This baby up modules on it Music go off again. The gems lets go. Do this its hard in school, probably the best one for this one will break okay. Music foreign visuals are good Im, not so sure about the gun. Got six kills there, but I dont know how many of them was actually just the gun go Music. Oh look at this. One down should be the perfect place. Theres a knife, whoa Music – you have someone be on me – got him is burning down here. Sharks. Oh, I took two out. Oh theyre, doing there. Music Im actually likeness. Definitely for this map. Anyway. Music, Music, Music: this is worth yeah outside US, decent weapon dont, you 29 kills definitely for one of them. Maps lets have a little other map we can play this on. It will work on a White House – Music. Foreign. Oh yes, works on this map, thats for sure, Music, Music, foreign, Music Music definitely stay one morning: Music and thats. It Music. Next for our Im liking, the net, far Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign foreign to you as well: Music, Music. Whatever Im straight fast Im, just right in there, Music, Music, all right, foreign, Music, Music, oh yeah, I like that gun all right gone is good. Wall break goes, I think, thats, probably one of the best wall break guns. You can get on the game because without the ease of it and uh, it shoots, whilst its nets for us as wall break, slows the target Gadget block so its pretty pretty good module properties there.

So guys this one is definitely worth trying to get uh the one ship strowner, not so good. I dont think it was great Im still yet to get the last one, which is the wardens trident Music.