Finally, it arrived. I had huge dilemmas ordering this tablet with Aliexpress. I went through three sellers and has had a nightmare of a time which is so many sellers just lying to me telling me they had stock, not cancelling my orders, trying to ship it giving me fake tracking numbers just a nightmare and what I did is just Ended up giving up complete on Aliexpress to order this tablet and what a dentist just went straight to keep buying, calm and know what it's through them, and here it is less hair. So I shed on that in the beginning, but I tried to save myself a few dollars and in the end, the price dropped anyway. So was all for nothing. So this is the new khorium from pipo. This has a Retina display, and this has a whopping 2560 by 1600 pixel display. So it should look very sharp and hopefully it's going to be bright and impressive, apparently it's a Panasonic display and it's, not a dual boot machine, it's, just Windows, but that's fine with me there's this kind of machine. I have been looking at I've already tested out. Other core M's, if you've seen my other videos, I've seen the cube i7, which wasn't bad at all and the on v1 one a 6 w core in which was pretty average. So I'm I've got a high hopes for this, so let's get into just and boxing the tablet here. So there is, it looks very similar I can see already to the pipo w3, the w3.

If now that is, of course, it's it's the same with 10.1 inches, we have a docking connector on the bottom there that I can see. I will have dished out some keyboards on that shortly. If they're going to work on it and I'll just go around the tablet now and have a look, so we have obviously different Windows Home button right here we have a 2 megapixel front facing camera. This will be an ambient light sensor or possibly status LED right. There and on the side, we have the micro USB 3 port. The camera focus there, so micro, USB 3 port – that is hopefully gon na, be running at full, USB 3 speed. I will test that out. We have this would be a microphone, not a status Halliday. That'S up here micro SD card slot, then we have a micro, SIM passer, a micro USB port there and micro HDMI, so micro, micro microwave. We think everything's micro and I'm getting myself tongue tied, and then we do have a DC jack right here to power. The tablet – and this is the power button here and follow him up and down a rocker. Now, if we have a look at the top, we have a top facing speaker on the left and on the right. We have the same on the back of the device. Are five megapixel rear facing camera and the weight of it feels the recently heavy? I will just know that soon on the scales in just a minute, and it does have this matte backing on it – would deem it also it's kind of like a matte coating on the metal here that's on the back of the actual tablet.

Sorry, your camera, just you know it focus there so so far it doesn't seem too bad they're all thickness. There looks a little thick. I will just check with my gauge here and check that out and see exactly how thick the tablet is so it's coming in. Just about just over 10 millimeters there, so you know it's, not the thinnest device, but it's that's, not too bad. When you consider things like the the surface, 3 is the same kind of thickness more or less all right, so I will power it on, and hopefully this battery in there to boot it up are there's a status LEDs just come up here on a lift, so It'S, a good sign there, hopefully it's gon na, be working and don't know if I've got enough battery life and it doesn't seem to be booting up there. We go had to hold it down for a little bit longer. That was my fault there. Some devices you just push it enough power on straightaway and others will take a while there, okay, so autorotation is working. You can see that the display is definitely not actually bonded to their glass digitizer. So that's, not an an all in one display. There it's not laminated, just try and get a resume up on that. So there is a gap. If the camera will focus there, we go there's a gap there. If you can see that and it does look very sharp as you'd expect, it looks quite sharp.

Indeed, there just check the brightness and that's maximum brightness there, which doesn't to me seem super, but I hope that's going to be enough for indoor use, it should be fine. Doesn'T seem to embed at all. So this has the the core m 5y10 C in it. That can clock up to two gigahertz. It has four gigabytes of RAM and we do have a 64 or 128 gigabyte SSD within this device here, so it's a proper SSD in there it's, not an emmc the originally they advertised that at least on aliexpress, that it had an emmc drive on it, which, To me seemed really odd: why would you put such a bottleneck and a device like this, but they haven't, which is good, so what are we doing is doing some tests later on. So please do look at my up and coming videos if you're interested in this device before in the video that I will show you what is in the accessories box here that they gave me and quickly way. The tablet and test up keyboard see if that's going to work so just get my scales now and I said it's to see how heavy it really is so 707 grams. So you know it's, not the lightest that's around about the weight of. I think the Dell Venue 11 Pro just not too bad there and now I'll just quickly show the accessory box. It came with. They didn't have space to put anything else really in the box.

This there's nothing else in here, that's, just a good warranty card and its length underneath, so nothing else is in there. So what they do is just like DP by W 3 and W 3. They include this little gift box, which is the funny way to word it it's, not a gift box at all, this, your accessories little bit old charger, and they have opened that out to include a adapter there for me. So that's us 2 euro and we have across the power supply right here, seems to be quite a big one with a 2.5 that looks to me, like a 2.5 I'd say. Definitely yes, yeah the same power, actually, the same power plug that the P by W 3 has it's a 2.5 millimeter plug, and this is rated to where's our 12 volts three amps so hope it. It will charge quite quickly. There'S a 10000 milliamp battery the pepo w8, so should be good for about 6, hopefully 7 hours. I will, of course, test that and go through a lot of different benchmarks with various other hands on videos and important here too, that we have a quick user guide here that they've given me, which is good there. That is an English, but why it has a little Android man. I do not know. There is no Android on this tablet and we do have the all important micro, USB 3 2 full size, USB 3 at debt to there, and they have given me a micro USB 2 to micro, USB the full size USB adapter date as well.

