This one right here is the people w1 Pro now the good thing about this one, and what attracted me to it is: it actually includes the keyboard and the stylus. So when you buy it, you get all the extras that you normally have to pay for, and they're optional, but it's all included in the pack. So got this one here from Bangor comm. You can see the packaging typical packaging. This came with post in our via Amsterdam to Spain, so I didn't have to pay any taxes on it, but it took almost a month to arrived so it's a long time there so it's not actually double boxed or anything like that, so more susceptible to damage. Hopefully it is going to be okay, so the specs of this one it's, the refreshed Adam cherry trail, x5z 8350. In there with a maximum turbo of 1.9 to gigahertz. It has a 10 by one sorry 10.1 inch screen and you see they've included adapter there. For me for the US to EU and a bit of damage there on the corner, which hopefully hasn't hit the actual tablet, all the keyboard, a damage to anything. So here we have the keyboard and the tablet all dock there in one. I just put that to the slide for a second, so we get some warranty card thing there and hopefully we'll have the stylus so here's a power supply, and that is rated to 5 volts, 2 amps type C to normal sized USB sorry type C black there.

For charging it and the stylus, which they claim doesn't need a battery, so just to point out that this stylus does have a quadruple a battery in there already now the advertising material said something like battery free, which clearly it's not a battery free stylus. So before I power it on let's have a look and see what the weight is, so it weighs one point: zero or one nine kilos, so the weight of it isn't bad at all, really but it's only again, ten point one inches so differently later the keyboard Feels quite light and a little bit flimsy to me approximately 18 millimeters there so looking at all the ports, we have, on the left hand side of the tablet so on the keyboard, there's a full size, USB 2 port micro SD card slot, microphone, headphone jack micro, Hdmi out this looks to me, like probably a status LED there's, the type C port speaker volume up and down and power buttons. They feel a little cheap. They I'm out made out of plastic now this backing plate here, that's made out of an alloy and we have a autofocus, 5 megapixel rear camera there. This part, there is plastic for the Wireless antennas and bluetooth reception on the right hand, side there's. Just the second speaker, grille and another USB 2 port there on the keyboard so on the bottom of the keyboard. We'Ve got four rubber feet and this is again alloy.

There feels a little bit cheaper the build quality than the likes of teclast and cube tablets. Out of China, so it is possible to also slot the tablet and the other way round, using it like a stand here and what they call a presentation mode and the hinge does have enough resistance in there to at least hold it up right. There almost forgot to mention that there's a front facing 2 megapixel camera here, and you can clearly see the non laminated gap here. So we've got the touch glass with a pre applied screen protector about one to two millimeters. There then, the IPS 1920 by 1200 10.1 inch panel below okay, so it powered up reasonably quick. Don'T have much battery life in there that out of the factory there's only got 32 just wanted to run through a couple of things. Here have a look at the space we have on Windows 10. Now this doesn't have dual boot on here, so there's, no Android 5 or Android 6 on here. Yet they could possibly pepo release that in the future, so you get 43 gigabytes free. There and I'll have a look under the device manager and what else is on here and system to see if it's actually going to activate now that's showing you're seeing that's only happening on camera? For some reason, I think it's, my shutter speed or the ISO setting something that's interfering. It could be because it's got pulse width, modulation to control the brightness which is coming through on camera here.

So under the destroy whatever look and see, we've got a SanDisk DF. 40 64 and the network adapter will probably be a real Turkish one. Dierent seems to use yes, the realtek wireless end so no surprises there at all. So I connected up to the Internet Windows activated there. No problems with that. Now the touch accuracy, the screen seems alright. This is the same screen. I think that has been used by people for quite a few generations of tablets now, starting with, I think it was the peeper W 1 and then the W 3. If and the W 3, which I also reviewed almost about two years ago now, that's, currently 100 brightness and the blacks look good on their two IPS panel. So the viewing angles as well will be quite good and brightness looks good to me so far, because I am under some powerful, a softbox studio lights that I have set up now and we'll see. If I just tweak that brightness down how dim that's actually going to go there, so that's zero percent quite dim 25, 50, 75 and 100 cent. What I have it on at the moment for the the camera it's a very quick look at the included stylus, so it's an active stylus. It does have a batteries battery and there are two buttons on there and it does apparently have 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. So I've noticed that it does feature and have hover function there, although it doesn't seem to work too and let's have a look and see what that's, like it.

Just selecting using a selector box here on the desktop and it's going to work right on the edges seems to work right up near the edge there that any problems and palm rejection, so I can't actually do anything now so as soon as that, stylus has detected Palm rejection kicks in and the touchscreen turns itself off. Doesn'T accept any input there, so it's. Only just a quick look, I'll use, OneNote and test this out fully and the review. So I've typed out a few things now on the keyboard and it actually feels a little bit better than I thought it would the feedback you get from those keys, isn't bad. Now it is cramped a little because it's only 10.1 inch in size, so they had to make some compromises there when it comes to the layout and things, but the key spacings are right and I found that you could type out a few. Quite quite a few things there without any errors. So all in all, I think for what the kind of people it is, but it does feel a little bit light and a little bit cheap, the keyboard so just checking out the touch bed. It has reasonable sensitivity. I'M able to go literally from one side of the screen to the other, and only about yen, about one motion there, which isn't too bad and that's very limited, because it doesn't have much height to it. It'S very small, and it does at least have touch, support for double tap, DoubleTap scrolling or two finger scrolling.

I should say and lift and right mouse buttons in there it's, not just gestures, only which is good, so this is as far as the keyboard will retract won't go any further than that it's a design choice because they have to put weight in here and the Keyboard feels quite light to me any further back. You risk tipping that over just like. I did then now the mechanism feels a little flimsy you can see. There is actually some movement in that. So when you're touching, the screen and it's made out of plastic, so those two stays those prongs at the bottom that you're used to slot into the tablet. They'Re also made of plastic. Now normally like on the likes of chewy tablets. I see those actually made out of metal, but in this case they have gone for cost save. Obviously there so it's got two speakers on there. One on the left, one on the right, both on the side of the device, so let's have a listen to how they sound Music. Okay, so those speakers don't sound that great they don't have hardly any volume to them. They are quite quiet. I would ideally like them to be twice or three times louder than what they are so disappointing, speaker wise, so that is the pipo w1 pro with the Adam x50 8350 in there running Windows, 10. So no dual boot configuration of this model, yet so the build of it seems average it's got a little bit of a cheap feel to it.

Especially, the keyboard is quite light, there's, hardly any weight to it and the hinge and the slot mechanism, where it actually docks in went the tablet itself is made out of plastic, where normally that is actually metal on most other tablets there. One other thing I've noticed too with it, is that the speaker's you've probably heard that that they sounds very poor they're, just not really that loud at all they're lacking in volume which isn't really the greatest there. Now the screens, probably one of the positives of it. It'S not bad, only 16, by 10 ratio. I prefer that over 16 by 9 on tablets and I'm sure a lot of other people will, I think, it's a good compromise, a good mix between 16 by 9 and and 4 by 3 somewhere in between there. So all right other things about the tablet, well, it's, good, that they included the keyboard and the stylus that's a positive there, because most other manufacturers, you have to actually buy those separately. So we'll be back with this model with a full review and go through benchmarks. Thermals check out the better life everything else and perhaps a few games too, just to see how it's going to perform, and hopefully I will see you back in the full review.