2. I don’t know what version is up to now, but basically previously i had this as an area to look after there, because you can see you can lots of gaps and stuff and basically the power button. Is there but it’s it’s, just sort of hovering around in a big space? Well, i did 3d print this off it’s someone else’s design. I can’t remember whose it is um, but you know the button uh sits in there and does a nice job so – and i also had these in here that way around sorry. Are they sort of sat there as supports for the keyboard, because, obviously the metal stuff doesn’t quite fit now, so what i’ve done is bought from a pixel wizard a few bit of things? I’Ve got all these gubbins this bit and some screws which they say you need the posidrive pz1 to do it correctly, because it’s that shape of part to the screw don’t know if i’ll need them, but i just bought them just in case now. This bit it’s got a piece of paper in there and i’ll show you that again in a minute, because it’s actually the same bit that’s in here, but that would sit here to cover the gap over the power supply unit socket and for the power button. Now they have two different power buttons, one for the elite and one for the standard. The piece of paper basically tells you the difference, um, which is hiding in there.

As i say, i’ll show you that again in a minute and just looking at this, though i’m a little bit concerned because the holes on them aren’t as large as the whole, so i mean the hole on this – is near enough as big as the button um. You know the buttons are roughly the same size on the outside, but on the inside um yeah those holes look too small for the the button that’s on my ultimate 64 and if there is different sizes, maybe a pixel wizard should support. I don’t know hit more sizes. I mean all these, give you a chance to decide which one you want i’ll after i finish, recording i’ll reach out to them and ask them because obviously i’ve gone and bought another set it’s, not their fault. I’Ve bought another set. That’S me because i would like black to be pointing to the outside world and red to be on the inside. And but the point is, is that i have actually bought two lots of them because the same stuff is actually in here as well. And i wanted red for the internals and let’s see if we can do this yep. As you can see, it tries to explain that uh. Basically, the holes are a little bit off center if you’ve got an elite and completely centered. If you’ve got the stock version of the ultimate 64. but as i say, mine’s got a larger button on it, it’s what it came with um.

Oh, there seems to be four screws in here already i’ll see. If i use them, i probably won’t use them on the case, because looking at them, the the thread seems different yeah it’s a lot different, actually, the thread that’s uh stock, at least what came in this commodore 64.. I can’t blame them if they. If these are the true ones, and i got different ones but the screws i got in my commodore 64, which was secondhand initially um, you know – and i took out the motherboard and sold it to somebody who wanted the motherboard. Actually, no, i didn’t what i did was sell a hole, complete, commodore 64. I bought another case and keyboard and sold it with them anyway. The point is let’s get these in so this fits over here. Um let’s just take out the commodore 64 or the ultimate 64 right now that funny cable by the way, is for the user port that’s. How it’s done on the ultimate 64.? You might you don’t have to have it out there, some people mod side, the case which i’m not so sure, i’d have the space to do that, because i have this here now, but um yeah. This sits over here and then this sits in there, which it has a screw as well um and those bits have to support the keyboard. If anything, this has a support there to press down on that area. Unlike the version that i had was just hovering around on one side and did sort of bounce if you use the function keys, you know so.

This is why i wanted all of this to make it a lot more firmer, here’s, the power stuff. Again and again, the holes are tiny compared to the original one that i had yeah there there’s a big difference it with them. I just say i’ll contact them and see what they say and what i’ll do is put it in the description and what their reply is. Some of the the bits have like an alien face, pixelated alien face, i believe that’s sort of their logo it’s an interesting logo anyway, um and then there’s. The this area goes over here seems to click in place of mine i’m, not too sure it’s supposed to do that, but um that’s, where that goes, and obviously it supports the sid chips and some support for the the motherboard, because there is no real supports for The motherboard um, so yeah let’s get it fitted in um. One thing: i’m going to point out that these red bits was bits i printed out previously as well, which i got the designs for on thingiverse or something like that um to help support the motherboard in the first place, um let’s get it sort of all in Place now there we go that’ll do so i’ll get this screwed in i’ll probably use one of their screws to do there and looking the size of the holes and where the keyboard goes in, i’ll probably use their screws as well, because i think mine a bit On the thick side, yeah they wouldn’t fit in there, so i’ll use one of their screws for there and one of their screws for there.

But i’ll use my original screws for everywhere else. Basically, so i’ll jump back when it’s all screwed in okay, so everything’s screwed. Back in again, i highly recommend, when you’re putting that one in that you hold the bit of plastic up against the the case and then screw it in because otherwise it tries to twist away you know, so it doesn’t you don’t, want that. You want it that it’s as flush as possible to the case and then with the stands themselves. You know put your finger in between in behind and you know push upwards as you’re pushing down with the screw, especially if it’s the very first time that you’re doing it, because it takes a bit to actually go through the plastic, because what you’re doing is creating The new thread for it to go into, but be careful because you don’t want to make it too tight between the stock plastic of the keyboard and the the new stuff of the the stand and obviously the same for the other side and don’t. Do it all the way down on one side before you’ve got the other one in you know, do it a little bit and then you know, go backwards and forwards until it’s. You feel it’s firm enough and it’s, not bubbling anymore that’s. What i’ve done now so yeah? It fits nicely that that in itself is nice. The motherboard doesn’t seem to flex anywhere near as much as it did before.

As i say, i think, with this bit, it’d be nice. If there was a bit that came out and met this side of the motherboard just underneath to help stop that flex, you might just about see that you know the way that the light is reflecting on the usb and the hdmi up there. That could do with stopping the flexing, so it’d be nice. If something reached up there to support that, and it would be really nice that the power buttons actually fitted, i mean i have no idea why they’re not fitting, as i said plenty of times before, i’ll contact, pixel wixer and see what they say and whatever reply. I get i’ll uh put in the description as a summary i’m, not gon na quote them word for word, but i’ll put it as a summary of what they’ve said. You know if i’m supposed to um modify the button in some way. You know they’re gon na give a refund, whichever um i think, that’s about it. For this really isn’t it. We may see the commodore 64, the ultimate 64 back again in future episodes there’s some more stuff.