So we can run two USB ports on there. I will benchmark post and post results of that. Also in another video once I just get myself set up on the system there, so the overall build quality of the table. I can just comment so far. Having looked at the cube, I by 7, there it's not up to par with the cube. I assume that is really quite a nice build quality. You can just see looking at that. There are a few kind of gaps around the screen here and I just noticed on the back as well that there is some gaps around here there where you've got marked out or what all the ports are here. So that is actually a reset button before that. I thought was a microphone and the microphone is the one above it so because I wasn't looking at the back there, I didn't read it correctly because there's a bit of a gap around there. I can here comes some sort of flexing and a few noises not too sure the mic is picking it up on my camera, so it's a little bit less than differently than what be cube. I7 is like there, but the the screen is certainly making up for that. So far, that does look really nice. The screen very sharp there just wanted to go over a couple of things with the build quality that I've also just noticed now that the their micro SD card slot was quite hard to get in there, so I had to really push it in there.

You need the super long fingernails. I actually used another micro SD card to help me get that card in there, but it didn't really line up properly, like the alignment of the ports, seemed to be slightly off with the build quality – and I know there's just getting in this micro USB to full Size USB port, there was a little bit difficult there, and that was the same happened with the USB 3 port. Here, the micro USB to USB 3 does work. It does at usb3 speeds, which is great, because the cube i7, that just it didn't work properly at any book, do you use B to speed, so that is full USB 3, which is great, but getting that in there was actually I mean it's so hard to Get it in there, it feels almost like I'm going to break something it's just really difficult to get in there. For some reason, and if you have a look the way, the ports are it's kind of it's not really aligned up perfectly it's it's, just off centered a little bit so that's not really good there in terms of build quality. And can you hear that there's a lot of sort of movement around the actual body of the tablet, and it has noticed too that these itches just around here this part right here – it's actually quite sharp a little bit I'd but expect more. I do expect more from in almost 500 US tablet with a quorum and it's something that's high end.

You know there's a real, sharp look here just around the outside, so that's, not very good, and the other thing I just noticed as I do have after I can get a bit of a a wider screen up here and show you that I have dust. I have dust under the screen: that's, just not not cool, not good. Where is it where's the Mac it's just here that's? Actually under this greener hub that's coming out in the video? There is like a piece of peripheral dust again: the quality is not good and it's, not that full laminated display that I saw and the on the v1 one 6w has a full laminated display, and so does the q by seven, but the people here doesn't. So they have cut down on cost here and because there's that gap there now got that the piece of dust under there that I can't get rid of. Unless I tried to open it up and blow it out, as I know that but I'm not going to go to those sort of links because it doesn't seem to be too easy to open this tablet up either. So so oh yeah, at the build of it. So far, I'm, not actually that impressed at all people. What are you doing? I mean the w3 wasn't that bad, but you know you kind of get away with a few things, one the tablets only what was it a hundred and eighty dollars? This is now four hundred and sixty dollars, so I do expect a little bit more for the extra money on spinning they're.

Only on the hardware in terms of build, you do expect something a little bit better there. So overall pretty average. So far I mean the metal backing on here, that is nice that's, a nice little good touch there and the cameras. I will test out and everything else in some upcoming videos of all benchmark. The drive speeds as well. So the internal it's SD card – oh well, benchmark that and the micro USB 2 in micro, USB 3 ports. What I'm gon na do now is just see if I can connect a keyboard to it. This is not an official keyboard, for this is the chewy VI. 10 keyboard – and it is not going to dock with that, because the space there they haven't, they have actually space those little clips there out wider, so that keyboards not gon na work, and this would also mean that the people w3 keyboard, which I have also here – What I like to call the dust magnet keyboard that's, what it is that is also not going to fit, then just get the keyboard here into the shop and no no keyboard was included, and that also is not going to fit in there at all. It'S not gon na. Allow me to do that so that's a little bit disappointing. Now why they're going to change that that's, obviously to get you to buy the specific pepo designed keyboard just for the w8? So if I get a close shot of that, you can see here, but although the Kinect is exactly the same, look at the spacing here so this little plastic tab that sticks out to sort of latch in there it's definitely a lot wider there and why they've Done this well generate keyboard sales.

You can also see here a little bit like glue or something that's just in between units come out from the manufacturing there and there's a bit of a rich with the screen here so yeah the quality definitely isn't as high as the cube. I 7 that I've seen and used before and yeah that's disappointing with the keyboard there that's not going to fit so now I have to hunt down now for the official people w8 keyboard, which I will try and track that down all right, so that's the pepo W thank you for watching and hopefully catch you in my other videos on this tablet.