This is one of those mini pcs that you hook up to your TV but it's, one of those hybrid ones here, because it's got a actual screen on it. Now you might have seen my other unboxing and review of the pipo x8. This is a slightly larger model and what's changed is the screen resolution has now gone up to 1920 by 1200. Still the 16 by 9 ratio and they've also increased the size from 8 inches to 8.9. Now the chipset is still the same: it's still powered by the same atom, bay, trail, Z, 3736, and that can boost up to 2 point 16 gigahertz there and the 2 gigabytes of RAM and Windows. 10. Now is also the new thing on here now. This is the 32 gigabyte model. You can only get it in other colors. I think there's a white or silver gold black at the moment, just the black version is out and the think 64 gigabyte version is coming shortly or could be out at the moment. Now. Also now I got this model here from and they sent it to me with the One World Service and to Europe, so didn't have to pay any taxes on this, which was really good. So just have a look in their box and later powered on and have a very quick look at Android 4 on their and Windows 10. Now they also clean people that the thermals have been improved in this unit, so it hopefully shouldn't get as hot as the x8 did now.

I don't really have any trouble with my ex I'd got up till, I think about 78 degrees, or so benchmarking and gaming. On it, but it didn't have any thermal throttling there so wasn't too bad, but they claim to have improved things. So let's hear how that works out. So you can see it's quite a large unit for what it is for being a mini PC, beer and there's. The the screen on there you can see yeah that that is not fully laminated. Of course, I wouldn't expect that for this kind of price range, so our very large wireless antenna on the back there, it's actually huge so should offer some really good performance there. Wireless in, of course, it's on board here, so we have a microSD card slot on the back to USB 2 ports, full sized HMI and a LAN port here now. This is only a hundred megabits per second it's, not a gigabit port at all there, and then we have, of course, the power 12 volts there. I will just get onto the need power supply in a second, we have a speaker on the left and a speaker here on the right to USB to ports, headphone jack volume up and down and power on. So just put the tablet there to one side and take a look at the power supply here, which is rated to 2.4 amps there and 12 volts. Okay, so see if I can plug it in now and have a quick look at it right.

So I've just piled it on now and gone straight into Windows here and I'll show you, the dual boot menu want to exit windows and boot over into Android, but I ran a quick test here of the emmc that's on board here and say a Samsung Drive And again, we've seen really good speeds here from people just like the x8 those beds. There are very good for a four point: five point: one spec emmc. These are really good. I mean 25 right, 19 red and over 100 right there. We don't really see that often so it's good to see they're using a fast drive here now. Just quickly show you that it does have Windows, 10, home onboard and also just show you the free space we have on the C Drive. So Windows 10 home here. It hasn't actually activated just yet, but a wall cause. When I connect up to the Internet, there will be no problems there and just show you now the free space. So we get 13 point 6 gigabytes free within windows here and just show the device manager. So the disk drive it's a Samsung, bgn d3r MMC that it has now the the speakers do sound quite nice and loud and the screen this is 110. Brightness is very sharp and it does look really good, actually and good. Viewing angles now forgot to mention just when I pulled out of the box that it's got the same plastic hard shell around it, and the book quality is excellent.

It'S very well put together, and I just also show you the height, that you're going to need for clearance. If you are going to put this in a TV cabinet you're going to need approximately 7 centimeters that's, what you're going to need now, the aerial, if you are counting the aerial as well, that goes up to a full 21 centimeters high, so quite high there. So you need to take that into consideration so just boot. Over now to Android there is a little application here and after I run this it's going to boot over switch over to Android. So I'll just do that now so it's going to restart now and power over into Android, alright, so androids just fired up then take too long to get into it, probably about 20 20 seconds 30 seconds, not really that bad there. So let's have a look and see what we have so Android 4.4.4. I know one if you can hear that this instead of coming over the speakers on the left and right here. No, I didn't hear that in Windows, but that's, not a good sign there in Android there's a bit aesthetic and bloatware nothing MX player that's an extra there, but that's very handy there for playing your media files and everything else here. Place tools included, of course, and I'll, have a look at the free available space that we get within Android, probably won't be a lot there four point: one eight gigabytes, so not a lot to play with it.

You probably be able to get a few larger games installed, but that's really it. You do, of course, have expandable storage here with the micro SD card slot and you can plug in a hard drive and whatnot within windows. If you want to play your whole movie, then you're probably best to run an external hard drive there. So that's, a very quick unboxing there and look at the pipo x9 do keep an eye on the channel. I have benchmarks shortly: I'll run and two two Geekbench 3 3d mark and both windows and Android, and get a really good idea of just how this goes, and it also will check out the thermal throttling if any and see just how hot it's going to get. Now people did say they have improved things. I quickly show the rear you can see here. They have put, I think, more slots in here to allow the heat to come out more into this vague heat, and I can see the motherboards here and the chipset and looking at an angle there, you can just see a rather large looking thermal pad there very Thick one, so maybe they have improved things from the old x h model. There ok that's the video there.