This is a people x8, now it's a hybrids mini PC. Well, they call it a Windows, TV box, well it's, but more than that, because it's one of the first ones or the only one I've seen that has a touchscreen on it. So it's kind of a hybrid of a tablet meets a mini PC, which I thought is an interesting concept here and the the functionality that it has seems to be quite good, because what it's got is a lot of ports on it. The touch screen and dual boot as well, so you have Android and Windows it's Windows 8.1 to start with here probably be upgradeable, should be upgradeable to Windows 10 and it has Android 4.4.4 on it. So let's have a quick look here now at the top of PC. Now it has the quite common atom bay trails. It 3736, if that's the slightly faster one that we do see in tablets like the X 9, 8 year 3G and the Chewie Ovi 10. So let's get into the box here, it's actually smaller than what I thought it would be. I don't know why, because it is a 7 inch screen. So here we go there's the I was going to say tablet. It looks like at up from there. It looks like a teller about to the media, PC mini PC, ok, so on the right side, here we have a power on button and volume up and down looks to be a status LED a little dot there.

Now the material here is plastic. I can quite a hard plastic there black and we have 2 USB 2 port. Here we have a 3.5 millimeter audio output and speaker by the looks of it. That has to be a speaker or ventilation and a big nice wireless antenna. There I'm not too sure why they've done that and most of the time everything's internal with these mini pcs, but obviously maybe to boost the signal or because of the the screen. Maybe could have been interfering with things not too sure, but we'll see how that works out should be good. So we have a microUSB port and a micro SD card port. Here, a another status LED, maybe maybe a reset button. It could be a reset actually because of the motherboard, probably here right, where all the ports are another two USB to ports, a full sized HDMI out that's great, because then I don't need to use any adapters with my TV, and we have a LAN port here, Which just would be hooked up via USB, so that's, probably only going to be about 100 megabits per second, it won't be a gigabit port or anything like that. It'S not supported and you own the bait rails and we have DC 12 volts in to power machine and finally, on the left side here, another speaker, grille and the front we saw you have a pepo and windows buttons here now. Overall, the build seems quite solidly back here I can feel is just turn it around as metal, and it does seem well put together egg fact.

It seems better put together than P, pose w8 corium telleth. I review just a while back because that was yeah wasn't good, but this actually seems quite decent and seems solid and it retails for around about a hundred and twenty us at the moment. Now I picked this up off. Geek sorry almost forever slip up there and yeah it. I thought the price was decent monitors and I'm looking for something to replace my TV's Media Center, which is it's an LG one, and it is a very slow smart TV that struggles to even open YouTube pages. So I thought something like this might be good. So just have a look and see what else is in the box. This should definitely be a power supply, otherwise we won't be going anywhere fast, so we have here. What is this a warranty card in Chinese in English, and here we have P power supply that we need it's. A u.s. two prong style and let's have a look at the specs here: camera camera camera there we go so it's, 12, volts, 2.4 amps. So before I go and plug it on and install a few applications and run a few benchmarks and take a more detailed look at it, I'm just going to have a look at the dimensions for those of you that want to try and squeeze us in a Tv cabinet set it on top of your xbox 360 or whatever you know you just want to see exactly how big it is.

So ever look now so it's about seventeen and a half centimeters there. Seventeen and a half yes wide and is 12 centimeters here across there, and the a height of the unit is five centimeters, so 17 by 12 and 5 centimeters high there. You do have to think about the antenna as well that's, going to probably work best in the upright position like that. So you'd want to keep that free to have a bit of space there and your TV cabinet, okay, so I'll just fire it on now and show you the tool boot menu. So I did try to power it on without the cable, and it seems that there is no battery, so it's got a rather basic job menu here. That is touch so you can select if you want Android or Windows, and this must start out and windows at the moment here and what looks like a back button is, in effect the start button here now. For some reason it always wants to start in the portrait orientation here, but it does have a sensor orientation sensor, so it can correct itself a few just tilt it up like that, of course, some windows. I can actually just do this now. I think the screen to disable the rotation there, because I don't really need it. So it's windows 8.1 thing here and it does activate and we have eleven point – eight gigabytes free now, just benchmarked a couple of things here.

This is the internal drive on it and you can see the dough speeds. There are actually some of the best I've seen in fact they are the best I've seen on a 32 gigabyte Drive there, it's a Samsung emmc and those speeds are quite impressive for any of the emmc drive. Okay it's, not a full solid state drive, but that's. Definitely faster than an external hard drive there's, some pretty good 4k speeds here, as well as the right speed of 124 they're, not bad at all. I mean some of the best I have seen on an MMC power 2 device here, so that is very good and a couple of things here in the device manager I'll show you you can see here that it's, a Samsung, BGN d3r type Drive there, that it Has and under networking we have real tik RTO 8 7 to 3 BS. Hopefully you can see that on the video. Ok, that is the typical ballast that we see the handles Bluetooth and wireless in 150. Megabits per second is the fastest OOP get out of it and mm. Hmm anything else here to show you that sort of interest we already mentioned it has the orientation sensor and, of course it is powered by the DSM, is a 37 36 F. You can see that down at device manager, so the other touch screen actually seems quite responsive. I haven't had any issues. It is a small 7 inch panel there and it's 1280 by 800, but it does look good.

