Calm, so I've had a bit of hands on time with the people w 3f and see. This is the box here. In the background now this is a machine that's kind of like a surface to clone, and you can see here. I'Ve got the prices to stub, so it's about 189 us, which is quite a good price. I thought it'd give you my thoughts and impressions on this tablet. Now that i've been using it a little while what i decided to do was actually just to put my surface 3 pro to the side and just use this machine full on and see. If it can be a productive machine, the fact that it's got a keyboard that's got a USB to port the w model. W 3 models. Sorry has a USB 3 port it's a more expensive version, but this is the cheaper one that's. How i thought would maybe be kind of the price of people be going for because they don't want to spend, because getting around 300 USU pulley start to think about the dell venue pro well. At least, I would have down to the venue 11 Pro sorry. I would think about that tablet, even at 300, with the USB 3 port, maybe that's not a bad price, but I think you can pick up those venues now for a second hand or the manufacturer refurbished ones, from down for quite cheap, so it's, something to think About anyway, so this is this one's, a two hundred dollar model, the cheaper version of the w3 has been out for some time now.

So this has the atom z3740 6 and it is a quad core atom cpu with a maximum speed of 1.8, and it runs actually surprisingly well. I'Ve, just got chrome here and i've been using a lot of multi tabs here so, but normally what's. When I normally do, I just run a lot of things up on the screen here. So I've got all these tears running in crimes is quite heavy, and I just wanted to report on things like the battery life, how I find the keyboard the better life at the moment – I'm. Looking at just about six hours, I think it's at now so we're at it's, just coming up to six hours, and I have still got twenty six percent battery left and that's not too bad at all, considering that while it's got an eight battery inside of it, So now just show you that now so you can see here that this is the battery life, so the full run time it's, giving me as six thousand fourteen minutes according to battery bar pro now that's just kind of like an estimate, but the elapsed time here Is just about to hit six hours, and that says since 0, well, that's, actually six seven to one hundred percent for some reason: that's not reporting that correctly. So the battery life is not too bad. I'M only running. If I just use my mouse here and just show the brightness I have said it, is it read about what I'd say? Forty percent maybe fifties it up there, so forty percent brightness, which is still bright enough to put me how to use this quite nicely indoors and it's, been running well.

What are we doing is just surfing around on it. I'Ve used the USB to pour just been watching a little bit of 12 monkeys and it looks good it's good for good for okay for watching a little bit movie or something I'm too bad. Sorry about the reflection that's to see like the screen is quite reflect that we still had a protective cover on it at the moment and the speaker. Quality is actually excellent. Fridge Chinese tailor, probably one of the best I've, actually heard just maximize this oops wrong button. The other button, so there were two speakers at the top then, and I found that the quality of the audio is probably one of the best I've actually heard on a Chinese tablet, and the keyboard is another thing they just wanted to go over. So you've got well two positions, but this basically give you the same angle when you clip it is a nice strong, clip and it's enough for it to hold up literally the whole the weight of the tablet there so it's, not a bad keyboard at all. There is I'll see this way. You can put it out that way or the other way around someone mentioned in one of my videos that they should have used to the other around. Give me a different angle, but I don't actually really think it does. I think it's more or less the same angle. It seems to be to me anyway for going the other way, so you speak pretty much the same or maybe that's slightly steeper angle, but you've only really got.

Maybe there does that same one fixed position, which is a bit of a downside it's, not like the surface 3. Of course it has an actual dedicated kick staying within it. So I bring the surface next to it. You can see the surface. Of course, you can use all different kind of angles, but it's there, sir a machine that's like three four times the amount, the price than the pipo w through, if the keyboard just to mention that I have been typing on the keyboard now on the pipo here And i found that is taken on me a little while to get used to my knee, because then has this large caps lock here and there's a little bit smaller than what i'm used to typing on with the 12 inch surfaces course a 12 inch. Do I so you get more space with a keyboard and that has the smaller caps lock, so it's, probably that that's putting me off cause. I got so used to using the surface type cover here that the type coming that's actually supplied by the pipo doesn't have doesn't. Have that smaller, so often I'll be typing, just fine on it, but sometimes I just be hitting caps lock for some reason, and that was already knowing but now kind of adjusted to it, and i found that typing on. This is quite good actually, and it is a productive machine that you can actually do some proper, decent typing on once you get adapted to the keyboard.

