Man welcome to my channel joama jack of all master of none today, i’m, going to see if i could get pixel to work on my ipad. How does it compare to my pc environment? I am also going to check out a photo touch up tool called stamp. It removes a unwanted foreground object from the background i know, photoshop has a awesome stamp tool. I want to see how this compares with the photoshop’s tool. I broke this down into chapter formats. I hope you’ll find it useful. Let’S start okay to the internet, p. I oops. I have it on shortcut, wait. I think i want to open the image directly, so it doesn’t get cut off. Okay, ipad zoom works. Does it pan with two fingers? How about one nope, zoom and pen seems to work well, okay: where is the retouch tool there? It is there’s a stamp boy. These ads are annoying source. My eyesight is bad target it’s hard to see sourcing target pointers, source target. Why is my source pointer moving? If that is the feature i don’t like it? This feels awkward by the way. I know this photo is boring, but i thought it was perfect for demonstrating stamp tool when i was building my deck. I want. I meant to record my progress, but documenting the experience became distracting to the real work, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. I wanted to show my foundation for the deck yeah that this foundation was made of paving stones, but this photograph is all i could find.

I thought i had a video somewhere, but it was all in wrong angles. Anyways. I feel like all the tangled coils and paint bucket got in the way of showing the foundation that’s made out of paving stones. Okay, let’s time lapse rest of this stuff, Music Applause, Music, oh boy, i’m, really getting tired. My eyesights are horrible, and this is not it. I need to move to pc all right. Pixel alarm works, fine on ipad, just that i don’t think it is designed specifically for ipad like procreate was procreate, works really seamlessly with ipad. It was hard for me to not go to procreate and use pixel art, because i’m used to procreate first of all and design and the user interface is more intuitive and appropriate than pixel art. So on an ipad i would not use pixel art. Procreate is only about 9 10 on a ipad one time fee. So why so? No, i will not use a pixel also because of my eyesight. I need this huge screen in front of me procreate. I could you know, justify using it on an ipad, but fix that a lot i couldn’t, not especially when i have these huge monitors, 24 inch monitors in front of me like why i could use the keyboard. Let me show you what i mean. Let me go ahead. Let me reduce myself open an image that’s the image i think now pro crea ipad, pixel log didn’t.

Ask me this question: just choose the image i’m thinking it may have chosen this this image by default, because i ipad normally don’t have a enough memory but i’m on my pc. I got plenty of memory, so i’m, going to pick ultra hd apply i’m i’m doing photo touch up, so i want to have a biggest image possible when i’m touching it up. Then i could reduce it and it will look better. Let’S see i’m just using mouse. I’M, not using graphic tablets or anything like that. The stamp tool pick out a source i’m going to zoom in a little bit. Let me show you i’m going to increase the size of the source. Let’S say i picked that one now i’m painting over it. I i think this is cool. You see that source point black source point white tiger target point: you can see it. I it’s so much easier to see it on a pc. It was hard for me to see that on a ipad, yeah, so that’s how you remove stuff, let me show you how to remove this right here. For instance, um easiest thing is just pick out: the source click on the source right here like this and just boom. Now you don’t want that. You don’t want that control. Z, keyboard keyboard let’s go right here, start over yeah now, because paint bucket casts the shadow on a wood. You see the color difference just keep on going until color matches a little bit.

That looks like it’s. Just poor paint job right now this corner right here you see, i mean this uh right behind the right. Remove that hammer. You see that point right there you got to be strategic. I guess zoom in uh make a pretty good size. Uh brush click on that center right there. Now your target has to be. Similarly there let’s try it if you, if you think, you’re off a little bit sure click on one more time, because the vertical line is a little bit off click one more time. Yeah. Ah, one more time – maybe i guess there’s a little double line there yeah now. I will fix this. This uh this one i want to make the brush smaller and yeah smaller pick up a source somewhere around here, align it with the line. You see that line right there align it and just move source pick up source get rid of this again, and it cannot detail right. You could remove these repeating patterns too. These bricks um. This angle, will be really off than that. One angle, even though, if i want to use this particular brick because it’s all empty there as a source i’m going to use this as a source for this brick, because the angle difference or similar angles, first i’m, going to get rid of the leaf source. Pick up the source get rid of the leave leaves gone now, i’m, going to use that new source it’s the center right there right at the corner of that brick.

I want to make it even bigger and make a little bit solid. So pick up that corner right there as a source. Now, if i punch it in right here, will it transfer over uh because the brush wasn’t solid, you see the fade right there, i’m gon na control, z, control, z, love, it see, source one more time: i’m. Gon na pick just right source salad. Let me try one more time: um uh, because uh i had this now that looks fine, but this doesn’t look that good, because i got a little yellow white spot right there. I you could fix that too um. You just make a smaller brush uh just pick up a around here and just oops as a source, and just you know you can tell yeah and that’s how you come out with the corners edges. I will put this in time lapse and i will see you at the next section. Music Applause, Music well looks like pixel. Art works well far as a stem cloning tool is concerned, not as comprehensive as a photoshop. I think uh procreate will have a good one. I’M gon na delve into that next, but uh on pix lr. If you’re going to use it on ipad, just use procreate not how to use procreate if you’re going to use it on pc. I think it will do for simple stuff like this, where you just a simple touch up now: pixel art has extension version um.

I guess i’ll look that at next as far as a stamp cloning tool, so i got two things to look at next: one appropriate.