It looks nice and sharp and it's not bad. At all, the screen really is only going to a secondary screen, because this is a media kind of PC. So I will be using this later on with HDMI output to output 1080p and run at the fire by the HDMI cable there. So the screens not really a main thing, but just at the station I'm going to show you the use of the screen and yeah it works. It works fine here now installed. Astronaut 8 and I'll. Just quickly show you how it runs. It'Ll runs just fine and I do have hwm for running in the background, and these are the speakers at the moment, at maximum volume, something they're, not the greatest so I'm, just gon na go, do it again and you can pick it up and use it like A tablet, which is why I've almost called it a tablet so many times, cuz, it's it's a hybrid. It is a tablet and a maybe seen – Applause Applause, Applause; first Applause, okay before I transfer, so you can actually employ in an Xbox 360 controller on another controller and control that game of that which were putting a lot easier because we're playing it like that, it Seems a little bit silly really, but it was just to demonstrate things so. 3Dmark I'll show this course that they've got so their 3d performance of it. If you wanted to do a little bit of like Windows, Store gaming or some old games on it, it seems to be adequate enough.

The scores that I've got I'll just show you now were on par with what I've seen on this chipset. So they are fine. This doesn't seem to be any slowdown or anything like that, and not like the video many PC that I tried out that was very slow and sluggish. This seems so far to be quite good, so the ice storm extreme score there of almost eight and a half thousand, not bad at all and 14000 for the ice storm unlimited score again, a very good score up there with all the other tablets that run this Chip stick tablets and many pcs. Now I also did bench market with Geekbench 3, and the result is right here. So the single core score is 889 and we've got two 2168. Therefore, the multi core score again. Those scores are good for this chipset down right on par with other many PCs and tablets that run this, so that is good and the home button by the way works. Well, there there's no problems with that at all their screens responsive and the brightness is I'll. Just show you here is not bad at all quite bright that's, the full brightness there that the sensor of the camera is adjusting for that. So I can tell you that it is a very brightness going to be good enough. I think in well lit areas it's going to be slightly reflective. Of course, the type of screen it is it's, not a fully laminated screen.

It'Ll definitely do the job there. Now I do have an external hard drive here, called it hooked up and it's a Toshiba one terabyte drive and it is powering. This drive perfectly fine, no issues whatsoever, so you can run. Hopefully, you would Shipyard around here, for if you had four of them around stripped out of powell them that's what it's there for they set up as a media pc, so that it should definitely work and she's shoe here. These speeds around 35. Maybe what to be sick – and I got over the USB 2 port as a maximum speeds. There copying some files over okay. So now I have the tablet hooked up to my monitor here and I'm running, but the displays here to duplicating display you can see it's just down the bottom here and what I'm gon na do is to sit here to output to 1080p. Only on the second monitor so now I have it running just like a mini PT, now running all by itself. There, the monitor and their performance seems to be exactly the same here. Just moving around and looking at I've just gone to youtube here and see how things are load up. Just choosing a I love you tick, wireless mouse and keyboard at the moment seems to be fast enough. I'M. Just like sigh me there in the background and to see if I can go into it, a few websites here, you, okay, so I'm, just going to test it up a quick game now, and that is a Call of Duty, one or more theater, and see how That runs and have a look at the temperatures before switching over to Android, so in modern call of duty, modern warfare – here sorry, I'm gon na run a 1024 by 768 resolution, and these are the video settings here.

So everything is on the lowest really. You could turn off bullet impacts and I'll keep everything else here. It seems to look good on the monitor here at the moment and we'll see how the game runs: that's, quite quick to load that the framerate is just up here. Music, Music, Oh almost died. So the framerate seems to be okay, playable, that what what just happened? Okay, don't know – why that minimize there Music haha can't count it still. I keep try. Okay sounds a bit of counting. This means to run well that's, an old okay, okay. So, just before I switch over to Android, you can see here that it does come with office and that is in English, so that's good, free office, it's always good to have free stuff. So switching over to Android is just a matter of running the icon down. Here went to Android and it will reboot now over into Android switch to Android and there we go that's three good. Now this is the stock Android ROM we have here. It will run in full screen here in 1080p, but, as you can see, there are borders either sight, rather large ones, just each side along here. This is quite a large border. There wrong is basically very like here: there's no bloatware, oh there's, some google block we're on there. Things like keep and it's got its got, play everything on there, but it's not too bad. Now the version is android 4.

4.4, as i mentioned so that's KitKat and the free space. You have is only four point: one eight gigabytes so that's and not that much to play around with there it's not much at all so adjusting these settings here, the scale mode. I can actually stretch it out into fullscreen there, so it's not too bad at all. This is installed a couple of games here just to test out and have a look with the CPU temp to see what kind of temperatures it gets up to now. The scaling here doesn't look too good on some of the apps, as you can see, this one's really stretched out here so it's, not looking too good there at all very hard to make that out. Finally, here a couple of Android benchmarks here – this is Epic Citadel. So it did run in 800, P well, actually, 752 and that's. The average frames per second. It got there. So it's been upscaled on the monitor these maximum temperatures that I got running those around 65 degrees – and here is the antutu score, almost 38000, which seems quite high, so it's not a bad score at all very high about almost a thousand more than what I'm used To seeing on this chipset and the ice storm unlimited score remains about the same as but was in Windows and as it has some temperatures there and last but not least, I'll just jump into a game of clash of clans and we'll see how that runs.

Music. I'M loading it by the way so it's gon na be a little star. Okay, very quickly, just move around the map. You can see that this game s is going to run perfectly fine it's, not a demanding game really there. So it runs fine and doesn't. Look too bad, okay, so that's a lot there at the pepo exit. I hope you enjoyed the video quite a long one. I didn't expected weedless a long, but it was quite a lot of things to cover their windows and Android there. So it does look like quite a decent media, PC they're, a small desktop PC, maybe something for emulators videos, something to look up to your TV, which was my idea of what I'm going to use this for, and I think that Windows tends to run a little Bit better because it does actually output at a proper 1080p but it's not a bad unit for around 120 us not bad at all.