I did find the cursor, where sometimes going all over the place, but they do have this handy button right here. Pressing this will disable the trackpad, so there's, no more trackpad and then now it's back again, so their net that's good. Now there are gestures, i'll just show you that you can use just on the side here. If you see that it's scrolling up and down and that works really fine and you're swiping from this side here, we'll bring in the windows charm bar, where your caller and sloping here will alternate between apps but I'm, not it's just running in at the moment. But if i push the captive button always bring up the start menu here, so i can just swipe. So you can see that that is working. Fine. You can also just wipe down to close, and i think there's other gestures as well, but the keyboard itself has really surprised me, because i expected for the price of this device that this tablet here in china. Do you want to get a decent keyboard? Would you you'd have quite a rubbish kind of keyboard but saying that using it I've found that the keyboard is actually quite decent and over to show you up close the quality of it? It really does remind me of the original surface type cover avila see. They'Re, probably trying to clone that and this matte material, quite nice, the touchpad is a good size for the well.

The 10.1 inches you've got with the screen size that they had on there and the key word. It is good and you can actually connect up clip. It in and you could flip the whole thing right up and use it like this. You can so you can stand it up there and use that to watch. Videos may be all set it even maybe honor on your lap or disk or something and have it as a like. I stand for the tablet. Oh so it's kind of a multifunctional and effective course. It becomes a cover. So you flip the whole thing up around and you're got the whole tablet predicted, which is quite nice. Okay, it is, it is a little bit thick and chunky, but it's not too bad. Do you have to take into consideration that this is only like? A two hundred dollar tablet, so you can't expend surface to kind of quality here and overall yeah that the keyboard is good. There is one minor complaint, though that is just a magnet. Oh, if you can see garlic on the chat with the videos going off on there, you can see that there is just a magnet for dust and a fluff and anything it just seems to pick up and get all over, and you can see here, that's just Getting everywhere – and I haven't really been using it that much so you probably going to have to put the old brush connection with the vacuum cleaner over this a few times, it's only minor complaint about it over.

Overall, it is quite a decent keyboard. Once you get adapted and used to it, I find that it's really fine. What I'll do ill so is just way. I planned show you what the weights are. So if I just put the scales on here now and we'll just show you what this is in grams, so the teller itself weighs in at six hundred and six grams, so it's on the slight decline heavier side. But we have some of the Chinese retina display tablets like the tick last x98 ear 3g. Here that way around 550. I think it is so it's not really that much heavier okay, 523, so that's definitely lighter than the the dell surfer the dell side. The dell venue 11 pro, which is that one weighs about 700, is quite a heavy tablet. A day are similar and the keyboard itself. What is that way once I see what they weigh together actually to wait or both of them? I think it comes in around a kilo, almost Aikido, so that's a 950 seven grams, so the tether has extreme pressed me. So far because for a tablet, it's two hundred dollars, I think you're getting quite a lot well 100 and what's 189 and the keyboard where the keyboard cover cost me an extra. I think it was a renovated, worked out to be about an extra or nothing with thing 15, us more for the the type cover that it comes with a and case case with its casing cover, and one and – and i think, is quite a good deal really When you think about it, how productive you can be with us machine and it's just been in quite good to be able to type and use it like this style.

So when you want the keyboard, you can attach it and I've found that it can't really suits. My needs more because I, while I do like my retina display t class, which has got a really nice display on that and you've. No doubt you might have seen my many videos on this tablet. I find that I'm going more for the pipo w3. If now, because I can just type properly on it and that i can use it, whether its own stand and prop it up – and I do like the speakers on it, so if you're up to someone that wants a machine, you can actually do a bit of Productivity on it, you can type on on the word sheets. It does come with office 365 and that's a one year subscription. So you can use that and having docs and everything like that with the proper keyboard just makes it more of a like a work machine or something to do some decent work on rather than this, which is more kind of like an iPad air clone which really That'S, what it is a windows android i could air clone now this model does come in dual boot, though my one eye it's, not the dual boot model, is just on Windows but it's. Some attending everything I've been throwing at it and I'm surprised that their battery life actually seems to be holding up. Okay – and my estimation is staying the full runtime 605 dear, but I think realistically I can get probably about seven hours now.

