If this is a business orientated tablet, so it has a keyboard which hopefully the seller included. I got this one off Aliexpress, like most of my tablets, the land. I have been quite annoyed without an express because a lot of sellers are selling tablets. They don't even have in stock and claim they do, and you've got really long wait. So so what's in the box here there's something loosen rattling around customized gift box for accessories. Okay, that's already been opened up and it's been pretty banged around and crushed up so I'll see you that's an adapter there for us to euro and it's a u.s. stop lights, editor prong there. This is the the charger and the output is 2.5 amps and 5 watts, with a big LED light that you can see, sticking right out of the charger and the cable doesn't look to be that long. But that is the DCN and there should be a cable charging via a USB now let's tell it's interesting because it, as I mentioned before, it does have a dot keyboard and it also has a full USB 3 port, not number two but USB 3. So that's an OTG mini USB to normal standard size, adaptor that they've included in the box, so that's the accessories. So this tablet has its own USB 3 controller in there and a USB 3 port, which I'll do some benchmarks. On that see what kind of speed you can get out of that, hopefully be a lot faster than the USB 2 port that was on the onder, v11 6w.

Well, I've just done get this out of the box and we don't it's coming out now. Finally, okay, so hopefully this fella has included the keyboard which it looks to be kit case and keyboard. Now this is the first pepo there was that tablet that I've got so interesting to see how they compare to the on. Does the tick flask and the chewy machines that I've looked at previously tick their bubble right there that's not too bad. The Box seems to be in good condition, unlike the accessories box, so here's the tablet box there's something written on Chinese there. So it's the w3f. A little F that seems to have just being stamped on the side yet so this pics are slightly lower than the peak Bo w3, which has been out for a while this one's, just the newest one they've made, and it comes in this one's of 32 gigabytes And it comes with a slightly slower processor than the other version, so we've got the descent 3735 F and I put up to 2.4 gigahertz, but it's actually only up to 1.8, so that's interesting. So we have a 1920 by 1200 display and the risk the stats are pretty similar to other tablets. You can 5 megapixel rear camera 2 mega the books of front camera. Why why less that'll be the real tip chipset? And there is 3G card that you can also get, but haven't got it with this version.

Solid, not super bowl up, it's, just an extra expense and reviewing these tablets is so becoming quite expensive for the old tax department. They, let me retire a DHL or the import duties and taxes, so atella is all under protective coating here, okay, so this one, it looks like here, it's very surface. Looking to me quite similar and it's got this plastic around the outside. So the front screens got a protector on it and there's a Reaper ticked and on this rear of it here. So you can see people w3 if and a camera at the top there and the quality seems good. We have two speakers at the top. This is part of the new design of other revision cuz. I think the other model had the speakers on the back. I think the volume up and down rocker and we have odds upon well there's busy very busy this side of the tablet. So, on the left side, we have got everything here. So we've got the power on button. We have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a mini, not micro, HDMI out port. We have the micro SD card slot and USB micro USB port there, which we can probably still use with data as well. So hopefully both these ports can be used at the same time in the DCN and this little tiny hole there as the microphone and the USB port is not actually blue or anything so maybe it's USB.

I was assuming I was USB 3. Well, the advertising said it was, but that could be the people w3 and on the bottom here we have a docking connector for the case keyboard which I'll just get onto in a minute and on the right side. There is nothing. Well, though, there is this removable flap that comes off, and you have here a space to put in the 3G card, so one of those ultra sticks, I think they call so you can put one of those in and you can connect that up and you'll have 3G, so if you really wanted to have 3G unit and yeah, though quality seems good like it seems quite solid, well put together, we'll see if it powers on now. This is just a Windows. 8.1 thing there's, no dual boot on this is no Android. So it's more of a business going to laptop and where's the power button is right here, see if it's gon na power on for me: okay, american megatrends, bios, ok, the screens coming on now and here's. Actually little status LED right here: okay, so well, that's! Oh! They put it into Spanish for me, because I've ordered I'm in Spain but I'm, not actually Spanish. So I need to change that over so screener looks reasonably good thinking, something xima brightness, no it's, not okay, so there's, quite a bright screen and everything wow that's, really dull. The Dulles sitting is almost turning that's right right right off, so that is incredibly dull screen seems good, and I can see there doesn't seem to be any fixed or did pixels.

