1 with the people w 4s now I'm just streaming here, rip fest together that's going from my tower PC stringing it over to the pipo hedge to see How that runs, hopefully it strands fast enough to keep up and it's nice and fluid and not laggy or anything like that so I'm, just going to quickly test it out, I'll be testing out various other games too in this video okay. So far, so good. That looks quite smooth there. I can't rossini stuttering in everything so see how I am as a race yeah that's, some pretty horrible driving there, but that games running fine and streaming perfect, that's that's, very smooth, looks really good too. You probably heard the sound quality sounds like rubbish. Well, that's good, put the speaker on the rear to tell us is bad it's rubbish it's as bad as the chilli vi8 speaker, okay, now I'm just going to check out a little bit of civilization 5. This is running off the actual tablets drive and not being stream, or anything like that. So we'll see how that runs. We'Re just going to run it here with the touch enabled windows, 8 touch enabled recommended. Okay, I did pause that because the initial loading just to get to this fart did take some time. So I just go into a random single play or even though I've got touched, it enabled here and just have a put look of the mouse too, and look around Chris slow paced game as well seems to run just fine.

I haven't touched any of the settings or to set them as they were. You can probably lower some of the quality and get a few more frames out of that and see how that runs. Okay, so after civilization now just run a bit of Grand Theft, Auto five has just came out on PC only recently, just a few days ago, really see how that runs and I'm running fracks in the background here. Okay, so just jump straight into the game. Here pause the video CNN to sit through any loading screens. Okay, this is coming out all right on the video, but it just looks really good actually on the screen. Whoops wrong button I'm not used to playing with the joypad I've, been using the key part of it wanted to change the view. It'S a live streaming, fun, that's, really good, that's bright, oh okay. Anyway, that runs fine. You can just see that that's great streams that perfectly, if you wanted to be doing that don't away really wanted to be streaming it because uh, I better just play with my PC, then do this to be honest. But this is just a test ready to see how well it streams, games and yet doing a good job. Okay, now it's a little bit of construct sauce, show you the graphics settings drop it down in it lock in on us. I got 4×3 jump. That resolution down to 800 x 600 sit everything on too low, so everything's on low that I love.

If I can probably get it okay, it tends to lock up a little bit there. Okay, just finish loading okay, yeah I'm playing like accident rubbish. I know crab at these games, but you can see here that it's playable frame right there primates add differently, dropping right down to my twenties there, but those things will drop down into sixteen. It seems reasonably playable. I mean I'd love to have around 50 banjo. Certain, of course, but not really possible on this atom chips. Now some Team Fortress 2 again I'll, show you the graphics settings I'm, going to use the video ads actually right down on the lowest possible resolution there get if they going out that to 800 x 600 balanced everything always know she loves here. Source games always do the hip and just block up like that. Does that lock up, but then, when you change the settings and sure why I'll just jump into a multiplayer game here, okay, this game seems to run on the ends. Just fine quite smooth. You can see the dead frames in the upper left hand, side of course, and they're pretty good, see what happens with it a lot on screen now I don't play this game at all, so I have no idea where I'm going or me to go. He only installed this for people to see so and see. Oh, where am I meant to go? Where is everyone Wow? It already is so quick didn't take me long to die yeah.

You can see so anyway. Well, it's running pretty good I'll give it one will go. I'Ve run this game on the other tablets like the big cube i6 in the two classics on a tier 3 Jean, it all runs fine. You can see it's running fine here so did again. Okay, I think it's enough of Team Fortress 2 I'll move on to another game now and, lastly, some call of duty modern warfare. 3. This is running off the internal emmc drive, since it is a 64 gigabyte drive and you get around 40 gigabytes free there's. Plenty of space to install again like this, which is good just go over the video here, so 800 x, 600 everything's on the low. Is there normal? No more, no more, no more, no, no! No! No! No! So everything is on the lowest it's on 4 by 3 ratio of cores for 800 x, 600 and i'll just jump into again here. There'S loading quite fast off that drive that tissue deposit is fast loading it too bad at all. Okay, so keep an eye on the frames per second up on the top left hand corner and do excuse my horrible skills at first person. Shooters primate definitely dropping right down there, but it will seem to be playable a lot going on screen here, but it is yeah play ball. I mean even we might crap skills and still manage until one or two soldiers here so front to back, although should be shooting at me like this, so to say that yes play ball, but slow and laggy differently: Renee Renee grenade grenade, dead, okay, there's.

Just a look at gaming on D people of w 4s. I hope you liked the video sorry about the reflections. I know it's an issue, but these are tablets. They have glass, reflective displays I'm doing my best to try and reduce their reflections and reprove the recording quality and I hope to be able to improve that in the future. So if you like, the video, please do give me a like and do subscribe for more upcoming videos on these Chinese tablets. Thank you for watching bye.