Now this is the successor to the pipo x8, which was a smaller model with the same look and the same bill it's a hybrid mini PC with a tablet screen in it. Basically, now the older model had a 7 inch screen. This now has a 1920 by 1200 8.9 inch screen in there with a 16 by 10 ratio. It has the same chipset as the older model, which is the atom z3580 6 that can clock up to 2.1 gigahertz. Overall, the build is very good, just like the older model. It'S quite solid, quite well put together there's, no big issues that I can see on it, there's, no, the tablets screens not coming up. I call it a tablet, but it's really a mini PC, but it can really be used as a tablet, but there's no battery insider, but you can pick it up and the screen will auto rotate as well, which I will show you. So if you look at the ports here on the right hand, side, we have a power on port volume up and down port plastic buttons there and a status LED here for once a sign. You can see that that will light up and if it's in standby, that will also flash to USB to ports here, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack there speaker on the side. Now those speakers i've heard they've got a bit of static in android, but not so much in Windows. They don't make this hissing noise, but an Android.

They do surround the back here. What I think is a microphone micro, SD card slot. Another 2 USB 2 port. Here now these ports, you can power yourself, an external 1 terabyte or 2 terabyte hard drive. It'S got sufficient power there to supply power to those drives, and you can connect up two of them i've connected up to and had no issues there they're both running very well they're, so good for your media connection, because there is only 32 gigabytes of storage on This particular version that I have so we have a full size, HDMI LAN port here so rj45 connector only 100 megabits per second speeds there, so not a gigabit port, and then we have the DC 12 volts in PowerPoint there. So there is a vent on the top here. There is no fan in this unit as completely fan fameless'. It has a passive heat cinq, which is basically the whole base of. This is one large heat sink for that chipset, which is right under this right here, and if I have a look like that, you can see this gray along here white or gray, that's, a huge thermal pad that they've used so it's transferring the heat away from The chipset and onto the back here so it's a huge heat sink really and there's. The larger size here from the pipo x8 here should mean that this should run a little cooler here. So we'll check out the thermals on this video and looking to see what kind of temperatures it gets up to and will it actually firm or throttle to so it has four rubber pads there on the bottom, a nice sturdy base and just looking around here so It'S, just the one speaker there on the left hand, side and on the front there's nothing.

We have a pipo logo, of course, and the captive Windows home button then also works in Android and a rather large antenna here. So if you were going to be putting this little mini PC into a TV cabinet or something raining that for your TV to run your media collection, I will just show you the clearance you have. So you need just around about seven centimeters there clearance and for the aerial the antenna is actually very large. So if I put that into the upright position here, you can see you probably going to need. Actually, I think it's about 21 centimeters, but I'll just measure that so you're around like 21 centimeters. If you are going to lose, use the antenna there and the fully extended position. Of course, you can just put it either side there if you were squeezing it into a cabinet. Now the good thing about the mini PC having a tablet screen on it. Basically, the touch screen is you: don't need a mouse to run. Maybe some of your favorite movies or something you can just power it on and then select the movies you want to play on your TV without having to connect up your mouse and keyboard, which is really quite handy, so I'm just going to plug it in now And I'll show you the dual boot menu and just plugging it in it will automatically power itself up. I just plug that in it should now.

Excuse me, I should now power up – and here we have the dual boot menu here very familiar menu for those that have dual boot tablets: it's, basically the same set here and inside BIOS it's, the the name of the BIOS that they use the brand inside BIOS Setup and we can select here – just Windows 10, we have and then Android 4.4.4 and simply just press. The arrow here will start and we'll get into Android and I have a look and walk it through the Android ROM here and run a few benchmarks and games. So here's a look milk here at the Android ROM. You can see that there were no bloat apps installed unless you consider keep playing music playing movies and few of the other Google apps on there as bloat or not, but it's, very light run, which is really good to see it. Doesn'T have a leggy non stock. Launcher on there as completely stock launcher stock, Android experience, which is really good to see. I wish everyone would do that, unlike some of the other developers they're like a tick laughs that decide to put their own heavy bloaty launchers on there, so it's running Android 4.4.4 and unfortunate, not Android 5. Hopefully they'll be releasing Android 5 version, so Android 6. Even would be great to see but I'm hoping in the future that people will start to release these with Android 5 roms already on there. We just have to wait and see if they're going to do that or not so of all the wrong experience is really good.

