super excited about the video that were going to be making today its been a long time coming, but I cannot wait to break it down for you, because this is my three month review of the pixel 7.. So heres a quick Refresh on the specs on the pixel 7.. My unit came with a 128 gigs of storage um. It has wireless charging, great cameras, you know all of the good stuff. If you want to know more in depth on what the phone actually is. Like when you first get, it go check out my previous video of the pixel 7.. This phone was peoples favorite all in 2022. It was even my favorite in 2022. All this was great up until two months ago. Let me rewind for a bit when I got this phone. I was super amped about the better screen, better fingerprint reader, better battery experience the little incremental changes they made from this pixel 6 to the pixel 7 made a world of difference. To me, the phone is a breeze to use everything is smooth and responsive. I enjoyed playing a good game every once in a while, and even the battery doesnt threaten to blow me up after 10 or so minutes of Play Time, pro tip not wise to game. While your phone is charging doesnt bode well for you or your phone using this phone was such a good experience, especially because of the size. The 6.2 inch display really did make it much easier to handle note that it is easy to handle now, but its a step in the right direction.

The cameras on this phone are great. I enjoy filming stuff thats. All Around Me Just for kicks the camera seems to handle photos in all sorts of conditions. Pictures in the daylight pictures in low light, I mean even astrophotography, which Ive only just started to get into is also pretty dope portrait mode at night. Time is also really great, as you can tell in some of these shots now, you may be wondering why, after all of this praise, wild actually be hesitant about this phone heres. The thing everything was going so well for me up until two months ago. Let me break it down for you heres how the whole thing started about a month and a half ago I started experiencing Wi Fi issues. It would just drop in and out from time to time. No explanation why I actually thought it was my service provider. That was dropping the ball and I would call several times to complain about it, but then it got weird because I checked my computer and my computer wasnt having any Wi Fi issues. So then I started thinking okay, you know this is a small issue. I didnt even really think much about it, but then the next thing said happening. My calls just started. Dropping for no reason I could be on the phone talking to someone and then I would realize that theyre not talking back. The phone was cut off a long time ago and it just happened over and over again and Im like.

Is it my network thats? Really bad – and I still did not believe I didnt want to believe anything was wrong with a phone I just assumed it was a network issue yet again, but then the whole thing gets even worse. Bluetooth went to hell as well. My phone stopped recognizing my watch. My pixel buds it would actually pop up and say: yeah. You have pixel buds, but we cannot connect to them. You have pixel buds, but it wont play Youre coordinated to your pixel buds, but theres no sound coming out of them. The whole thing made no sense at this point. I knew something was definitely off, but I still wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt heres, where I finally drew the line, and probably no one actually believed this for full context. I have been using my pixel phones as dual SIM phones for a very long time now, so with the pixel 3A XL, I even did with the pixel 6 and Im doing with the pixel 7.. I have a physical Sim in, but I also have a downloaded ECM on the phone as well. Now the phone stopped recognizing out of the blue. Like literally one day, I woke up and it just wasnt there, the the second SIM card, the E Sim just wasnt. There at all now the physical scene, which was there it seemed to be okay. I was texting I was receiving calls, but was still dropping, but at the same time Im having Wi Fi issues, but then the phone wont.

Also. Let me use the data on the physical SIM card, so if I left the house, I basically had no internet connection whatsoever because that data on my phone is not there. The second SIM card doesnt exist at all. The phone was just absolute trash. In that moment there was literally nothing I could do about it. So I call up the little elves up at Google and I told them like hey guys. Something is wrong with the phone, so they tell me. Oh lets try some debugging, you know stuff going to the developer settings and then send us this report or something like that. I did it like three times they got back to me like in two weeks and theyre. Like yo, I mean we cant figure it out. Why dont you just try doing like a a factory reset and see how that goes. You know what Im gon na do it I mean. What else do I have to lose the phone isnt working right now I mean its barely usable. So what else can I do? I said: okay, you know what let me just do the factory reset, which, by the way, is a pain in that to do especially if you have those password issue, things dont do it anyway. I reset the phone and its working perfectly one week, two weeks, three weeks, nothing thats the whole thing goes to again. I it blows my mind because I dont know what went wrong.

I dont know whats happening with the phone. I call up the little elves up in the Google workshop and I tell them guys something is definitely wrong. With this phone theyre like okay, no, we dont know how to fix this thing. Which brings me to the conclusion I have to trade in the phone. They they literally told me, you know what lets just send you a new unit and then you know, hopefully she goes well. I went online and I started typing in uh pixel 7 network issues only to realize theres like a whole ready Thread about it. A lot of other people have been experiencing it, but its not a big enough issue. I guess it hasnt bothered a wider community of people for it to get as much attention as actually as it should really because for something like this to keep happening to you, then youre gon na be lifting like a bit of a tight situation, because right now I I still have two numbers connected to my phone, but one of the numbers I couldnt receive messages at all. So if youre like me, who has like two factor authentication, you know for text messaging Im, basically stuck, I cant even get into like three four five accounts of mine right now, so the plan is to just wait it out and then order for the new phone. You know get it swapped out and then see how that goes. I just happen to be one of those lucky.

Let me think unlucky Schmucks, who got stuck with one of the defective units but yeah thats thats, what its been like to use this phone for the past three months. It was a. It was perfect technology for the first month and then everything after that has been in the toilet, so I mean there, you have it guys. I dont know what else to say if you had the same situation as I have please leave in the comments and tell me how you fixed it and if you havent had it and you still think about getting this phone I dont know, can I recommend it Now genuinely dont know it seems like not many people have had this issue with their phones, so maybe your unit is perfect, but if it isnt call up the elves at the workshop and see what they can do for you but thats it guys. Thank you for watching, dont forget to like dont forget to subscribe, and I will see you in the next one.