This is 600 and this is actually the smallest price Gap weve ever seen between a regular pixel device and like the budget pixel a device. Now, normally, Google will launch a regular pixel device for six or seven hundred dollars and then a few months later, theyll launch the a series of that device, its going to be 150, maybe 200 cheaper. But the a series device will have some features ripped out and be made with cheaper components, but its usually quite obvious to the user as to what has been removed and like what the deficiencies are of this more budget. A series device its about to hit that price point right, but this year Google did something a little bit weird this device. The pixel 7A has so many features on it. It actually feels strangely similar to the pixel 7.. It now has a high refresh screen at 90 Hertz. It has eight gigs of RAM and it has wireless charging. The specs are so similar. It may seem like a no brainer to just pick up a 7A and save the hundred dollars instead of the seven but theres a reason why its 100 cheaper you, you just got to dig a little bit deeper to find out why okay lets start off with The camera system, so its now running a 64 megapixel main sensor that gets binned down to 16 megapixels now in good lighting condition, the 78 is excellent and its really close to the regular pixel 7.

. I would say, though, that the 7A isnt as good at White balancing as the regular 7. often the pictures are a bit Greener to me and also the dynamic range on the 7A isnt as good like you have to get sweaty and pixel peep the photos to Really see the differences here, but in any scene I shot that had really bright areas and really dark areas. The regular pixel 7 would do it better like in these photos. Here you can still see the textures and details in some of the darker areas, but a lot of them are lost on the pixel 7A images. Now its a really dark roof, like with your naked eye, its actually really hard to make of the details up there, especially with how bright it was outside, but the pixel 7, with this gn1 sensor just does a better job. The ultra wides on the 7A are quite good Id say that theyre actually quite similar to the pixel 7., its just that the 7A has a wider fov. I think this hits 120 degrees. The low light photos on the 7A are good. It is a pixel device with Nightside processing and the tensor G2 chip, but the same shots were usually better on the pixel 7., like text was sharper on the pixel 7 and when you zoom in a lot of the details, just look cleaner over the 7A. Its not substantial, but it is noticeable and Id say very consistent across all of the low light images that I took now in terms of video stabilization.

Despite having the same processor, the same eight gigs of RAM, it is noticeably weaker on the 7A. Now I dont know how much of this comes from the differences in camera Hardware or, if Googles like intentionally soft capping the 7A here. But if video is really important to you, there is a noticeable gap between the two phones and its even more pronounced when it comes to low light. Video conditions, like the regular pixel 7, is quite a bit better here in terms of video image, quality and stabilization battery life on the 7A was really similar to any of the recent pixels Ive tested, but the charging times were slow, like the wired charging is already A little slow, but the wireless charging was painful, like it feels like generation, one wireless charging, its that slow its cool, that they included the tech, but dont expect fast Wireless juicing uh. One thing I noticed, though the default setting on the screen was 60 hertz. I had to enable smooth display feel to get that 90 Hertz and its just strange because, like the regular pixel 7, its 90 Hertz out of the box – so I dont know if that was done with intent or just like a review sample thing. Uh in terms of physical differences, the 7A is slightly smaller than the seven its got a smaller screen, so it fits in your hand a little bit better. Its the same kind of vibe, though right its got the metal frame around the edges with the camera hump, but it doesnt protrude out as high as it does on the pixel 7.

But if youll remember on the pixel 7 in the pixel 7 Pro when they launched it, Google drew our attention to the fact that the camera hump blended into the unibody metal frame, to give it this more premium. Look on the 7A. There is a seam there, its like a separate piece of material which its insignificant to most, but I imagine its one of the things theyve done to keep the cost down now in terms of the back. This is a plastic back despite it looking very similar to The Gorilla Glass glossy back of the regular pixel 7. This is plastic. Its very easily removed, though so any kind of repairs or battery replacement, is going to be relatively simple, and you can see how flexible that plastic panel is which is great for durability, and it wont crack as easily when you drop it now in terms of colors. It comes in four color options: this year, theres a white theres, a black theres, a coral color and theres light blue and obviously you have your dbrand Ninja Turtle skins, which is arguably the best skin for any device ever now on the regular pixel 7. There is this microphone hole right beside the flash, its not there on the 7A, so I thought thered be a difference in noise cancellation on calls and just video recordings. I think there is a slight difference, but its so small that I dont want to go into it like I dont think it makes a big difference if anything at all the fact that there is no mic at the top in terms of the screen.

So its now running a 90 Hertz display its a great screen: 6.1 inches OLED, great colors and contrast ratio. Media looks great. The bezels are a little thicker on the 7A. If you care about that stuff, but its not a big deal to me, uh, the 7A hits about 500 nits in manual mode, very similar to the pixel 7 and same with adaptive brightness Outdoors theyre, both around 900 950 nits. So very similar screens. The speakers and haptic Motors are quite similar between the two devices, but I did notice that the 7A had slightly worse thermal performance than the seven in really demanding games, but yeah. The pixel 7A for 500 gives you an awesome phone. But if you care about photos, videos pixel 7 is better. I also think in terms of pricing like sometimes youll see like uh. You know why buy this for 500, when this thing goes on sale for 450.. If this thing goes on sale, so will this the pixel devices are very often on aggressive sales, all right there, you have it Music foreign.