Very smooth. There is no lag whatsoever. I even encountered any lag and, as I'll show you shortly, gaming performance is very good as well. On it now just to show you the benchmarks that I ran on here so first up, I tried ice storm extreme here, there's the score almost 8000 points there, which isn't bad for an atom. 0. 37. 36 F. Here now. This tablet has 2 gigabytes of RAM on board, and the turbo of the CPU here can go up to 2 point 16 here's. The Geekbench 3 score here. So almost 900 points again, quite a good score for the type of chipset. We have here sony a quad core as well to note that so antutu benchmark five point, seven point 134 thousand again that's about the same as what I've seen on this chipset on tablets and other mini pcs bear in mind here. That is also running this resolution. So 1920, by 1200 that's going to affect the 3d graphics score a little and here's the GPU bench score almost 24000 and an average of 72 frames per second. There that's the benchmarks there that I quickly ran now I'm going to test out here. A couple of Clips first up is a 1080p MKV file, now I'm, not sure it's going to be able to play the audio codec of this one at least the MKV player, so let's test it and see how that runs. So it runs a 1080p MKV.

Just fine, there I'm going to step things up a little bit and test out a 2k clip. Now this is the gravity trailer, so even 2k runs there without any stutters to stress it out even more a 4k clip here that I recorded on my Galaxy Note. 4 and even 4k, there runs just fine without any problems. Now storage is an issue within Android because they don't give you a lot of space. They'Ve only partitioned about four gigabytes of usable space here which really isn't enough. When you start installing some large games, as I found out quite quickly, if you install two or three dodge games, that's pushing it really, you might only get away with too late' large games like Mortal Kombat or real racing. They take up about a gigabyte each and before you know what you do run into space issues, so you probably want to consider looking at the 64 gigabyte version, should give you a lot more space there. You get just 4.1 19. I think gigabytes so 4.1. I think is around about the space at the moment with a couple applications large or what games installed. I'Ve only just got 500 megabytes free and really that's, not enough. You can, of course, run your media collection from an external hard drive before I test out some games I'm, just going to jump into chrome here and show you the performance here so scrolling here with my finger on the screen that is relatively smooth and quick there.

The tick tablets website is a little heavy with a lot of images. Overall performance is really good. Now found the wireless performance to be quite good, no problems there. I haven't had any issues that super huge antenna is probably definitely helping with the signal there, because it's massive and I don't see it should have a really good range seems to work with downstairs as well. Unfortunately, there's no battery within the tablet, so I can't just take it from my office and walk downstairs with it and plug it into the TV would be nice if they put just a tiny little battery on there that you could just keep it alive. Maybe for 20 minutes or so maximum nevermind, so let's have a look at some games here now, just close things down and get onto a little bit of gaming, the fun part you in combat 5. Now this is one of the most demanding games on Android that there is an even in Windows. 10. Actually, this game is quite demanding too so see how this runs. Framerate seems to be quite fluid here, I'd, say it's, keeping around 30s or so it's very hard to tell, because we don't have a way of measuring the actual framerate, unlike Windows, now I'm. Just playing this with the actual touch screen here, because I couldn't get my xbox 360 controller to work. The game detects a controller that I wouldn't. Actually let me control things I mean overall, with all the action going on since quite label.

Here I don't do that. I look around like that it's a little bit of lag now there my way there might be a way to get the 360 controller to work or another Bluetooth, controller or another, USB controller. If you install drivers, maybe I'm just lacking some sort of drivers for the xbox360 controller, but I do know that Windows does support it. So you just plug it in in a work straight up. Quick look here at Real Racing 3 I'm, going to use the screen an actual mini PC itself to control the car. So you can see it's running this game, very fluid, no problems whatsoever, and it still looks quite good this game. They keep updating it and still probably one of the best games on Android so do check it out if you haven't, if she played this game even before now, here's a look at Mortal Kombat X, which is probably one of the better looking games on android at The moment running on the Unreal Engine and their game cream on here, so the home button there does work even in Android, with the windows logo there that's going to work just fine and the screen does auto rotate. It does have a orientation sensor there that allows you to even play games that support it so games like Real Racing 3. You can use a little bit awkward because you've got the cable. You have no battery with inside this, so just connecting that it's going to completely power off the you know straight away, but you can play games if you wanted to that use this orientation sensor without any issues there so for all full brightness at the screen.

Isn'T too bad at all, a little bit of reflection there being a tablet screen, basically that's in this mini PC and the sharpness of the screen is really good. You can't see any individual pixels there. I just wanted to point out. There is a bit aesthetic that's coming through on the speaker and I just put the micro. Hopefully you heard that there that there is some static coming through that's only happening here in Android. When I switch over to Windows, I don't get that problem at all, so something in in the ROM or something to do with Android isn't interfering with those left and right loudspeakers they're, causing them to how that has which isn't good to hear it all there here's The on screen keyboard that does allow us to type in things, of course, just like a tablet, so we don't need to connect up a keyboard all the time or a mouse. So I can just type in here oops Mortal Kombat, that I want to download and test out and I can do all of us without any problems there without needing a keyboard which is quite handy there. You can do the same in Windows, so you don't need to always have that keyboard connectors or one of the handy things, because you couldn't do this on just a standard mini at a mini PC. That doesn't, of course, have a screen on it. So it's one of the advantages of having this hybrid unit so got to show you with them.

