Considering it is just a 64 gigabyte SSD, there is a 128 gigabyte option and the 4k speeds there are 43 right and 40 24 sorry read in about it or tooie. That says it did not too bad, actually better than DQ. Now the brand of the SSD is for C, which is a semi pretty much unknown kind of brand, then I'm, not really familiar with. I mean it's not going to be as fast as Samsung evo drive, or anything like that. If you could get an end point to which i think this driver is an end, point to drive, don't think it's a msata as far as i could find out looking at internet, i do think that that's the kind of format it is. So we have the micro SD card speeds here from the SD card reader they're, pretty average I mean they limit out at 25, read it's going to be speeds I'm, seeing on mostly all of these tablets, even the bay trail, so they're kind of a speed there For the micro SD card slot, so this one up the top here is the USB 3 port, and you said you can see that is working at full. Usb 3 speeds, unlike the Q by 7, which were just limit at 40, which just gets like a 41. Go any faster, so the port here this plug that is connected and just down here – does work, get full USB 3 speeds and this board here, which will have my logitech receiver hooked up to at the moment to run my mouth.

These are the kind of speeds I could get out of it just here so that's a USB 2 and it does max out at 40 there so not too bad. Okay, so have another quick look at the screen. We can see that the resolution is a very nice and sharp 2560 by 1600 that's. Quite a large resolution there and windows scanning is actually running at a nice two hundred percent, so it's just doubled the scaling there. So things tend to look okay there, so that we could run into a less scaling issues and see other displays running different, different scaling there. So you can see at the moment extra large 200, which seems to fit the screen quite well, as you can see. Just have a look at a couple of demo images here that I've taken on my note for that. I normally show on these tablets, so you can have a look at what the screen actually looks like there's, quite a bit of reflection here, because you can see that well, it's, not a full laminated display. I don't know you can't actually see that. But here you can see sort of a bit of a gap before the black of the bezel and the actual screen. There is a bit of a gap there, so that does account to a bit more reflection coming from it. The screen does seem quite nice. It is a panasonic display according to HW info, and those ritz actually did look quite saturated there on the car.

When i saw it and pertinent up the photo, the galaxy 94 camera does tend to take those kind of saturated images, though, do have a video clip here. This is n. Now I've got into slideshow mode there get out of that so I'm gon na. Let me so if i run discover the traders here that i have got one video actually their shot on 4k and i was out having over those volkswagen cars. Third, handles 4k video, just fine as you'd expect from a quorum, no problem that you do get the bezels either side out of it, because there's a 16 x, 10 ratio screen and not a 16 x nine there so bit of a basil there now look at This gravity trailer. This is a 2k clip here and i will turn the volume right up here. So we can just hear what the speakers sound like where's. So I brought this because they're a little bit disappointing to me. I think the the chewy VI tune. Speakers actually sound better than that now a lot louder and even the people, w 3 and the w3 of speakers tend to be a little bit louder than that. I do think they're kind of using the same hardware. At least they do look to be the same speakers, but they just don't seem to be as well for some reason. If i go over there now and have a look at a benchmark around surround gig bench 3 – and this is the result here, which is not too bad single course.

Corvair of getting close up to around up 2000 that's about double the Bay Trail, ethem CPUs and the multi core score is around about the same as the atom CPUs. This is actually a dual core with two threads per core, so you get four threads and totaled out, but it's, not a full quad core, like the atoms, so similar kind of school that, but what does really matter is this single course call, though that's more important. So if I go and have a look now just at the 3dmark score, then I ran. We had a see here that the school that I've got is remember the same as I got on the other quorum devices if it's going to load up. This can be a bit buggy. This 3dmark store application. It'S been known to crash for me a few times i did get 34000 but for some reason, it's not even going to load my score up there. Now these other two scores I've storm and I storm extreme that will just maxed out so up 36 6000 it's. Finally loaded up for some reason. It hasn't shown these two scores were maxed, but it doesn't seem to have recorded that result, not that it really matters there, but you can see that is the school then. So I just jump over to the device manager and no I shall run HW info will probably have it easier to show you what components are inside the w8 here looks like I already have it running some reason.

