So i will start by unboxing this cable and then i will show you some other cables from cable creation. Before we start checking out how to do this, with this usb type c to hdmi cable, this usbc type c to hdmi cable is from cable creation. As you can see there, you will find links down below in the description text to where you can buy these cables and also these other cables. I will show you later on in the video and this hdmi to use pc cable supports hdr, 4k 60hz, na przykład. So that’s really awesome and this specific cable is six feet long, Jak widać: 1.83 meters so and it’s, a braided, Kabla, so that’s nice and this one is compatible with thunderbolt, 3, 2, so it’s also. It also works with macbooks and mac imacs and so on, and also with the ipad pro and the ipad air 4 that i will use for this, and you can also use it, Oczywiście, with samsung galaxy phones and so on to be able to use samsung Decks also so that’s nice. We will see samsung dex later on in this video, with my galaxy note, 10 plus, but let’s start by opening this package, Jak widać, really nice cables from them. Really nice cables nice packaging. You don’t need to have this scissor, so this is the cable itself, and here we have some simple information about warranty and so on, that’s nice.

So here is the cable itself. Let’S remove these straps like so, and the other one here like so so. Jak powiedziałem, this one is almost two meter long six feet so it’s quite long, so you can be able to have it connected to samsung dex, na przykład, on your galaxy phone or your ipad to a monitor and so on far away so that’s nice and As i said, it’s braided, so it feels nice and it’s protected and very soft to hold, and here we have the usb type c port connector i meanand here we have the hdmi end of the cable. As you can see there really nice, it will be very interesting to see how good this works, with both my ipad 4 and the samsung galaxy note 10 plus, as it said down here, you see hdr 4k, 60 hertz nice, but before we check this out with The ipad and the galaxy phone we will see the other cables from cable creation. First let’s start with the usb c2 lightning cable that’s quite neat to have nowadays, because all the charges you have starting to have now is usb type c and so on. So if you have, na przykład, an iphone, you need to charge it with a usb c charger, you can use a usbc to lightning port cable and, Jak widać, it’s made for iphone ipod and an ipad nice. So let’s see how good that looks.

Here’S some kind of documentation it passed somethingand here we have the cable itselflooks nice. This is also braided. Jak widać, cable creation makes nice quality cables. It feels very nice this quality. So now i have removed that here we have quite short, Kabla. Jak widać, usb type c to lightning, as you can see here hereis the lightning bolt lighting connector. Przepraszam – and here is the usb type c connector. So you can use this, na przykład, with a power plug for usb c and this one into the iphone. This cable is four feet. It doesn’t feel like that, but it is four feet: long, naprawdę, nice quality. ja, like the braided version of this one, go check, link down below to buy this one. Next cable is a usb type c to type c, and this version is three meter. Long and three meter is 10 feet and that’s really really long. I mean three meter. I haven’t seen a usbc to use pc cable at three meter before so that’s, a very interesting length of the cable from cable creation, and this cable supports fast charging: three ampere that’s nice, three ampere for charging and it’s compatible with macbook ipads, Samsung, galaxy phones and So, on really nice so let’s remove these kinds of straps. I don’t like those, you will never see an apple product with these straps mounted in the package. Jestem. Sure of that apple knows how annoying these are.

I hate those, so this usbc to use pc cable is three meter long. I mean that’s very, Bardzo, Bardzo, very long, so i really love that wow, i say wow. So if you are in need of a three meter, long usbc to use pc cable, then go check out cable creations cables. They are awesome very, very nice braided quality cables. I really love them. And lastly, we have uh usb c to you usb c cable again, but this one is shorter, jego, six foot, long 1.8, meter long, tak prawie prawie 2 meter and as usual we have those terrible straps. Ja nie, like so my usbc, to use pc cable, prawie 2 meter long 1.8 metr, as you can see usb c to use pc works great with samsung phones, ipad max and so on. So really nice cables from cable creation, so that was the unboxing of all these cables. So now we will check out how to use the usb to hdmi cable. With my ipad r4 connected to a monitor, you can connect it to a tv. Również, Jeśli chcesz, i will, w tym przykładzie, use a monitor and you can also connect a samsung galaxy phone to use samsung dex with the same cable. So i will show both of that now so let’s start by plugging this and the hdmi end into the hdmi port on the monitor or the tv. So you should just plug that in hard to do with one hand now but uh.