The Android ROM here is, if you hold down the power button, you can of course, reboot and go through the dual boot menu and then boot up into Windows. But the easiest way to do that is just to swipe down from the top here and you have this handy little icon there. I always switch push that and it will now just reboot itself over into Windows. So, just in Windows here now having a look at the emmc speed – and you can see here – the benchmark is just finishing up. This is Chris with this mark, and those speeds here are excellent for an emmc driver. This Samsung is just flying because that write rate 122 now that is 5 passes of one gigabyte of data that's the average there that they've got not bad at all. Quite a good speed here. Considering, if you look at the surface, 3 tablet gets a right speed of a maybe about 60 and even lower, sometimes about 40 49. So that is definitely quite a quick Drive. They have used the same as the pepo x8 that I tested earlier now. I haven't actually gone and installed any games or benchmarks it just yet just to show you here the amount of free space we do have within Windows. So if I click over here to look at the PC, so we only have 12.8. So not a lot of space to play with again, probably better to look at the 64 gigabyte version.

Unless you are thinking of running memory, card sticks, micro, sd, sorry, external hard drives things like that, you're going to extort all your movies on or games and things because you're just really going to run into space issues there. Now you can probably disable hibernation and that would free up another couple of gigabytes and I'll quickly. Just show you here that the the system, but it is running Windows, 10 home and I have initially connected up to the Internet, but they will fully activate when I do here so not too bad. Now the device manager show you that very quickly, so under network adapters we have the realtek card that we see and literally every single tablet and mini PC out there it's either the real tech this one here or the Broadcom – and this is the two stripe here. So it's a samsung BG in d3 are very quick into HD graphics. Of course, that's gen7 graphics for executional cause is all it has a deep Bay Trail and no cameras, of course, on board. If you want to use a webcam you're going to have to just plug one end and windows, and then you can use that and just quickly show you here, a few other things so under sensors that's, just the sensor for the orientation accelerometer there and there's our Cpu, of course, nothing else here I can really show you bluetooth on board. Of course, batteries there is none and the audio is handled by Intel.

So it's not a real tape, audio chipset! Well, it might actually be real tape but that's how it's and still there and the start button course works. Now we don't have office install, but I think it doesn't come free anymore, with Windows 10. It did with Windows. 8.1 on the people X, 8, but it doesn't now on Windows, 10, there so I'm just going to go in and store quickly a few benchmarks and some games and proceed to show. You, though, so benchmark the USB 2 ports and the micro SD card slot, and these are the results I got here using crystal disk mark here, so the micro SD card slot, you can see maxes out at 23 megabytes per second. That is normal. I see that on most of the ebay trial devices – and this here is the USB 2 port speed running and external 1 terabyte Toshiba drive it compelled the drive without any problems there and maximum speeds 40 megabytes per second maxing out. Usb 2 speeds there. Now we only have 2 gigabytes of memory on board so I'm doing a bit of multitasking here, and we can see that already I'm eating into 80 of the memory. So there's not a lot left there, but you can get away with running a few things at the same time, for example, here I'm, just installing Dungeon Hunter 5 to test that out, I have chrome open here. Are the wireless speeds here now my desktop PC can get 50 megabits per second on a good day and 25 upload and it's got 41 and 20.

These results are really good. No problems there with the speed and that's, probably due to that extra large and 10 are there using. I have steam open at the moment settings right here. I also just wanted to show you that the scaling is 150, that they have it set to for the tablet. You can, of course, put that down to 100 scaling when using this real, monitor or TV, so everything doesn't look so large, like it does at the moment. You can set that just to be 100 cent of the native resolution there. So I also ran some benchmarks. 3Dmark 2006, as well as Geekbench 3 here – and these are the results here. This is Geekbench 3. Now the score is lower than what I got an Android. I don't know why, but I do have a feeling it might have been caused by the fact that Windows was running some updates in the background there that caused that to slow down a little. This here is the 3d month 2006 score for those interested. Never seen the test that a few games see I'm just going to run a stall game, then there is Dungeon Hunter 5 here. This is no time to show off just watch and learn so I'm. Controlling this here with an Xbox 360 controller which works just fine, you just plug it in and it works tense up here for some reason: it's not scaling up to the display correctly here, the currency with you until my reference drivers and the scenes they're a little Bit located up that framerate is displayed up at the top of that corner will show you these settings as soon as I die, which will not be long.

