cześć, filmmakers And welcome to Storysium. I’m very proud to present to you, my next overlay transition pack., Just like the first pack. This is one also has 20 overlay transitions. And they are free to donwload.. If you want to know how they look then check the following: examples. Upbeat Music In the rest of this video I’m, going to show you how to download how to import and how to use the transitions.. You can find timestamps for each part in the video description.. W porządku, let me first show you how and where to download the files.. When you follow the download link in the video description, you will get to a page that looks like this.. You can just click on buy now and in the next screen. You need to enter your email address to receive the download link.. You also need to select your country, accept the terms and conditions and click continue.. Po tym, you should directly receive the download link in your mailbox.. If you haven’t received anything within a couple of minutes, then make sure to check your spam folder. Next I’m, going to show you how to import the files into Premiere.. Here inside this folder I’ve got the downloaded and extracted files.. I can now simply select all the files and drag them over to the Project Panel., And now you can see them all here listed inside the Project Panel.. If you want to preview them, you need to enable the icon view.

. You can do this by clicking on this button here., And now you can see a preview if you move your mouse over the thumbnail. Okay let’s say that we want to use this transition number 25.. We can do this by simply dragging the transition video over to the timeline and place them on top of the two clips on the third track. And then we’re going to move the second video between the first one and the transition video.. Następny, I will cut off the second clip and then put it back on the first track. And by the way you can do this with the Razor Tool which you can enable here or click the C key to enable it.. I will now cut the second track on the end of the transition.. We can now go back to the Selection Tool which you can find here or hit the V key to enable it. And then select the other part of the clip and put it back on the first track.. W porządku. So now we’ve got the transition video. On top of the other two and now we’re going to turn these white shapes into a transition., And to do this, we need to head over to the Effects Panel. And there we’re going to search for the Track, Matte Key effect.. You will find this one under Video Effects. Keying.. We need to apply this effect to the second clip that we cut off on the second track of the timeline.

And then head over to the Effects Control Panel to change some settings. In here. We need to select the layer that we’re going to use for our Matte. W takim przypadku, that is layer, Numer 3. And for most of the transitions, you also need to select the Matte Luma option.. This is mandatory for the transitions that have multiple layers of transparency.. To show what I mean in this example, you can see the Alpha version on the left and the Luma version on the right. Muzyka. Następny, I will also show you how you can use the transitions on different resolutions.. The transition overlay videos have a 4K resolution.. The sequence that I’ve got open here is a 1080p resolution. Sequence.. If I apply this transition video to the timeline, you will see that it is too large.. You can fix this by scaling. The overlay video down inside the Effects, Control Panel., Make sure to select the video and then set Scaling to 50., And now the 4K overlay fits the 1080p video.. Another option is when you’ve added the video transition to the timeline is right, clicking on it and then select Set to Frame Size.. This will automatically scale the video down to the resolution of the sequence. I, in the final part of this tutorial I’m, going to show you how you can shorten or extend the duration of the transitions. And to do this you’ll need the Rate Stretch Tool which you Can find here or hit the R key to enable it.

? You can now simply drag the beginning or the end of the transition to the left or the right to shorten or extend it. And then also cut and delete that part of the video on the second track of the timeline.. A teraz, as you’ll see, the transition. Will go faster.. I want to give a big shout out to Squarespace for sponsoring this video.. If you want to build your own website or web store, then definitely check out. Squarespace. I’ve used them for more than 2 już od lat, and I can confirm that it’s easy to start with their award winning templates.. Even if you don’t have any experience with web design. And their templates are built in such a way that it will look great on any device like your PC tablet or smartphone. Use the link squarespace.comstorysium to get a free trial or 10 discount on your first purchase.. The links can be found in the video description., And that concludes this tutorial video.. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did then please like the video., I would really appreciate that. And if you use my transitions then please, let me know in the comments which one you like the most. As always thanks for watching, And I hope you have A wonderful day.