I will try like so now. I have plug that in with one hand into the backside of my monitor into the hdmi port. So now we have plug that in the other end should be plugged in to the unit you want to use with your monitor or tv. In this case i will first use it with my ipad r4 and then later with my samsung galaxy note, 10 plus. So we can try out samsung dex too okay, so now we plug this in so here we have a monitor, an hp, monitora 27 cal, and here we have my ipad air 4, and here we have the cable from cable creation. So let’s plug this in to the ipad air 4.. So now i have plugged the usb type c end of the cable into the ipad f4, and here we see now, Jak widać, we have the same image on the monitor as we have on the ipad air 4.. So if we had have speakers on the monitor now you have that usually on the tv, you will also have the audio transported from the ipad air 4 into the monitor or the tvs speakers. So you can transfer both the video and the audio to the monitor and, as you can see now everything works you have the mouse here and so on. I use the magic keyboard for my ipad 4 i, Jak widać, i can use that now on the monitor.

But of course you can also connect a magic touchpad from apple, na przykład, and a magic keyboard from apple to your ipad 4 and use those on this monitor that works awesomely good too. So i really love that. Więc, Jak widać, the cable works great with the ipad r4, no problem whatsoever, ale, Jak widać, you get the black bars on the left and right side, but that is not the cables fold or cable creations fault, because that is actually apple’s fault. They don’t make this work with a right aspect ratio. So when you connect a cable to a monitor, the monitor uses the same aspect ratio as the ipad has an ipad has a more squared aspect ratio, as you have seen before so that’s. Why you get black bars on the sides that’s? Niestety, what we have, Tak myślę, apple needs to change this, so you get the full screen when you connect it to a monitor this, to be able to compete with samsung dex, na przykład, that we will soon see when i connect my samsung galaxy note, 10 plus. So now i have connected the cable into my samsung galaxy note, 10 plus instead and as you can see, you can choose to have your phone as a touchpad when using dex. So if i want to use that, i just click on that button. At the left corner, as you can see there so now, my samsung galaxy note 10 plus will be the touch pad for samsung decks.

Więc, jak widać teraz, i have some some decks here and i can use the phone to move the mouse, as you can see here and click double tap for right, mouse button and one tab for left mouse button and so on. I, Oczywiście, you have all the decks applications all the android apps in the dock, as you can see there, so samsung dex works great just by connecting the cable and nothing else i need to do. I just connect the cable and samsung dex pops up on the monitor. Można, Oczywiście, connect it also to a tv if you prefer that and as you can see down here, we have the app drawer and so on, exactly as on android works flawlessly, and you have a real desktop experience, so web browsers and so on, uses Desktop mode and everything works as on a desktop, instead of as a phone that’s, great and yeah. I got a lot of questions always about samsung decks and how i can charge the samsung galaxy. Uwaga: 10 plus in this case, while using dex, and i just have wireless chargers. I don’t have one here at the moment, but let’s say that this was a wireless charger. Then i just put the phone down on the wireless charger and the phone starts to charge. While i’m using samsung decks works great, you don’t need to plug anything cables in or so i just use a wireless charger to.

Jednocześnie, when using samsung dex, i charge the phone at the same time works great actually and of course you can also plug in hubs and so on. So you can charge your phone through the hub. If the hub have a power through connector, na przykład, you can charge your phone at the same time as you have plugged in an hdmi cable into the hub, so that works great too. I often use that, and i really love samsung decks and i think something decks with a cable is a lot more useful than wireless samsung decks. Wireless samsung decks also always have some lag and a not as good and clear picture, i tak dalej. So the display gets a lot more sharper when using a cable than when using a wireless connector. So if you connect samsung dex wirelessly, as the samsung galaxy note, 10 plus supports, then the picture quality will not be as good as on when it uses a cable. But as you can see, this cable from cable creation works great with both the ipad 4 and the samsung galaxy note, 10 plus, and of course you can also connect the magic keyboard and magic touchpad, as i have from apple here to the samsung galaxy note. 10 plus and use those instead with samsung galaxy with samsung decks, i mean so that works also great. You can use other mouses and cables, Oczywiście, but they need to be bluetooth versions of keyboard and mouse.

If you want to use it like this, but if you use a usb hub, you can connect the keyboard and mouse through cables through the hub into the samsung galaxy note, 10 plus. So everything is possible. I can highly recommend this cable and all the other cables from cable creation go check the links down below in the description text where you can buy these, and please, like this video and please subscribe to my youtube channel.