Three google pixel slate 12.3 cal. Google pixel slate is a perfect chromebook which is made for brilliant entertainment and portable performance. Chassis of this laptop is the metal casing, which is extremely thin and is only seven millimeters eye thickness. It has dual speakers on the front which gives premium quality sound. Welcome of this machine is excellent in performance. It is an 8mp camera having wide angles that cover all areas where you sit. The keyboard of this chromebook has backlit and also a full size keyboard having ultra quiet hush keys, while its trackpad is also extra large in size. Google pixel slate chromebook has a very sleek slimmest, lightweight and portable laptop, which lovable by senior persons because they can carry it with eases the battery life of this laptop is up to 10 godziny, which can be a blessing for the senior user because they can use It for a full day with a single charge, check out the description for more information and latest price coming at number. Two dell inspiron 2 w 114 chromebooks are always versatile and efficient in performance because of their selected, apps and other features. Dell inspired c7786 chromebook is loaded with all required hardware and has required features that can be useful for our elders. Connectivity of different peripheral devices with this chromebook is also possible because it has usb 3.0 i 2.0 usb ports along with hdmi. The keyboard of this laptop is with backlit and for wireless connectivity.

Dual band wifi is also given because most of the chromebook apps are required to get from the internet. This is not only dual band, but also the latest version with e5 bluetooth. 4.0 is also available on this machine, as our elders are like to make video calls with family members due to which a built in webcam is also available on this machine to make video calls or watching movies and listening to music microphone in headphone out combo jack Is given on this inspired chromebook of dell body weight of this laptop is four pounds that are easier for our elder to carry this laptop from their room to lawn or where they like to sit and number one of this list: newest lenovo, Jogi, c630 lenovo yoga C630 is a premium class convertible chromebook design. It has a big screen of 15.6 cale. It is most suitable for our seniors, who have eyesight problems on its big display. They can see things larger and clearer. This screen is multi touch full hd and energy efficient along with this large screen size. This chromebook is a powerhouse and is very excellent in quality and processing power. I told you the specifications of this laptop and in the end you become agreed with my statement. This laptop has intel core i5 processor of 8th generation. You can understand, is processing power of this quad core processor, as of 8th generation. Ma ona 8 gb of ram. Quantity of ram is also a big quality because in previous models of chromebook, which we discussed above most are equipped with 4gb ram, except for google pixelbook go which also loaded with 8gb ram.

This is a convertible laptop with a 360 degree flip and folds design. As we talked about the features of this laptop, almost every required feature is present on this laptop. Ma ona 3.0 3.1 typ c, usb ports, rj45 connector, Gigabit, Ethernet, wiffy, Bluetooth, webcam of hd quality and stereo speakers. All of these items are available on amazon. I have included all the links in the description you can check out this links for more information and latest price. Dziękuję za oglądanie.