There is a calls that gap between the IPS panel below and the touchscreen digitize a class that has comment on all of these tablets, something that the surface to when the surface three three don't have I'll just have a look at the keyboard now so just put The tablet to the side here so the keyboard is a keyboard and a case in one, and this will be the first Chinese tablet keyboard. They looked at okay, so it's got a felt kind of fake leather. Akana look to it was one of a fabric. You felt feel which probably could get quite dirty and dusty very quickly. I would imagine, and just open it up here so there's a magnetic okay, so it's, one of those floppy ones that you can put behind and up together like that to prop up the actual tablet. They seem to work okay, I've seen in before so have a look at the keyboard, so there's the keyboard there and, as I got the Delete key and everything's in the right place, so we've got a full size shift key. A tiny little shift. Key right here enter and everything and that's to see how those docks okay, so it should be like magnetic, and it is that just clips in, like that that's very surface, to kind of so it's, not too bad. I just see if I can get this thing at the back to clip together, so that clips together goes back like that and then hopefully born the tablet.

So you've only got the one viewing angle haven't you really because yeah there's no other way to put that back so that it's quite upright. But I guess it will work now. There'S, a couple of rubber stoppers here and just a couple under here on the plastic cover they've stuck on there to protect it, just pull all that off. Okay, so two little touch buttons in the mouse track back here and tablet has gone into standby. Okay. So if touchpad it's working that's good to see that seems good enough and right clicking yeah. That is also working and windows button on the keyboard. Okay, so it seems like so far. First impressions is a good little. Can I work keyboard and work style surface to kind of clone of a tablet and I'll just see if I can just write something here: okay, it's, not a wonderful tale! It'S gon na take a little while for me to get used to kept let's just lock on well: okay, the keyboards thinking it's in Spanish. So I need to change that later on, but the feedback seems reasonably good. Doesn'T seem too bad and prolly need a little bit of practice on this keyboard too, just to get used to typing on it. Yeah that's not too bad, keep a little close together. So if I compare that to my surface keyboard here, you can see that well there's a size difference we're going to twelve inch dip it to a a to 18 10 inch screen – and this is the surface 3 surface pro 3 keyboard.

So there's a little bit of a difference in size there and the surface cuts has its own kicks name and everything so there's, a big difference there in terms of size and also price. The surface is a lot more of a pricier machine, so just see how the keyboard closes up in X as a cover, at the same time, to see how that works and that will be B. Then I'll wrap up the video of e the end of the video. So I guess you just push that down like that. Less of in unclips and it's already seems to be picking out, fluff and dust and whatnot my table seems to be dirty, but I only just cleaned it so it's, obviously very susceptible for dust and dirt and things, and that should flash and it does and you've Got an all in one, so that is a fabric keep on in case all in one there and the tablet together. So that's around looks like an inch thick, although I would just actually measure that just quickly with a gauge, so that is around 22 millimeters. So nothing got an inches worked 25 or something like that. So industry, own here's, who that's doing he's smaller around ya round 20 millimeters with the case keyboard all on it all in all in one and then it looks quite nice doesn't it it's not too bad. Just to be that worried about this thing, picking up dust and dirt and whatnot looks like it'll, be quite easy: okay, so that's the people w3f and you can probably use a kickstand if you're not happy with that screen angle, not a kickstand.

Sorry one of these little stands here that I've got that I could probably just get rid of that of that behind it maybe use it to stand it up at different angles: yeah sort of works, not the best, so you've only got that one angle on the Screen: okay, so there's the people w3f. If you liked the video, please give me a like and do stay tuned for my for more video. Sorry of this tablet and any a few other tablets that I'll be reviewing later on and also check out tick tablets. Comm for the review later, on, which I'll have up on the website.