The screen looks a bit blue there. There we go okay, so I've been around this. In the background, they're checking the temperatures we do get up to 77 degrees. That was just running some of those benchmarks like geekbench in 3dmark, actually no correction up to 82, so 82 degrees was the highest point there. On the corium fine white n, which is quite warm now we'll, do some further testing on that. After running some gaming for a while, which I have in another upcoming video, so do a good gaming on this, and then I will tick tick. The temperatures and also the surface temperatures using a thermal probe there to check that. So, if I close that out – and if you look at the devices the most manager here so can show you exactly what components are inside. So the battery is 10000 milliamps and it's, charged by a 12 volt adapter three amps and the network is a real tick. So the maximum speed here well, even though it puts their 120 it's 150 megabits per second – is the fastest. This adapter can do it's kind of disappointing that they're not going these Chinese tablet manufactures they aren't going for dual band 500 gigahertz in 2.4 cards. Now all that are capable of that. Don'T know why they're not doing or wireless AC. This is just wireless in and let's keep it up by your speed to do in the bluetooth is we do for it should just be up here? Where is it consider the martyrs? Panasonic audio is also realtek audio card here and the drive that shop here is that for c 64 gigabyte SSD, so that's full set of three speeds and is the memory there, because we have the processor, which is the Intel corium, 5y, 10 and the bluetooth is Also real tip – I just can't seem to find it in here.

Why it's not coming up on the network? There should be there, but it seems to have disappeared on me. For some reason, that's gone. Ok, so the on screen keyboard fits in like that dear, so it does take up. Do it half of the screen and it seems to be quite responsive there for typing doesn't seem too bad at all. What I did actually spot, though, in my initial first unboxing and hands on that I do have a flake of dust that's under the screen there too, a little bit annoying there. So I just load up Internet Explorer down just quickly, go into just a bit of BBC here and see how it loads up first time, actually visiting there's, so nothing's cash. This is having to load that Alden and my internet connection. Isn'T, the fastest screen seems responsive enough, never noticed any lag, or anything like that. It'S not like I don't have to push any harder one, whatever there's no need for that. It just seems to be perfectly fine. The screen see if I can find some video and see how that loads up some reason they didn't load. What is it doing could be my internet connection, but there we go was loading that's, pretty slow? That would be probably down to my internet, and that is mean to streaming some movie, I think, live Marie kisses mala a pop of that's really slow to load up. I kind of have rural internet here, so it's not the fastest.

So then always there. No no problems there I'm still putting the top of threads places. I will have some gaming tests up and coming soon and i'll upload some videos of that also check the temperatures just to see how hot it gets and what kind of little odd throttling the tablet does have, but so far seems good. The build quality is slightly disappointing when I compare it with the cube I 7 corium that I tested about a month ago. It just seems to be a step below that just notice, a little bit more plastic key and just some of the ports are a little bit hard to plug in and that speck of dust that I mentioned and just them at the borders around here. A little bit sharp some of the plastics they've used just aren't, really the highest of quality there, but so far it doesn't seem too bad, and you can pick these up for a round round about 460 us at the moment. Hopefully, that price is going to drop down, and this is from a geek buying comet this one up. I had a few problems with Aliexpress, so I just decided to opt for an online retailer there and didn't use them at all. The free space in Windows almost forgot about that one. You get about forty eight forty, eight gigabytes free there and also show you that it comes with Windows, single language, which is very interesting. So it's not windows, pro it's, not windows, 8.

1 thing April, one pro but it's. This single language version here, which I'm a little worried about that. Maybe if I factory reset this tablet, that is it gon na be stuck in Chinese for me, don't know I haven't seen any Chinese characters or whatsoever so just go through the settings menus anything like that change, PC settings. I haven't seen anything around here that says or shows me any characters there in Chinese. So that is good, but you know the single language edition. I think that said one that it could be just in Chinese and somehow they've installed in Baton it or maybe there's. An english rom i'll only know when I just factory reset it so I'm, not going to do that yet i'm going to hold off before that happens. Okay, so that's just a look, do keep an eye on my channel because i will have more upcoming videos on this pipo w8. If you are interested gaming videos and maybe if you are the benchmarks and whatnot that i'll test out and some other things.