This is the people w 3f, which is the cheaper version of the w3. Now this cheaper version, they have removed the 64 gigabyte emmc drive and replace that with a 32 gigabyte, one to cut down on costs and they've also removed the modem. This modem now is not included and the the w 3f version it's running on a slower atom processor, at 1.8, giga hertz instead of 2.4, that slow processor is the adams it 37 38 and the original model, the w3, which is he on the left. This here is running the 2.4 gigahertz atom. Z3740 MIT does definitely feel a little bit more snappy a little bit more quicker. You can tell the difference, there's a slight difference. Nobody comes to the speed of the drives. If you have a look here, there's, not really that much of a difference plus or minus a few megabytes on sequential, read and write rate, the random 4k rights are definitely faster on the faster machine care and of course, you do get around 40. The power look again: 46 gigabytes free there there's, a roundabout 4 gigabytes, is taken up by the recovery partition in Windows itself is around 10 gigabytes. So it does take up a little bit of space here and you get around 13 just shot 13 gigabytes free on the cheaper model. Both of them come with the exact same keyboard cleaner, which will just quickly show you. This is the keyboard, quite a good keyboard.

Actually, I was surprised by the quality of it. It'S got good key travel good to type on and they're both the same. It has that material care that is just an absolute dust magnet this material just seems to attract dust. Just you can just literally look at it and it was to start soaking up dust particles. So is pretty bad when it comes to that now the monitors seem to be the exact same brightness more or less. There is a slight difference and the quality of them now I've noticed that the one on the people seems to be slightly better slightly sharper. I don't really know why there is a difference when it comes to checking the hardware IDs on them. This is an MS underscore, 9001 is the high hardware ID and on the people, w three. It is a ms underscore. 0001. So don't know what that means. Really with a high were different both of the running of 60 Hertz. There is a slight difference there and I'll just go over the physical aspects of the tablet. They'Re both exactly the same, is you've got a 2 megapixel front facing camera, and you have. The USB to port is a big difference here. Actually on the people. W 3f has a USB 2 and i'll show you the w3 in just a minute. So you have their micro USB, which you can use for data as well, and you have a DC jack and now you can use this for charging, but only on the double w3 model you can't charge with the micro USB port on this model.

For some reason, maybe some sort of cost cutting that they've done with that design there, the micro SD card slot, then you have a mini HDMI 3.5 audio jack power on button and is like a little stale us a lead in here, and the microphone is down Here there and on the top, we have two speakers that blast out words. There are actually pretty good speakers for a tower they're, one of the better ones I've heard on these chinese tab templates that i've been reviewing and the red camera is five megapixel it's, nothing. Flash you get this middle backing and it's kind of this purpley blue kind of color. Now it does say up here: 3g. There is a 3g modem you can put in there, but, as I mentioned in the beginning of the video that this doesn't come with that modem and to quickly finish up here, I'll show you now. The w3, which you can see, has a USB the report just slightly faster and you can charge through the micro, USB and i'll just show you the modem, which is right here on the side, so you can pull that out and it comes with a modem. There. Stick that in you put your sim card and their normal size sim card, and then you have 3g okay. So this just a quick look at them. Thank you for watching hope you liked this video and do stay tuned for more up and coming videos.

Thank you for watching. Ok, just one thing I forgot to show you that is the more importantly: the benchmark scores, so we've got 920 single core on the w3 versus the 772 that I got on the w 3f. You can see that there is a bit of a difference there that's, because this this Adam can clock up to 2.4 single core boost, whereas the w 3f, which is on the right, this machine, can only clock up to 1.8. So it does mean that when i'm, using it i've been seeing a bit of a difference between browser, tabs and chrome loading now the control panel, for example, just getting it in our own round windows 8. It does feel a little bit quicker. It'S. Definitely a noticeable difference between the faster Adam compared to the slower model. So if you're thinking about you want the better performance, then I would definitely recommend go for this slightly faster, slightly more expensive to the w3 and of course you do have a 64 gigabyte storage versus the 32 comes. The price comes with the keyboard. You get USB 3 port and the price of it is around about 300. Us at the moment versus about 190 for the w 3f net 190 does not include the keyboard. You have to buy that separately, it's about 15, us or so more and not to mention the USB 3 that you get on dw3, so it's, something to think about. If you are thinking of getting this model, which one to get the more expensive one or the cheaper one, so keep those things on mind there.

That is the comparison between the ws and the w3. If sorry getting muddled up all these different names, the people w 3 and the people w 3f, thank you for watching a video. If you did like it, please give me a like and do subscribe. I'Ll have more up and coming videos i'm. Expecting today, the cube. I 7, it is a court m Chinese 11.6 inch tablet and that also comes with a keyboard and will be much much faster Bennett core mcp. You thank you for watching.