Pro works perfectly fine with ipad air, fourth generation. But there is an issue cause when i am in my studio. Most of the time i sit on my desk and my neck feels a bit uncomfortable that’s. Why? I wanted to find an option to raise this keyboard to raise my ipad so that i always don’t have to look down to the ipad. I have tried putting a box underneath my apple magic keyboard, yeah for sure that helped me a bit to put my ipad a bit higher than usual. Then i have found my elbow. My arm is a bit uncomfortable because i have to put my arm awkwardly on the desk that’s, not a perfect solution. As usual, i have contacted with pitaka and some other brands. So if there is any option for this, if there is any product and yeah pitaka, they have sent me this ipad mac, easy stand, another very good product, another premium quality product from pitaka. But look at this you can just swivel it around 360 degree. Of course, you have to have a pitaka proprietary mac, easy case for this. I have made a separate video about this case a few months ago. I am in love with this case, but if you don’t want to buy a proprietary case as fritaka always do always think about everything, does everything with precision pitaka offered a magic tape? Yeah you just place that magic tape at the rear part of your ipad, any type of ipad, and you are good to go because this pitaka mac easy ipad stand.

This one comes with a very strong and powerful magnet. Even you, don’t have to precisely align it. The strong magnet will do this for you. You just put your ipad somewhere near that stand, and your ipad will get snapped to that stand. Now i can enjoy my videos whenever i wan na watch youtube videos, or even if i wan na use my facetime or any other video conferencing video chatting. This is really great. This brought a lot of comfort and convenience to my life. Now a lot of people would say what about typing emails browsing through websites yeah. Personally, i use my apple magic keyboard 2 and apple magic, trackpad 2.. This gives me a totally desktop class setup and i’m pretty comfortable working with this setup Music. Now, as i’ve mentioned earlier, pitaka always offers premium quality. If you’re looking for quality, then there is no other brand that would offer anything better than pitaka, and this stand this one is made out of kevlar aluminum and every design. Every cutout was well thought well, designed there is a usbc port underneath this stand, and yes, there is a reason for that. I will show you in a moment. Also. There is a led light in front of the stand. Yeah here you can see. There is a key wireless charger attached at the bottom. I mean at the base of the stand, and this one is a very fast one.