Now it took a little while to do mainly because the files they just took so long to download off those Chinese servers were incredibly slow, but I'll show you the boot menu. It comes up it's, very similar to the teclast system. In fact, as probably it is the same kind of system they're using so we get that dual boot menu here, we've got the same kind of selecting screen that you see on the tick last one. So you can disable that menu or not and I'll, just go into Android now so select Android and just got a little tiny button there. This is sure it's just interesting instead of saying start or something which I think it's should be say, the Android ROM as you'll see now do boots straight into English. For me, it was all in English and that's a really nice ROM it's 100 stock, pretty much there's, no bloatware whatsoever, as you can see, interchanging over now from Windows and finally, now booting into Android. Now the the mouse, the trackpad works, the keyboard works. What I found out that doesn't work is the shift key. So if you want all the upper row here using this shift key, it doesn't seem to work, or at least a comes in a very out how to configure that with the keyboard. So this is the Android ROM here and you can see here that it's kind of pretty much yeah well it's really stock.

Look at it. I mean there's, no bloatware whatsoever on there. The you consider blood that I would consider boat. So I mean that's pretty good. You can see there sorry about all the reflections. Their screen tends to be quite reflective, so no blight there whatsoever place towards working just go into that. So there was no issues there. Didn'T have to fix the build prop or try and move over the Google services play services and any of that sort of thing, that's all working, fine, the cameras they don't work as well show you that well look in the camera there. So the cameras they are working, you can take photos and everything just fine, as I said, their playstyle works internet and the keyboard. If I try and just get, for example, the symbol here, it just comes up with the number two so it's not working the shift. Key for some reason, or that may be the other shift Keys going to work. No so that's just one little problem that I have discovered that it's not working for some reason so in the function keys. Well, it just seems that that doesn't seem to want to work and Android so there's, something to think about. Maybe there will be an update for that. There is an over the air update system for the wrong that's working fine it's a little little slow over their website, it's quite heavy on images. So if we go back into the home screen or the seedings here, sorry and I'll just show you that there is a update system that they do have, and this is no update.

So you have system updates and system update. Is it sees the systems of today? So that seems, I think, the Google one and then you've got the wireless update here we're on version and I've checked that and it cosmyk saying that there's no update. So there is no updates for that. You can see the mouse cursor on the screen there, so that is working and it's Android 4.4.4. Hopefully, you can see that it's come up there and they're bold of the kennel vision, while that's January, the 30th, so it's a little bit old, and I will it does say here: we were it not for the swipe down menu like the cube system. That brightness me that will help that's better. So if I hold down the power button, it will now come up to like empower off reboot, and then this is boot to Windows, but it doesn't seem to boot directly straight into Windows. It just goes to that boot menu again, I'll show you that now see it says. Ok, your Micro PC will boot to Windows and then will actually just put to the boot menu instructions for flashing this to jail boot. I will have up on tech tablets, calm there's, just a couple of well a small little hiccup along the way, flashing, the bias and then flashing. The Android images over which I would just they just show you. This is going to boot into Windows now, so it didn't go directly into Windows.

It just went to that boot menu, so it's, not the fastest system like the cute one seems to be a lot faster and there's. Also another issue here that it seems that the windows 8.1 bing version is not activated or not activating. Why this is I don't know? Hopefully people will have a solution to that. Probably not so if you do have your own windows 8.1 key, maybe you can use that or just install your own version. So if you have a look here, if I go into the pcs, you'll see that it's not activated and I can't seem to activate it. So that's right here windows is not activated and activate windows, see it says telling me that yeah, basically the keys not working. One thing I didn't show you was free storage in Android you get just under five gigabytes and in Windows. You get tot point six I've. Only just installed that so when your windows updates and all that starts to happen, you're bound to lose another it's easy gon na eat into that. Maybe two gigabytes, three gigabytes, so you're gon na have around ten nine or ten gigabytes free, so there's not a lot. So this is something to consider now. This is the 32 gigabyte version on the Pico w3. I do not know if you can flash this that's, something that will be needed to look into, because you'll need to probably edit the partition tables. For that and I did the flashing, they say to make three USB drives, which I did at the beginning.

So I got some sticks. Usb memory sticks here set up for that, but what I just do is I'll show you the BIOS and just a couple of little tips here that when I was flashing, things it's much easier to rename the BIOS, because you'll see the wildfowlers just incredibly long, winded And I just renamed it Tobias when I flashed it, but there will be a guide up on tick tablets and I'll include a link in the video description here of that. So when you're, when you're going to flash it most of the work, it's all gon na be done through the efi shell. So this is where you need to go into and that's, where you flash course the the jewelry buyers from there, because I'll be up on the website. What I did have a problem was as when I was going to go and flash all the the Android ROM over in the image. It said the instructions aren't very clear. They just said that launch launched there and then it will automatically happen and I was clicking that and it wasn't going into it. But what you had to do is to launch the efi shell filesystem go into it and then keep hitting Enter and it would lose load. Sorry from the actual, stick straight away and go on tour. And then it would boot into the Droid boot mode. And you could start, there would start automatically flashing the image, so it wasn't really that hard to do once I got over the the problem with the bass file name being really long to rename that went in there and you're just using the commands, you use the Ft, if PT, I think it is if BIOS burn that will start to flash it, but that's all gon na be up on tick tablets.

Comm. There will be a guide up shortly. So if you've seen this video out a few days after it's, actually being published in the guard will be up on take tablets con.