I am using a lot of tabs here in chrome and i could lower the brightness and i could go and use in genetics Laura, which would probably save me some better your life. So I could probably squeeze even a little bit more out, maybe 30 minutes more. So when it comes to the battery life, I think it's quite reasonable what I can actually get from this tablet and it's pretty good and using it just as it out of itself, and I find this it's fine to that, because the resolution be maxed a 1080 X 1200 resolution it doesn't seem too bad at all, and you can see with the camera will focus on there for me that it's not like looking really grainy and super Pixley or anything love it bad enough that I just go. Would you like on look at that? No it's it's not really that bad at all and and using the keyboard. This way you can still type with both of your thumbs when you want to to use it just as a tablet with the touchscreen so i'll see. If i can just can a website here quickly and the camera doesn't want to focus there, we go it's better. So yeah it's not bad at all, just to use it like a normal tablet to you just got to think of this as really it is a just a surface surface to clone. Oh kick tablet when it's supposed to be tick.

Tablets pays if I bring up the correct website. Okay, so – and it really seems quite smooth internet explorer is really smooth. Chrome is not the smoothest because it's not really that optimized for the little atoms and atoms, probably just don't, have the kind of raw power that you need. I think to run chrome really really smoothly, because if I go back and have a look at crowing here, no scrolling like that is it's okay, but you can see there is a little bit of my star in leg there that's just what crimes like I'm, probably Because I'm running a lot of things at the moment, I've got skype running too well and a few folders open and i think, there's the ABS head of running of course, and that's, probably not really helping with that chrome being fluid there, but I've role. Yeah i'm. Thinking it's quite a solid device, it's got the most prettiest. Looking i mean if you have a look at the back of it. Well, how the way you've got all those ports kind of listed out for you, although that's handy, i think most people know what ports those are, so it just looks at tends to look a little bit: tacky they're having that kind of printer there theres the mic. These are DC port and look there's USB ports. You know that that's fine, but it just tends to make it look a little bit tacky and the design.

Although the overall build quality is very solid and I do like it and do like the build quality. I love these speakers and the keyboard, of course, that i've been mentioning, is just really great addition to this tablet, and the other thing that i really do like is having this full size, USB port, and you can use an adapter just like one like these right Here so that's, just a little micro USB to USB adapter is really great, because then i can actually run two hard drives. It can power them as well. So i can have a hard drive connected in here. Hard drive connected in here, plug it in the DC power, cable and i'm, not have any problems which, using the tick last, those retina tablets and most of the other tablets only have micro, USB ports. You can, and you have to charge them as well, so you're, either charging or using dated, not both at the same time, which is something is really handy with this tablet, which is just great because you've got the tickle ass, then, and you've only got that choice Of just one or the other, of course you can use one of those hubs that I do have that can charge in your data, but you're kind of limited there with the ports so that's. Something to consider. So if you wanted a tablet that was more productive than I do suggest this one. If you wanted to go and spend – maybe a hundred, so you as more and you just for that USB 3 64 gigabytes of storage – then go for the pipo w3, which I'm in hindsight I probably should have got that tablet to review and I'm thinking.

Maybe I will try and pick that tablet up to review that and just see how much better that would be, because having USB 3 is really good, because you can use like a pluggable docking station USB docking station plug that in run the displays and run hard Drives and USB 3, of course, there's a lot faster than USB 2, and that will probably be a lot nicer to have this that option. So if you want to go for they're more expensive, whether it's worth it is it worth a hundred us more just to have that 32 gigabytes of storage more and the USB 3 is something to think about. Of course, there is that faster atom. Processor, too. Sorry that I should mention it's got dez 3730, so sorry said 3775 in it, which can clock up to 2.4 gigahertz instead of 1.8 that's on this model. So that is something really to think about if you wanted to spend a little bit more money. But overall, I must say that my opinion of this tablet is really good. Actually, my first pepo machine, my first machine to actually have a keyboard come with. It will not come whether that I could got with it. Sorry, you need to buy the keyboard separately on this one it's included on just the first model, the w3, but overall very solid little tablet, and I found that it's quite a productive machine if you're into doing a bit of typing emails, word docs and things like That then, there's probably machine to consider instead of one of the retina style, ipad air clones like the Qi, sex or the tech last.

Maybe this is the machine to get for you if that's what you want and because you can't game on this, there is a another video. If you check my channel, I have a video up with the beach maps as well. Just a couple of benchmarks of this tablet, but overall own quite impressed with the pipo w3 if it's build quality to keyboard yeah, so I'll wrap up the video now. So if you didn't like this video, please do give me a like. That would be really nice of you to do that and do subscribe for more up and coming videos of Chinese tablets.