Uh keyboard mounts version two set of seven pieces plus four screws. Now i also bought their ultimate 64 stroke elite version, power cover and button. Now, as you can see, i’ve got the red version and the power buttons, but i also bought, as i just pointed out, the black versions as well. Now. The problem that i had was how on earth do you get the power buttons onto the ultimate 64 motherboard, because it’s got its own little power button, which is here for the eagle eyed versions among you, you’ll notice that i’ve actually upgraded to the elite version. But my point is, it still sounds. The same is that it has the power button. Now i contacted pixel wizard and they were nice enough to reply in a timely manner, good customer service with that and what they said is that you should be able to just pull off the button which you can there we go. I was student too nervous to do that in the previous episode and the reason was there was no instructions to say to do that. It wasn’t apparent that’s what you’re supposed to do well, at least not to me, you can say what you want about me, but um yeah, i wasn’t too sure, and obviously, when you’re spending 200 euros plus on something. The last thing you want to do is wreck the power button now with the power buttons. They have two versions, one for the elite and one for the non elite.

They show that, with this piece of paper there we go it’s just in focus and, as you can see, the elite version is off. Centered it’s not so apparent on this little diagram, but it is there, as you can see, it’s supposed to be um measurement of 2 and then 1.5, just to show that it’s off center and obviously what you want is the power symbol to be the right way Up so you know the the 1 and the 0 because that’s what that actually is of a power symbol, um the one in the middle should be at the top, so let’s find the one that’s off centered, which happens to be the one this one you can Just about see it’s, not quite let me show them side by side, might be a bit easier to see. Let’S make sure the power buttons are the right way around. There we go so this is the top side and, as you can see, oh come on focus. Maybe you’ll focus today, as you can see, the one on the left is a bit off centered that’s for the elite. So what i want to do is make sure that the power symbol – maybe it won’t, pick up sorry for all the blurriness. Just wonderful, auto, focusing cameras, let’s try again there we go, you can just about see that there is a power symbol on there and of course you want the one to be at the top, so i’m, just making sure it’s there push on and it’s a nice Good fit gives you a nice solid power button there and, of course, it’ll be stabilized a bit better when it’s got its little stand around.

It so let’s place that there now and move away the red versions, because i don’t want the red versions, and this is where i need to screw it all into place which i’ll not bore you doing. Oh boy, you doing. What are you seeing me doing? Damn? Maybe i should go back to bed and start again right, i’ll screw all this back together again and then we’ll have a look at what it actually looks like in place because that’s going to sit there now remember what i need to do is actually hold this Sort of at an angle up against the outer base so that it will sit nice and flush. Okay, so i’ve got my screws put in i’ve, actually still got like the third party 3d prints that i got of these clamps before the new rests that are underneath here. They actually lift up a little bit on this side um, as in these aren’t, actually touching the base. Maybe they need to print them out again and so that they’re a bit taller in height just to help support, because there is a little bit of flex. I don’t know: if you get how much you can see it without them there there could actually be a lot more flex. I do think that this bit needs to come out and produce some kind of support for that area, and it could easily be done from this extended out. So the designers of this could maybe do a version three that actually goes out that far now i’m going to put in the keyboard, but just before i do that, i want to point out the power button, so the power button sits just off to the side And there we go, you can see that it works quite nicely there, so yeah let’s get the keyboard in and then plug it all in and make sure that it works.

Well, as you can see power, the switch on the side works. Fine now um, with the 3d printed version on there now with the original one taken away. I think what i’ll do is uh tape, that down inside the case with some karnar tape, so that i know where it is when it comes to find it again. Maybe that’s a bit of an idea and basically what i’m left with now is that i’ve got to um update the firmware, put the kernels on and get some games on here and, of course, put my sid chips back in place, which i have currently kept like.