He make they're stabbing me going put on a good soup, so these are the things here that I am using. Miss cookie show you look just everybody be everything else is on low here I don't think there's any way you could probably run the city faster than that is so it's, barely playable really with those frame rates. They are in the mid to low 20s move on now and have a look at another game. Now some asphalt 8 airborne here using the xbox360 controller. So this is call of duty. Modern warfare 3 here see how this runs it's running on the lower sitting 720p. Here to show the options so lower settings there, you have been well and Dave, really quick, so the temperatures after running those benchmarks and all those gaming tests, 78 degrees with a maximum temperature of scene out of the whole two hours and I did run 3dmark Geekbench – Did some gaming as well Windows gaming seems to be a lot smoother than definitely running other games, for example, counter strike there wasn't exactly the best frame rate, and we do have that scaling issue, but those temperatures there they don't actually seem to be any better than The people x8 I'm – pretty sure I got around that kind of figure there, 76 or 78 degrees, so not really getting any better there. You could probably improve things. If you a bit of a modder, you could open the back of the x9 up, pull that off and change the thermal pads on there and perhaps even add a bit of copper there to help lower temperatures.

If you're, really that way inclined, you could probably do that so just quickly now, I'll show you each here and run tick tablets, calm here and see how fast that loads. I did test this out and Android and it should definitely be a little bit smoother here. Running in edge, so if I just fullscreen that up and scrolling here, it seems reasonably smooth there in edge and if I use my finger here on the screen that is even smoother, so real, pretty fast there and you can run various tabs here. If you wanted to, you could simply just keep opening things up and you're limited just really by the amount of RAM on board, which is in two gigabytes as mentioned just earlier. So once you start to open up quite a few browser tabs here, it's going to go on and open some things up here and see how long it takes to get it to slow down a little bit, and you felt run task manager here and check out. Our vailable RAM should no doubt start to fill up now. The CPU is actually maxing out there. Almost that is actually look. 100. Now, loading everything up switching between those tabs seems relatively quick and starting to slow down there a little and I'm noticing that yeah those images took a little while to load in so you can do a some amount of multitasking here. As you see, if I launch paint oh so I can have paint here open and to try and even do the windows split screen thing here, select and run Netflix here.

Take a print screen of that dump that, over to paint of course, paint is really not a taxing application there. If you ran something like Photoshop, then it's going to be way more demanding on the system there and as tiffin. I can draw on that. Okay and things will probably come running to a halt when I start to open up store here and even chrome chrome here, so we are really starting to reach the limits of what D Intel quad core atom can do here and things like office. You should be able to still run that at the same time, so my memory now is almost completely full. The CPU is maxing out there still, but it isn't actually doing too bad. Considering and maybe I could just even go a little bit further here and try and open up some streaming YouTube here and see if it's capable to actually load a movie up, but it is definitely starting to crawl a bit now and I can't seem to type In here now, it's completely loud out there we go finally coming up 1080p video sample 1080p video. There we go like this, it end and see if it can handle that. Just any movie here will do. This is an entry level DSLR, the camera Rebel t4i, and this is Sony running an 360 video recording. So I can even run that at full, cam and that's going to definitely kill it so that's in Full, HD now and my mouse pointer starting to layer.

Did your recording capability I'll just finish benchmarking with two 3dmark 2006? They just wanted to see just how hot it's getting up to so around 38. '. Almost 40 degrees there back of the pepo x9 here and to touch it. I can say that yes, it's getting warm there, but it's not going to burn you anything so the the thermals aren't too bad. Maybe there is a bit of an improvement there compared to the x8, the earlier model, which of course was a little bit smaller. Overall, I think this is an excellent hybrid mini PC, especially for the price. This was a hundred no.26 at the time of this review from, where I got this tablet and they do have it in stock too. But I would recommend going with the 64 gigabyte model there, because, as you've seen in this video, that this storage is quite limited in Android there and in Windows, really, you still don't have enough once Windows 10, matures with a lot more updates, it's going to start To cut into that free space there, which, in the long run, is probably going to be a bit of an issue, which is why I always recommend, if you're, going to get a dual boot system, try and get the 64 gigabyte model. Overall, the only cons really is the design it's not going to be for everyone. Of course not. Everyone wants a hybrid mini, PC and tablet all in one and the left and right speakers here they tend to put out a bit of static and noise, but only an Android, oddly enough, which is quite strange other than that a very decent device.

There it's got a blazing fast, emmc 4.51 spit mmm and see that is really good. The speeds on it, nice 4k speeds there too, and the sequential reading right there. So overall, I can definitely recommend this, especially for the price I mean, I just think it's. Quite a bargain there for what you're getting two operating systems and a nice sharp screen with that new higher resolution of 1920 by 1200 and it's quite bright, bright there and sharp. So all in all.