ll be fine it’s going to be in a case for much of that. Inside of here i have covers for the casing. I have a brick for usb power over. Tutaj. Is your instructions which includes a pin to eject the sd card, uh the rest of the cables, some instructions, and this here? This is the base charger that comes with it.

As seen here in this photo, it comes with a nice little base charger that you can charge with these metal prongs here. I don’t know if you can see that let’s see yeah there you go now. You can see it these little little metal prongs right here. Actually charge it and it looks like it’s a good to go and that cord goes in the base there. Yeah there you go: Tak, Czyli, ładne, Okk, będziemy, sit that there move this out of the way tablet here. Some regulatory information that comes with it, blah blah blah blah blah and usb cable that’s, actually pretty important to have there and the brick all right. We’Ll just sit all that up there. While we get the tablet. Okay and the tablet seems pretty easy to work with it. Just comes right out of this little sleeve, fully glossy finish: you see there the kitchen light reflecting off of it and let’s see on the side. Here you have a power button which is very hard to see, ale człowiek, let me pull it closer here. You also have two volume buttons right there up and down on top it’s, where you’re plugging your headphones here’s, where you charge it sitting it in the base. Like that and usb connector here, również, if you want to charge it without the base, see if there’s any juice in it, Och tak, it comes right on oh you’re gon na, like this mom’s gon na love this new tablet.

This is gon na, be her little gym right here. She’S probably gon na have to run through and get started on the wi fi and that sort of thing: Uh: english. tak, start united states of america, a licensing agreement yeah. We accept that and it’s going to search for the wi fi here in the house, W porządku, it’s now connected to the wi fi, i kind of edit that part out you guys didn’t really see that part, but now it’s going to take a few minutes to Update so let’s let it kind of chill out and update real, quick, W porządku, everything’s been loaded in and it looks like it’s set to the right time and everything um yeah comes with everything even like google duo is already included with this, which is very interesting. Um it looks like mom’s going to enjoy this. It even has news on here. You can swipe back and you get the main home screen. Nie. I’Ll have to put some apps in here so that she will have her weather. She loves having weather on here, but it looks like everything else: loads up really quickly, including first time running youtube here. So it’ll give it a second to load everything in uh. Nie, we don’t want the premium skip that yeah there. We go just give us regular advertising. Like everyone else: Okk, uh there you go, yeah um, Tak, we’ll we’ll have to put in her reading apps, oh wow.

It even has like other screens. You can tap here and get multiple screens wow. Spójrzcie na to. I i wasn’t expecting this to move this quickly, but it does um and, and the battery charge appears to be good too turn on the battery saver. Just so she’ll have that just in case and but everything else looks fairly normal on here. Um see if the play store opens up. I haven’t ran that yet yeah everything seems to be moving a lot better, smoother it’s, definitely a much bigger tablet than her usual. Seven inch tablets that she has worked with, but you swipe up and you get all these apps that you can use, including a camera which it probably will be facing me, which that’ll be awkward no it’s facing facing the right way. W porządku, Tak, you can flip it around and it’s facing the camera yep there you go that looks good. W porządku, Spoko, um yeah. I don’t think it’s meant to be anything more than a good working tablet, and i appreciate the fact that it just does the basics you know um and she’ll be able to download stuff on it. I’Ll give you an update sooner or later, but this one here seems to be checking all of the boxes. Even a nice clean rotation too. Co to jest? O, it has an entertainment thing, user statistics, you turn it sideways and that automatically comes on now. I think the next tip on this practice is to actually test it and see how it does on the little dock here so i’m going to load it in there it’s supposed to go.

I think i got it upside down, let’s flip it real quick. Nie. We go because i wanted to make sure that is lined up, and so here we go, it clicks and then it’s supposed to go into google mode. All right there you go, it tells you the temperature and the time, and it tells you that it’s charging wowthat is really cool temperature and the times here, see your notifications in ambient mode. Nie pójdziesz: okay got mom’s apps, all on it, she’s happy with that, but here’s the deal guys here’s the deal this little machine right here got you such a good deal at 59. Even but you can see that it’s easy to set up and it just flies uh. My brother pointed this out to me, także, is that he could even put it on this dock and use it as a google assistant for the entire house once you get it connected to the wi fi, so yeah and when it kind of goes to sleep like This it puts up its little numbers and everything just like that, uh anyway, for more details, just check the description below.